EA6VQ's portable operations from JM19FP

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Puig Galazto is a 1025m. high mountain which top that can only be reached after 2 or 3 hours of climbing by a narrow footpath. The crew of the Radio Club Mallorca decided to be QRV from this point for the National UHF contest of 1984.  The equipment, as you can see below, was not exactly adequate for mountain toping...hi..and it took us a week of daily climbing the mountain to move all material, including the 2.5 KVa generator....  Were we crazy ?...No, just young !!

Sorry for the poor quality of some pictures, but after so long the negatives were in a sorry state :-((

Salvador, EA6UW, with the generator

A breath-taking ascension with a breathtaking view over the clouds covering Mallorca

The camp, a few hundred meters away from the top

2x20 el. for 432 and 11el for 144 (just for skeds)

Juan, EA6JD, with the "portable" transceiver (FT-902 + tranverter)

A closer look to the antennas and the cross at the highest point (1025 m)


The crew...from left to right, EA6VQ (EB6KU at that time), EA6UW, EB6KV & EA6JD.  I should also mention EA6WO who was not able to be with us because of a sprain in one of the fomer ascensions.

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