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Available chats at DXMAPS.COM:

  Worldwide Europe North America Africa South America Asia Oceania
All HF bands WW HF chat EU HF chat NA HF chat AF HF chat SA HF chat AS HF chat OC HF chat
2200 m WW 2200 m chat EU 2200 m chat NA 2200 m chat AF 2200 m chat SA 2200 m chat AS 2200 m chat OC 2200 m chat
600 m WW 600 m chat EU 600 m chat NA 600 m chat AF 600 m chat SA 600 m chat AS 600 m chat OC 600 m chat
160 m WW 160 m chat EU 160 m chat NA 160 m chat AF 160 m chat SA 160 m chat AS 160 m chat OC 160 m chat
80 m WW 80 m chat EU 80 m chat NA 80 m chat AF 80 m chat SA 80 m chat AS 80 m chat OC 80 m chat
60 m WW 60 m chat EU 60 m chat NA 60 m chat AF 60 m chat SA 60 m chat AS 60 m chat OC 60 m chat
40 m WW 40 m chat EU 40 m chat NA 40 m chat AF 40 m chat SA 40 m chat AS 40 m chat OC 40 m chat
30 m WW 30 m chat EU 30 m chat NA 30 m chat AF 30 m chat SA 30 m chat AS 30 m chat OC 30 m chat
20 m WW 20 m chat EU 20 m chat NA 20 m chat AF 20 m chat SA 20 m chat AS 20 m chat OC 20 m chat
17 m WW 17 m chat EU 17 m chat NA 17 m chat AF 17 m chat SA 17 m chat AS 17 m chat OC 17 m chat
15 m WW 15 m chat EU 15 m chat NA 15 m chat AF 15 m chat SA 15 m chat AS 15 m chat OC 15 m chat
12 m WW 12 m chat EU 12 m chat NA 12 m chat AF 12 m chat SA 12 m chat AS 12 m chat OC 12 m chat
10 m WW 10 m chat EU 10 m chat NA 10 m chat AF 10 m chat SA 10 m chat AS 10 m chat OC 10 m chat
All VHF&up bands WW VHF&up chat EU VHF&up chat NA VHF&up chat AF VHF&up chat SA VHF&up chat AS VHF&up chat OC VHF&up chat
50 MHz WW 50 MHz chat EU 50 MHz chat NA 50 MHz chat AF 50 MHz chat SA 50 MHz chat AS 50 MHz chat OC 50 MHz chat
70 MHz WW 70 MHz chat EU 70 MHz chat NA 70 MHz chat AF 70 MHz chat SA 70 MHz chat AS 70 MHz chat OC 70 MHz chat
144 MHz WW 144 MHz chat EU 144 MHz chat NA 144 MHz chat AF 144 MHz chat SA 144 MHz chat AS 144 MHz chat OC 144 MHz chat
222 MHz WW 222 MHz chat EU 222 MHz chat NA 222 MHz chat AF 222 MHz chat SA 222 MHz chat AS 222 MHz chat OC 222 MHz chat
432 MHz WW 432 MHz chat EU 432 MHz chat NA 432 MHz chat AF 432 MHz chat SA 432 MHz chat AS 432 MHz chat OC 432 MHz chat
Above 450 MHz WW SHF chat EU SHF chat NA SHF chat AF SHF chat SA SHF chat AS SHF chat OC SHF chat
Satellite WW Satellite chat EU Satellite chat NA Satellite chat AF Satellite chat SA Satellite chat AS Satellite chat OC Satellite chat

How to access the chats:

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