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     21-Feb 1300 QSO maps 3.0 user manual

The user manual of the new version 3.0 of the DX QSO maps is available     (read more..)

     31-Jan 1800 Reversible Beverage at EA6VQ

Photos and short description of the new Beverage antenna at EA6VQ's QTH     (read more..)

     24-Jan 1900 VOACAP point to point propagation calculator

A point to point propagation calculator, based on VOACAP model is available     (read more..)

     01-Jan 1900 Summary of activity of EA6VQ in 2016

A summary of the amateur radio activity of EA6VQ during 2016 is available.     (read more..)

     22-Dec 1000 New version 1.4 of the WSJT DX Aggregator

A new version of the WSJT DX aggregator is available, supporting the new format of the MSK144 messages in WSJT-X 1.7     (read more..)

     03-Dec 1800 EME calendar for 2017

The EME calendar for 2017 is now available     (

     21-Nov 0430 New version 3.1 buid 277 of VQLog

The first-ever QSO lists from EA, EA6 and EA8 have been updated with the first contacts with E4-Palestine on 144 MHz     (read more..)

     17-Nov 0930 First-ever QSO lists from EA, EA6 and EA8 updated

The first-ever QSO lists from EA, EA6 and EA8 have been updated with the first contacts with E4-Palestine on 144 MHz     (read more..)

     15-Nov 1200 New HAM radio related cliparts

An amateur radio clipart gallery     (

     14-Nov 1400 ADF for the EAFF award updated

The Award Definition File for VQLog for the EAFF (Spanish Flora and Fauna)  has been updated.     (read more..)

     13-Nov 18300 EME log of EA6VQ updated

The EME log of EA6VQ has been updated with the latest QSO     (read more..)

     29-Oct 1500 New program WSJT DX Aggregator

A new program WSJT DX aggregator is available. Automatically upload WSJT-X DX-Spots to DXMAPS.     (read more..)

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4 user comments

#4 - KA9EEA /RON - 24/Jul/2016 - 14:43
it would be nice if people would stop posting beacons as just because you hear the doesn't mean others can and it adds to clutter on display

#3 - Alex / ER5GB - 22/Jul/2011 - 08:34
Thank you for comfortable and very usefull site. Especially thanks for MUF on-line map. Use it as a home page. 73!!!

#2 - KS4L - 06/Apr/2010 - 20:22
Any chance of getting this great info in an iPhone App?

#1 - i4ujb - 22/Feb/2010 - 12:30
very good site tnx

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