DG7YBN Excel BC for Semi-Insulated
Elements on Boom Calculator. Version 1.24

This VBA programmed Excel is the follow up of the Vers. 1.0.1 Elements on Boom Calculator.

It holds a number of new features:

1. Added DL6WU BC for Elements insulated and conductive through Boom 2. Added 50, 70 and 220 MHz Amateur Radio Bands to the existing 144 and 432 MHz 3. Added Imperal Boom Diameters up to 1 1/2" 4. Added Round Boom Shape BC estimation 4. Added Import of .NEC files from 4nec2 and other Simulation Programs 5. Added an on-file Data Base that can hold up to 200 Designs 6. It can export / import single Designs from Data Base to .csv file format 7. Enables Migration to next version by export / import of full Data Base to .csv

It is tested with MS Excel 2003 on winXP, MS Excel 2007 on winXP, MS Excel 2010 on win7. Sorry, win98, win2000 and Excel from the 1997 MS Office are not supported.

However, your MS Excels Safety Settings must be set to enable Macros since this Calculator holds in excess of 8000 lines of Visual Basic Code.

Disclaimer: this Excel contains makros. Use only downloads from a safe source; Use is at own risk whatsoever (!)

Tnx es vy73, Hartmut, DG7YBN

Download this Excel spreadsheet


insulators for the BC-excel

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