from EA6VQ's QTH

See also other multi-op activities from my QTH

In 1987 an excellent group of DX operators from EA6 joined together in an effort to put up on the air a Multi-single station for the CQWWDX contest. As far as I remember the operators were EA6ET, EA6WV, EA6SX, EA6OF, EA6WX, EA6NP and myself EA6VQ (I am possibly missing someone else...)

The main station, QRV full time along the 48h of the contest

EA6WX handling the pile-up

Some or the antennas used. A 6 el. tribander for 28, 21 & 14 MHz, 3 switchable sloper dipoles for 7 MHz and a 1/2 wave dipole for 3.5 MHz for the main station, and a 3 el. tribander (not in the photo) and multiband vertical to look for multipliers.

Three additional stations looking for mutlipliers. From left to right, EA6ET, EA6SX and EA6OF

EA6SX (left) and EA6ET digging into the QRM

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