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13-Dic 1900 VHF and up calendar 2015

An initial version of the 2015 VHF and up calendar is already available.

(

08-Dic 1000 EME calendar 2015

The EME calendar, with the best days for 2m EME in 2015 is available.

(

28-Sep 1000 ARRL EME dates updated

Dates of the ARRL EME contests have been updated in the VHF calendar

(

31-Aug 1500 First-ever QSO list from EA6 updated

The first-ever QSO list from EA6 has been updated with the several first QSO on 50 and 70 MHz

(

30-Aug 1000 VE7BQH 144 MHz antenna comparison table updated

New issue of the 144 MHz antenna G/T comparison chart is available

(

14-Jun 1800 144 MHz Sporadic-E animated maps 2014

The 144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps are now available.

(

14-Jun 1000 New CDF for the ICOM IC-7100

A new CAT Definition File for VQLog, supporting the ICOM IC-7100 is now available.

(

25-May 1800 First ever QSO list from EA8 updated

The first ever QSO list from EA8 has been updated with several firsts QSO on 144 and 432 MHz

(

24-May 2000 First ever QSO list from EA6 updated

The first ever QSO list from EA6 has been updated with the first QSO with KP2 on 144 MHz.

(

11-May 1100 New version of AIS DX Aggregator

AIS DX Aggregator now allows to select the minimum distance to consider a reception as DX.

(

10-May 1100 New ADF for VQLog

A new Award Definition File for VQLog, for the Spanish Museums Award is now available.

(

30-Apr 2000 First-Ever QSO list from EA updated

The first ever QSO list from EA has been updated with the first contact with FK on 6m

(

27-Apr 2000 EME log of EA6VQ updated

The EME Log of EA6VQ has been updated with the latest QSO

(

26-Apr 1100 VE7BQH G/T antenna tables updated

VE7BQH antenna comparison tables for 50, 144 and 432 MHz have been updated

(

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3 user comments

#3 - Alex / ER5GB - 07/22/2011 - 08:34
Thank you for comfortable and very usefull site. Especially thanks for MUF on-line map. Use it as a home page. 73!!!

#2 - KS4L - 04/06/2010 - 20:22
Any chance of getting this great info in an iPhone App?

#1 - i4ujb - 02/22/2010 - 12:30
very good site tnx

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