EA6VQ - Some VHF DXers I have met

Here with Josep M, EA3DXU, in Puerto de Valldemosa, after eating a tasty Shellfish Paella


In 2005 I had the pleasure to meet Joe, K1JT, and his wife Marietta. Here visiting my shack in JM19MP


Dan, HB9CRQ, was very kind to meet me during my visit to Switzerland in 2005 and show me the fabulous HB9Q's station.


Rolf, DK2ZF in 2006 in my shack in JM19HN


Mathias, DH4FAJ, working sporadic-E in  my shack in JM19MP, during his visit in 2006


Anibal, EA1ASC (middle) and his wife Pili (left) in Puerto de Andratx in 2007. Manolo, EA3CBH/6 and his wife Maripaz on the right.


Guy, DL8EBW, in the airport of Palma in 2007.

Bernd, DF2ZC, in Puerto Portals in 2012.


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