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Are you fed up of counting up and down manually you listing of the DXCC entities in order to know your current status?

Are you tired of copying your listings of worked and confirmed entities from one sheet to another every time there is an addition of deletion of an entity?

Don't you want to say "I have worked 150 entities, more or less" any more?

Have you ever spent an evening searching that paper or notebook where you used to track your DXCC status?

Here you have the definitive answer. The DXCC spreadsheet.

 New Version 3.0 available (Supporting Z6-Kosovo) !!       (Download it now !!)

What is The DXCC spreadsheet?

It is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you track your DXCC entities. You only have to fill the cells with your worked and confirmed entities and the totals will be automatically updated. You don't have to make any calculation !

What do I need for using The DXCC spreadsheet?

You need a computer running Microsoft's Excel Version 2007 or later.

Which are the facilities of The DXCC spreadsheet?

How can I get The DXCC spreadsheet?

You can download a functional trial version (160 kB in ZIPped format) simply clicking here.

How can I order a registered copy?

Any questions about The DXCC spreadsheet?

Visit the FAQ's page

Do you want to be notified of the new version and changes?

Join The DXCC spreadsheet Mailing List

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