EA6VQ/P in IARU reg.1 VHF contest
(September 2003) from JM19NW

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This time I was only QRV on sunday morning with the IC-202 + 80w running from the car battery. I used a new antenna (12 el / 3 wl by M2) which seems pretty good for portable operations. It can be transported inside the car (longer boom section is about 1.5 m) and can be assembled in minutes. Propagation conditions were quite poor but curious. It was hard to work stations in southern france, but at the same time I could hear TM1Y and HB9/EA2URE (JN36) almost all the time and I even heard two other stations in JN38. See the longest distance QSO at the bottom of the page.

The M2 12el. antenna attached to the car rack. The well-known Hotel Formentor in the back.

And another beautiful view of the peninsula of Formentor. What a pleasure to operate from this location.

Best QSOs on 144 MHz
07/09/2003 08:57 EA2URE/HB9      JN36GU  817 Km.
07/09/2003 13:55 IQ5AE/5         JN54JD  786 "
07/09/2003 09:30 TM1Y            JN36BP  784 "
07/09/2003 07:52 I1BPU/1         JN45BQ  758 "
07/09/2003 09:36 I5BLH/5         JN53LK  757 "
07/09/2003 08:22 F1GPL           JN?PS  665 "
07/09/2003 11:10 EA2DR/P         IN83FE  661 "
07/09/2003 10:15 F5HGO/P         JN?AI  653 "
07/09/2003 11:05 EE2MAF/1        IN82FQ  635 "
07/09/2003 07:58 TK5KP/P         JN42QX  621 "
07/09/2003 10:19 F6KLO/P         JN?PG  611 "

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