VHF & up DX calendar

If you have some interesting update to this calendar please E-Mail it to me and it will appear in this page. (Announcements of portable operations in contests, etc. are not considered as news, unless they are made from some rare square or location).

You can also be interested to check the EME calendar.

Year 2014 Bands Event description
1-30/Apr 4K/DL8YHR & DM1CG QRV on EME (Loc.unknown) (More info)
5/Apr ZL1RS QRV in EME from RF80 (More info)
5-6/Apr EU VHF-UHF contest
5-6/Apr Dubus CW/SSB 5.7 GHz EME contest (More info)
7-14/Apr 9Y4/DF7KF QRV on EME from FK91  (More info)
11-13/Apr HB0/PA2CHR QRV on EME from JN47 (More info)
12-13/Apr ARI EME contest new modes (More info)
15/Apr-5/May FR/DL1RPL QRV on EME from LG78 (More info)
20/Apr Max. Piscids MS shower (More info)
25-27/Apr Good EME conditions (More info)
3-4/May Dubus CW/SSB 3.4 GHz EME contest (More info)
3-4/May EU VHF-UHF contest
6/May Max. ETA-Aquarids MS shower (More info)
9-24/May PE1L & PA3CEE QRV in EME from 6W (IK14)  (More info)
17-18/May   Dayton Hamvention (More info)
21-26/May Z37M (KN11) QRV on EME and MS   (More info)
21-27/May N4M (KP2!!) (FK77) QRV on EME & MS   (More info)
22-24/May Good EME conditions (More info)
24-25/May Dubus CW/SSB 10 GHz & up EME contest (More info)
31/May-1/June Dubus CW/SSB 1.3 GHz EME contest (More info)
31/May-4/June ZA/PA2CHR (JN91) QRV in EME   (More info)
7/June Max. Arietids MS shower (More info)
7-8/June EU VHF-UHF contest
14-16/June NA ARRL VHF contest
21-22/June EU Reg.1 6m contest
28-29/June   Friedichshafen Hamvention (More info)
5-11/July KG7HF possibly QRV in EME from HP (More info)
5-6/July EU VHF-UHF contest
13-28/July KH8/W7GJ (AH45) QRV on EME (More info)
13-28/July KH8/ZL1RS (AH45) QRV on EME (More info)
19-20/July Dubus Digital EME contest (More info)
2-3/Aug NA ARRL UHF contest
2-3/Aug EU VHF-UHF contest
10-14/Aug Good EME conditions (More info)
12-13/Aug Max. Perseids MS shower (More info)
16-17/Aug NA ARRL 10GHz&up contest. Round 1
16-25/Ago KG7HF possibly QRV in EME from HK (More info)
16-17/Aug Dubus Digital EME contest (More info)
24/Aug Good EME conditions (More info)
25-26/Aug   EME 2014 conference  (More info)
6-7/Sep EU Reg.1 VHF contest
7-10/Sep Good EME conditions (More info)
13-14/Sep ARI CW/SSB EME contest (More Info)
13-14/Sep NA ARRL VHF contest
20-21/Sep   Weinheim meeting (More info)
20-21/Sep NA ARRL 10GHz&up contest. Round 2
20-21/Sep Good EME conditions (More info)
27-28/Sep ARRL EME contest 2.3 GHz & up
4-5/Oct EU IARU Reg1. UHF-SHF contest
4-7/Oct Good EME conditions (More info)
18-19/Oct Good EME conditions (More info)
21/Oct Max. Orionids MS shower (More info)
25-26/Oct ARRL EME contest 50 MHz - 1.3 GHz. Round 1
1-2/Nov EU Marconi CW VHF contest
1-4/Nov Good EME conditions (More info)
15/Nov Good EME conditions (More info)
16-17/Nov ARRL EME contest 50 MHz - 1.3 GHz. Round 2
17/Nov Max. Leonids MS shower (More info)
29-30/Nov Good EME conditions (More info)
14/Dec Max. Geminids MS shower (More info)
26-28/Dec Good EME conditions (More info)

You can also be interested to check the EME calendar.

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I sure like this site. I'm no computer person. I have a hard time getting the map up on the screen.
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