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Enabling mouse wheel scroll

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Version 3.1 build 162 implements the built-in support of mouse wheel scroll, so if you have that version or newer you should not need to continue reading.

For users of versions older that 3.1 build 162, as you have possibly noticed, scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel in the lists of VQLog is not working.  This is a limitation of the programming language used but can be easily solved using a third party free application called Wheeler and provided by Eluent Software.

Follow the next steps to use mouse wheel in VQLog:

  1. Download and install Wheeler. This is very straightforward and it does not require especial explanation.
  2. Run VQLog
  3. Click the "Wheeler Configuration" icon.

  4. In the "Window Class Rules" click the "Add" button.

  5. Drag the selection icon and drop it on some list of VQLog, for instance the list of QSO in the QSO tab.

  6. The Window Class name should be automatically filled with "MSFlexGridWndClass". Select the "When scrollbar is present" and "Transfer wheel to scrollbar messages" options, and click OK.

  7. Check that the "MSFlexGridWndClass" appears in the Window Class Rules and click "Apply".

  8. Go to VQLog and if you have done everything correct the mouse wheel should be working.
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