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Here you have the definitive answer. VQLog 3.1

(Download it now !!)


What is VQLog?

VQLog is a shareware logbook program for Windows specially intended for HF or VHF-DXers and Satellite enthusiasts, and it is fully usable for ALL amateur bands from 0 KHz to 99 GHz !!. Here you can see some samples of the summaries and graphical statistics generated by this program.

What do I need for using VQLog?

You need a computer running Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 10 or later) and a monitor with a resolution of 800x600 or higher.

It is also possible to run the program on MAC computers making use of the "Virtual PC for MAC" or "Oracle VirtualBox" and on Linux making use of "VMware" or "Oracle VirtualBox"

Which are the facilities of VQLog

These are just a few of the main facilities provided by VQLog

Still not convinced? ...here you have 10 reasons to choose VQLog instead of other logbooks.

How can I get VQLog?

I am already a user of VQLog. How can I update my version?

How can I register (acquire a licence) the program?

Register VQLog now !

(*2) For some countries Fastspring payment service will charge VAT according to the legal requirements of that country

How can I renew the license of the program?

(*1) If you want me to send you a CD with the program by air-mail please add US $14 (or 10 Euros)

Renew VQLog license now ! 

(*2) For some countries Fastspring payment service will charge VAT according to the legal requirements of that country

Any questions about VQLog?

Do you want to be notified of new versions and changes?

Do you want to know about the improvements & changes included in the latest versions?


What users say...

If you are interested to know the feedback of the users, then go to the user's comments page.  or visit the independent review sites eHam.net or eQSL.cc

VQLOG has contributed as sponsor/donor of the following expeditions/events

Then VQLog should be your log !!

I will be pleased to provide you with a free registration for your expedition and to place a link to your expedition WEB-site (if any).
In exchange you only will have to:

If you are interested then send me an E-Mail and we can talk about !

Internet subdomains of VQLog

www.vqlog.com This page (VQlog's home page)
download.vqlog.com   Download latest complete version
update.vqlog.com  Download the latest update
register.vqlog.com Register the program
community.vqlog.com   Community of users (mailing list)
faq.vqlog.com    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
tablas.vqlog.com Download latest TABLAS file update
adf.vqlog.com Download latest Award Definition Files
cdf.vqlog.com Download latest CAT Definition Files
contact.vqlog.com  Contact the author / request support

VQLOG users modifications/improvements request

I would like to count with the collaboration of all current users, so that I can include their suggestions of modifications and improvements in the future versions. Please don't hesitate to send them by E-Mail to  VQLog's support or to my post address.

User Manuals

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