DG7YBN's TANT manual Version 1.4
and TANT Appendix Version 1.1

TANT computes Antenna Temperature and G/T-Ratio as used in VE7BQH's G/T chart from EZNEC Farfield-Table. This is a pictured manual including step by step instructions and an example to follow for the TANT software by YT1NT

Download the TANT manual in PDF format


3D pattern for TANT of 4 x YU7EF EF0210LT stacked for minimum T_ant

The TANT Appendix leads from single Yagi to the VE7BQH G/T table. It is an extension to the TANT Manual giving all background information on Antenna Temperatures for VHF to UHF bands, stacking per DL6WU and Over Stacking plus an inside view on all parameters listed in the G/T table.

For Version 1.1 the whole text has be refined, examples to build a 4 bay and derive the FFtab file in 4nec2 and also an intro to the Antenna G/T program AGTC_lite have been added.

Tnx es vy73, Hartmut, DG7YBN

Download the TANT Appendix Vers. 1.1 in PDF format

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