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New version of VE7BQH VHF antenna comparison tables (18-Jun-2019)
2019's 144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps available (01-Jun-2019)
New version of VE7BQH 6m, 2m and 70cm antenna comparison table (27-Mar-2019)
New version of VE7BQH 70cm antenna comparison table (23-Jan-2019)
EME calendar 2019 is available (21-Dec-2018)
New version 3.1 build 459 of VQLog (03-Dec-2018)
New version of VE7BQH VHF antenna comparison tables (28-Nov-2018)
New version 1.1 of the MAP65 DX Aggregator (08-Oct-2018)
New version 3.1 build 416 of VQLog (24-Sep-2018)
2018's 144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps available (19-Jun-2018)
New version of VE7BQH 6m antenna comparison tables (31-Mar-2018)
New version 3.1 build 393 of VQLog (17-Feb-2018)
DX Atlas now preserves options and layer selected (06-Feb-2018)
DXMAPS 3.4 allows use of wildcards when filtering callsigns (04-Feb-2018)
New version 3.1 build 388 of VQLog (01-Feb-2018)
Second reversible Beverage at EA6VQ's QTH (13-Jan-2018)
New version 1.1 of the DG7YBN's TANT appendix (01-Jan-2018)
New version 3.1 build 379 of VQLog (31-Dec-2017)
New version 1.52 of the DG7YBN's Yagi Element Configuration Tool (21-Dec-2017)
New version 1.4 of the DG7YBN's TANT manual (21-Dec-2017)
DXMAPS 3.2 now can show PSK-Reporter spots (20-Dec-2017)
QSO maps allow now to show CQ (WAZ) Zones (14-Dec-2017)
DX Atlas allows now to show CQ (WAZ) Zones (14-Dec-2017)
New version 3.1 build 374 of VQLog (01-Dec-2017)
EME conditions calendar 2018 (14-Nov-2017)
New version 3.1 build 371 of VQLog (06-Nov-2017)
New program MAP65 DX Aggregator (30-Oct-2017)
VE7BQH's antenna comparison charts updated (04-Oct-2017)
New version 3.1 build 353 of VQLog (27-Sep-2017)
New version 2.0 of the WSJT DX Aggregator (05-Sep-2017)
New version 3.1 build 325 of VQLog (07-Aug-2017)
Propagation indexes database updated (27-Jul-2017)
New version 3.1 build 322 of VQLog (26-Jul-2017)
New version 3.1 build 319 of VQLog (20-Jul-2017)
VOR database updated (02-Jul-2017)
VE7BQH's antenna comparison charts updated (11-Jun-2017)
144 MHz sporadic-E maps 2017 (19-May-2017)
New version 2.8 of The DXCC spreadsheet (03-Apr-2017)
EA6VQ's 30 m 1/4 wave vertical antenna (18-Mar-2017)
DX news ticker available (11-Mar-2017)
VE7BQH's antenna comparison charts updated (10-Mar-2017)
QSO maps 3.0 user manual (21-Feb-2017)
EA6VQ's Beverage antenna (31-Jan-2017)
New point to point HF propagation calculator (24-Jan-2017)
Summary of activity of EA6VQ during 2016 (01-Jan-2017)
2017 EME calendar available (03-Dec-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 277) of VQLog (21-Nov-2016)
New HAM radio related cliparts gallery (15-Nov-2016)
New program WSJT DX Aggregator (29-Oct-2016)
New version 1.4 of the DX Atlas (17-Oct-2016)
New DX callsign tracking and statistics (28-Sep-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 272) of VQLog (19-Sep-2016)
VE7BQH's antenna comparison charts updated (17-Aug-2016)
New EME (Moonbounce) calculator (02-Ago-2016)
VFF - Vicente Ferrer Foundation support (27-Jul-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 243) of VQLog (21-Jul-2016)
New HF and VHF DX calendar / database, daily updated ! (01-Jul-2016)
Amateur radio DX Atlas, version 1.1 (10-Jun-2016)
New subdomains of DXMAPS (03-Jun-2016)
144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps 2016 (22-May-2016)
DXMAPS now is also able to show IOTA on Google Maps (19-May-2016)
New DX operations and activities calendar (HF and VHF) (11-May-2016)
DXCC standings of EA, EA6, EA8 & EA9 stations (02-May-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 220) of VQLog (21-Apr-2016)
DXMAPS 2.8 now provides HAM chats for the HF and VHF bands (14-Apr-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 203) of VQLog (10-Mar-2016)
VE7BQH's antenna comparison charts updated (05-Mar-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 162) of VQLog (23-Feb-2016)
How to use mouse wheel in VQLog (14-Feb-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 152) of VQLog (29-Jan-2016)
New version 3.1 (Build 145) of VQLog (5-Jan-2016)
VHF and up calendar 2016 (31-Dec-2015)
EME calendar 2016 (03-Nov-2015)
New version 3.1 (Build 129) of VQLog (03-Nov-2015)
New version 3.1 (Build 114) of VQLog (22-Aug-2015)
QSL managers comparison table (19-Aug-2015)
DXMAPS 2.7 - Now supports the DAB band (05-Jul-2015)
2m Sporadic-E animated maps 2015 (23-Jun-2015)
VE7BQH's 2m antenna comparison chart updated (15-May-2015)
VHF & UP calendar 2015 (13-Dec-2014)
EME calendar 2015 (8-Dec-2014)
VE7BQH's 2m antenna comparison chart updated (30-Aug-2014)
New version 3.1 (Build 91) of VQLog (25-Apr-2014)
VHF & UP calendar 2014 (03-Jan-2014)
Use Google maps to find the grid square and extended QTH locator of any place (07-Dec-2013)
DG7YBN Yagi Element Configuration Tool, Vers 1.24 (05-Dec-2013)
VE7BQH's 2m and 6m antenna comparison chart updated (22-Nov-2013)
EME calendar 2014 (9-Nov-2013)
APRS DX Aggregator - Share automatically your APRS DX reports with DXMAPS (5-Nov-2013)
AIS DX Aggregator - Share automatically your AIS DX reports with DXMAPS (28-Sep-2013)
DXMAPS 2.6 - Now supports the AIS band  (28-Sep-2013)
DXMAPS 2.5 - Now supports the 60m (5 MHz), 1.25m (220 MHz) and VOR bands  (7-Aug-2013)
How to use the Funcube Dongle PRO+ with CW Skimmer (3-Aug-2013)
VOR database added and VOR/OIRT/FM DX spotting allowed 30-Jul-2013
DXMAPS amateur radio callbook allows now formatted HTML biography ("about me") 27-Jul-2013
VE7BQH's 2m and 6m antenna comparison chart updated 15-Jun-2013
2013 144 MHz Sporaric-E animated maps 15-Jun-2013
DXMAPS urgently needs your support 23-Mar-2013
DXMAPS 2.4 - Allows select centre of world map and other improvements 03-Mar-2013
New version 3.1 build 81 of VQLog 10-Feb-2013
EME calendar 2013 15-Dec-2012
VHF & up 2013 calendar 15-Dec-2012
New version 2.5 of The DXCC spreadsheet 10-Nov-2012
New VE7BQH's 70 cm antenna comparison chart updated 10-Nov-2012
EA6VQ's Reverse Beacon monitoring station on 50 MHz 23-Sep-2012
VE7BQH's 2m and 6m antenna comparison charts updated 17-Sep-2012
Weather webcam in JM19MP 02-Sep-2012
2012 144 MHz Sporaric-E animated maps 26-May-2012
VE7BQH's 2m antenna comparison chart updated 19-Nov-2011
EME calendar 2012 4-Oct-2011
New version 3.1 Build 78 of VQLog available 9-Sep-2011
My travel to the central French Pyrenees 31-Aug-2011
DXMAPS 2.3 - Now also takes SWL FM DX spots 28-Aug-2011
Summary of best QSO on 144 MHz in Europe along 2010 8-Jun-2011
Sporadic-E animated maps 2011 now available for Europe and North America 26-May-2011
DG7YBN TANT manual 21-May-2011
DG7YBN Excel BC for Semi-Insulated Elements on Boom Calculator 13-May-2011
On-Line weather station at EA6VQ's QTH (JM19mp) 28-Mar-2011
DXMAPS 2.2 - Possibility to show a band graph 24-Feb-2011
DXMAPS 2.1 - Now allows to show the Grey Line 31-Jan-2011
Summary of HAM radio activity of EA6VQ in 2010 1-Jan-2011
DXMAPS.COM is now on the Moon !      HNY to everyone ! 1-Jan-2011
K1JT's paper on EME libration fading 19-Dec-2010
EA6VQ's 2011 EME calendar (weekends and best days) 7-Dec-2010
Search the locator / grid square database from the search box of Explorer or Firefox 4-Dec-2010
New issues of VE7BQH's 2m and 6m antenna comparison charts 16-Nov-2010
DXMAPS 2.0 - Now supports HF bands as well 1-Nov-2010
DXMAPS 1.98 - Option to view only DX-Cluster spots 29-Oct-2010
The DXCC Spreadsheet V 2.2 released 23-Oct-2010
VQLog 3.1 (build 76) released 23-Oct-2010
My travel to Castilla y Leon, etc. in 2008 12-Oct-2010
My travel to Andorra 8-Oct-2010
Hiking:  Estanys de Tristaina (Andorra) 30-Sep-2010
EME operation from El Burguillo (IN70QK) 6-Aug-2010)
Sporadic-E animated maps 2010 now available for Europe and North America 13-May-2010)
DXMAPS 1.97 - New tabs for QSO via satellite and QSO above 450 MHz (31-Mar-2010)
DXMAPS 1.96 - Now uses independent frames (22-Mar-2010)
New issues 10 & 74 of the VE7BQH 50 MHz and 144 MHz antenna comparison table (17-Mar-2010)
DXMAPS 1.95 - Now showing QSO listings (14-Mar-2010)
VQLog 3.1 (build 71) released (7-Mar-2010)
DXMAPS 1.9 - New detailed maps (28-Feb-2010)
VE7BQH 50 MHz antenna comparison table (27-Feb-2010)
Sporadic-E statistics 2009 (17-Jan-2010)
Best QSO in Europe on 144 MHz along 2009 (17-Jan-2010)
Hiking: Na Burguesa - Alzamora's viewpoint (17-Jan-2010)
Photos of the recent snowstorm in Mallorca (16-Jan-2010)
Summary of activity of EA6VQ in 2009 (26-Dec-2009)
EA6VQ EME initial QSO list updated with QSO in 2009 (25-Dec-2009)
W5LUU Moondata for year 2010 (23-Dec-2009)
DXMAPS.COM now is also DXMAPS.COM (20-Dec-2009)
New version 3.1 build 64 of VQLog (14-Aug-2009)
VE7BQH's G/T chart. issue 63 (10-Aug-2009)
Setup of the new 6M9KHW antenna at EA6VQ's QTH (27-Jun-2009)
DXMAPS.COM now has its own DX-Cluster (10-May-2009)
New version 3.1 build 58 of VQLog (11-Apr-2009)
Real-time sporadic-E maps showing now ionosonde data (22-Mar-2009)
New version 3.1 build 56 of VQLog (12-Mar-2009)
EA3UHF beacon page updated with new antennas, QRG and photos (12-Feb-2009)
Summaries of 2008 in Europe: Best QSO on 144 MHz / Sporadic-E statistics (2-Jan-2009)
EA6VQ's summary of activity along 2008, general summaries and EME initial list updated (27-Dec-2008)
W5LUU's moon-data and calendar for 2009 (27-Dec-2008)
A new version 1.6 of VQSpot for VQLog is available (11-Aug-2008)
DXMAPS 1.8, now support OIRT, FM and VOR SWL bands. plus other improvemenents (30-Jul-2008)
DXMAPS now provides animated maps of the MUF evolution in the past 30 min. (11-Jun-2008)
144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps of latest openings in EU and NA (26-May-2008)
Issue 58 of VE7BQH's G/T chart is now available (14-May-2008)
DX Sherlock 1.7, now includes the reports from the WSPR network (5-May-2008)
Version 1.5 of the KSTClient is available (20-Abr-2008)
Humor: Computer course (23-Mar-2008)
DXMAPS.COM and VQLOG.COM Blog now available (18-Mar-2008)
DXMAPS 1.6. Now supports 10m. band (2-Mar-2008)
Version 3.1of VQLog available (24-Feb-2008)
Radio Sherlock Internet search engine (22-Feb-2008)
DXMAPS.COM site map (13-Feb-2008)
EA6VQ's 144 MHz EME station RF&AF diagram (9-Feb-2008)
144 MHz in Europe. Best QSO in 2007 (20-Jan-2008)
EA6VQ's summary of activity - 2007 (20-Jan-2008)
New version 2.1 of the DXCC spreadsheet (23-Dec-2007)
W5LUU's Moondata and Moon calendar 2008 (20-Dec-2007)
Real time all bands overview QSO map (17-Dec-2007)
Sporadic-E graphical statistics. Europe 2007 (6-Dec-2007)
VE7BQH 144 MHz antenna G/T chart updated (3-Dec-2007)
ARRL EME contest multiplier checklist (1-Dec-2007)
VHF&up propagation ticker (1-Dec-2007)
Travelling to Denmark. DOs and DON'Ts (10-Nov-2007)
VE7BQH 144 MHz antenna G/T chart updated (31-Aug-2007)
VQSpot for VQLog. Send DX-Spots automatically (19-Aug-2007)
DXMAPS.COM now supports RSS Feeds (12-Aug-2007)
Real time sporadic-E cloud location and MUF map (24-Jul-2007)
Real-Time QSO maps now showing 70 MHz (24-Jul-2007)
144 MHz sporadic-E maps 2007 (12-May-2007)
VHF-UHF propagation warnings by E-Mail (5-May-2007)
DXMAPS 1.4 now with 70&432 MHz prop.identif. support (21-Apr-2007)
Real-Time QSO maps now showing WWV info (6-Apr-2007)
TEP on 144 MHz pages have been updated (24-Mar-2007)
Photos of the lunar eclipse 3-March-2007 (10-Mar-2007)
Locator callbook is now linked to Google Maps (19-Feb-2007)
144 MHz in Europe, best QSO of year 2006 (8-Jan-2007)
ON4KST's telnet client V 1.4 (6-Jan-2007)
EA6VQ's summary of activity, year 2006 (2-Jan-2007)
Travelling to Tenerife & La Gomera (Canary isl.) (2-Dec-2006)
Photos of VHF DXers I have met (11-Nov-2006)
W5LUU's Moondata & Calendar for year 2007 (10-Nov-2006)
SatWarn. Get satellite AOS voice warnings (20-Oct-2006)
About the EME report and EME QSL cards (2-Sept-2006)
Updated VE7BQH G/T chart. Issue 53 (25-June-2006)
144 MHz sporadic-E QSO maps 2006 (18-May-2006)
VHF-UHF real time QSO maps   (13-May-2006)
On-Line DX-Cluster VHF & up QSO maps (4-May-2006)
VHF & UHF beacons often heard from EA6 (29-Apr-2006)
The EA3UHF 23cm beacon (23-Mar-2006)
Updated VE7BQH G/T chart. Issue 51 (16-Mar-2006)
JT65B. A beginners guide to EME  (22-Jan-2006)
17 new Moon-Net discussions added  (14-Jan-2006)
Summary of 144 MHz in Europe for year 2005  (2-Jan-2006)
EA6VQ. Summary of activity for year 2005 (2-Jan-2006)
Travelling to the central Pyrenees. (7-Dec-2005)
New version 1.2 of DXMAPS (19-Nov-2005)
W5LUU's moondata and calendar 2006 (31-Oct-2005)
Travelling to Heidelberg, central Switzerland, ..... (26-Oct-2005)
ON4KST's chat telnet client (10-July-2005)
Animated map sporadic-E of 28-April-2005 (29-April-2005)
VHF &up news and calendar (14-April-2005)
M1DUD 50 MHz QRP report, 2004 (6-Feb-2005)
ZE2JV's TEP review and pictures (31-Jan-2005)
Mallorca covered by snow (30-Jan-2005)
EA6VQ's summary of activity for year 2004 (6-Jan-2005)
DX Sherlock. V-U-SHF QSO database lookup (5-Jan-2005)
Christmas greetings and Nativity scene (23-Dec-2004)
Panoramic view from top of EA6VQ's VHF tower (14-Dec-2004)
Setup process of EA6VQ's new EME array (13-Dec-2004)
W5LUU Moondata & Calendar for year 2005 (6-Dec-2004)
Summary of year 2004 on 144 MHz in Europe (5-Dec-2004)
Problems with application Wife 1.0 (joke) (29-Nov-2004)
Many interesting updates to TEP on 144 MHz pages (29-Nov-2004)
EA3CBH/6 operation in August's V-U-SHF test (12-Aug-2004)
Sound recordings of TEP on 144 MHz (21-July-2004)
VHF DX cluster analysis maps (5-June-2004)
Animated sporadic-E maps (2004 season) (14-May-2004)
EA3CBH/6 operation in May's V-U-SHF test (5-May-2004)
EA3CBH/6 operation in April's VHF test (4-Apr-2004)
EA3CBH/6 operation in March's V-UHF test (8-Mar-2004)
Travelling to Valencia & Cuenca. DOs and DON'Ts (1-Feb-2004)
New improved site search engine (23-Jan-2004)
Summary of EA6VQ's activity in 2003 (17-Jan-2004)
Summaries of EA6VQ's all-times activity (17-Jan-2004)
New version 3.0 of VQLog is available (9-Dec-2003)
W5LUU's Moondata calendar for 2004 (19-Nov-2003)
Locator database updated (17,706 new stations) (25-Oct-2003)
EA6VQ/P operation in IARU reg.1 VHF contest (11-Sep-2003)
Historical database of propagation indexes (9-Sep-2003)
144 MHz activity DX contest rules (17-Aug-2003)
Sounds of the different VHF&up progagation modes (11-Aug-2003)
EA6VQ/P operation in National V-UHF contest 2003 (6-Aug-2003)
Sending VHF & up formated spots to DX-cluster (23-June-2003)
Animated maps of sporadic-E clouds (24-May-2003)
Portuguese language plugin for VQLog 2.3 available (16-Apr-2003)
On-line database of callsigns and locators (22-Mar-2003)
Most wanted DXCC's on 144 MHz (22-Mar-2003)
144 MHz. TEP tests Feb-April 2003 (10-Feb-2003)
EA6NP WWDXC 1988 from EA6VQ's QTH (2-Feb-2003)
New VE7BQH's G/T table (Issue #43) (4-Jan-2003)
Summary of activity of EA6VQ in 2002 (1-Jan-2003)
New VE7BQH's G/T table (24-Dic-2002)
W5LUU's moondata calendar for 2003 (7-Dic-2002)
Leonids shower 2002 audio files (24-Nov-2002)
Live MUF on-line calculator by G7RAU & EA6VQ (6-Nov-2002)
New QRG of V51E beacon for 144 MHz TEP (6-Nov-2002)
The VIPS (VHF Integrated Portable Station) (27-Oct-2002)
Foreing language files for VQLog 2.3a available (22-Oct-2002)
New version 2.3a of VQLog is available (20-Oct-2002)
New version 2.3 of VQLog is available (15-Sep-2002)
Setup of my HF tribander 6 el. yagi in 1986 (4-Aug-2002)
First ATV tests at EA6RCM in 1983/1984 (4-Aug-2002)
ED6BCT operation from my QTH in 1989 (4-Aug-2002)
EA6RCM operations from JM19GQ in 1983/1984 (4-Aug-2002)
Pictures of my home QTH in Palma (24-Jul-2002)
UHF nat.contest 1984 in Mount Galatzo (24-Jul-2002)
EA6VQ/7 in 1990 from IM87 and IM88 (24-Jul-2002)
On-line MUF calculator by G7RAU & EA6VQ (19-Jul-2002)
Long tropospheric paths over the Mediterranean (7-Jul-2002)
QSOs by reflection on the mediterranean coasts (28-Jun-2002)
Directory of callsigns and locators for Babylon (11-Jun-2002)
New DXCC spreadsheet 1.8 supporting Ducie I. (20-Mar-2002)
New DXCC file for VQLog 2.2 supporting Ducie I. (19-Mar-2002)
ON6QR's presentation of JW5E operation (1-Mar-2002)
TEP on 144 MHz mailing list (1-Mar-2002)
Spanish repeaters and Spanish HAM auctions (13-Feb-2002)
Polish language plugin for VQLog 2.2 available (28-Jan-2002)
New location of EA6RCM & EA6URP clubs (24-Jan-2002)
French language plugin for VQLog 2.2 available (13-Jan-2002)
W5LUU's moon-data calendar for 2002 (5-Jan-2002)
Summary of activity year 2001 (1-Jan-2002)
Portable operations from JM19NW and JM19QS (23-Dec-2001)
EA6VQ's EME antennas destroyed in a wind storm (22-Dec-2001)
New version 2.2 of VQLog  (1-Dec-2001)



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