EA6VQ's 6m. antenna replaced by a 6M9KHW

You can also watch the setup of the new EME array in 2004

In May, 2009, the more than 25 year old HF antenna was no longer working and I also wanted to improve as much as possible the performance of my station on 6m. Taking into account my little (almost inexistent) current activity in the HF bands I decided to remove both the HF and 6m antennas and substitute them by a single, but large, 6m antenna.  The chosen antenna was an M2 6M9KHW, which is proved to be an excellent antenna and it was the biggest I could put up without changing the tower.

The tower is 18m high, so a large 25m crane with a basket at the end of the arm was hired in order to make the job.

The 6el. Cabradar for 10/15/20m and the 6el Cushcraft right before start disassembling them.

The fist step was to remove the HF antenna elements, in order to be able to reach the 6m. antenna on top of the mast.

Removing the last piece of the old system....

..and replacing the mast by a new one

The 6M9KHW was picked up from the floor. In spite of its size (boom is 15m long) it's not so heavy and can be easily be handled by two persons.

The new antenna on top of the tower.

A final adjustment to the guy wires and everything was ready to start chasing DX.

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