ON4KST's chat telnet client (V 1.6)

This is a simple telnet client specially developed for accessing the chats of ON4KST when you can't (or don't want) to use the WEB interface. I made this software for my own use because in my radio QTH by the countryside I only can access the Internet using the GPRS mobile phone. The cost of this service (at least in Spain) depends on the number of bytes sent/received, so using the WEB interface was simply too expensive.  On the other hand, standard telnet clients did not offer the functionalities and formatting options I wanted.

You can download and use this software for free for your own private use, however please understand that I don't offer any kind of support and I don't promise to develop new versions in the future. Anyway if you have some comment you can always E-Mail it to me.

After downloading the setup program you simply have to run it to install the application.  Then you will find a new "KSTchat" option in the "Start" menu of Windows. (IMPORTANT: If you already have an older version of the program you MUST uninstall it before running the setup of this new version. VERY IMPORTANT:  You MUST place the downloaded setup program "KSTClient_Setup.exe" in an EMPTY folder, then with Windows Explorer open that folder and double click the file in order to run the installation)

In the folder where you have installed the program (by default it goes to C:\Program Files\KSTclient) you will find 4 files:

  1. KSTClient.exe is the executable program.
  2. KSTClient.ini is the file holding the configuration parameters (Do not change it unless you are sure of what you are doing)
                    (Please notice that since July-2010 you should change the Host server from www.on4kst.info to www.on4kst.org)
  3. KSTClient.html is the file containing the basic explanation of what KSTClient is.
  4. Warning.wav is the sound file to play when a new "watch text" is detected.

Enjoy it! See you in some of the ON4KST's VHF or EME chats.

Changes in version 1.6:

Changes in version 1.5:

Changes in version 1.4:

Changes in version 1.3:

Changes in version 1.2:

Changes in version 1.1:

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