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Sporadic-E clouds location and estimate MUF real-time map  VHF & up DX calendar
HF-VHF-UHF real time QSO maps VE7BQH antenna charts: 432 MHz    144 MHz    50 MHz
Maps of sporadic-E clouds along the years   First-Ever QSOs from EA,EA6,EA8 & EA9 on VHF-UHF
TEP on 144 MHz. Information, news, bibliography Most wanted DXCC countries on 144 MHz. 
Send VHF & up formated DX-Spots Six meter DX information  
DX calendar database Where to find MGF-1302's  
On-line database of callsigns, locators (grid squares) and VOR Dubus articles On-Line
Show the grid square and extended QTH locator on a map DG7YBN Excel BC for Semi-Insulated Elements on Boom Calculator
DXMAPS. On-Line DX-Spot analysis database DG7YBN TANT manual
JT65B, a guide for beginners to MoonBounce (EME)  Listen to some recorded Ham-Radio sounds  
EA6VQ EME calendar  144 MHz activity DX contest rules  
Moon bounce (EME) information and links Step by step guide to FT8 Fox/Hound  
Moon-Net discussions

EA6VQ radio activity

Computer programs I have developed
Pictures of my shack and antennas  |  Setup of the new EME array 
Panoramic view from my tower


My activity as a Radio Amateur
QSOs by reflection on the Mediterranean coasts EA6VQ's Reverse Beacon and AIS Reception
Long tropospheric paths over the Mediterranean Visit my on-line logbook / See my 144 MHz EME log
Real-time propagation maps and Tropo forecast for Europe Summaries of activity (Countries, locators, initial QSO's)
Historical database of propagation indexes Graphical statistics/summaries of activity (QSO's per band, etc.)
Summary of 144 MHz in Europe, year by year VHF & UHF beacons often heard from EA6 - Balearic Isl. 


Pictures of EA3CBH/6 operation from my QTH in 1993
My used equipment and parts for sale   ED6EIG - 1999's expedition to Na Galera Isl.
New VQLog 3.1 available !!!  
New version 2.1 of the DXCC spreadsheet   
QTH locator map of Mallorca (JM19)    
Links to RadioClubs and Amateur-Radio related sites in Spain  
My bookmarks and other HAM radio links    
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