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Recent major updates...:

New version 3.1 (Build 152) of VQLog (29-Jan-2016)




New version 3.1 (Build 145) of VQLog (5-Jan-2016)
VHF and up calendar 2016 (31-Dec-2015)
EME calendar 2016 (03-Nov-2015)
New version 3.1 (Build 129) of VQLog (03-Nov-2015)
New version 3.1 (Build 114) of VQLog (22-Aug-2015)
QSL managers comparison table (19-Aug-2015)
DXMAPS 2.7 - Now supports the DAB band (05-Jul-2015)
2m Sporadic-E animated maps 2015 (23-Jun-2015)
VE7BQH's 2m antenna comparison chart updated (15-May-2015)
VHF & UP calendar 2015 (13-Dec-2014)
EME calendar 2015 (8-Dec-2014)
VE7BQH's 2m antenna comparison chart updated (30-Aug-2014)
DXMAPS urgently needs your support (25-Apr-2014)
New version 3.1 (Build 91) of VQLog (25-Apr-2014)
VHF & UP calendar 2014 (03-Jan-2014)
Use Google maps to find the grid square and extended QTH locator of any place (07-Dec-2013)

Do you have a directional antenna, a 2m SSB transceiver with 50 W output and a PC?

If your answer is YES then, believe it or not, you are capable of making a QSO with EA6VQ (and other stations) using the Moon as a reflector. Click here to know how.


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