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Sporadic-E clouds location and estimate MUF real-time map  VHF & up DX calendar
HF-VHF-UHF real time QSO maps VE7BQH antenna charts: 432 MHz    144 MHz    50 MHz
Maps of sporadic-E clouds along the years   First-Ever QSOs from EA,EA6,EA8 & EA9 on VHF-UHF
TEP on 144 MHz. Information, news, bibliography Most wanted DXCC countries on 144 MHz. 
Send VHF & up formated DX-Spots Six meter DX information  
DX calendar database Where to find MGF-1302's  
On-line database of callsigns, locators (grid squares) and VOR Dubus articles On-Line
Show the grid square and extended QTH locator on a map DG7YBN Excel BC for Semi-Insulated Elements on Boom Calculator
DXMAPS. On-Line DX-Spot analysis database DG7YBN TANT manual
JT65B, a guide for beginners to MoonBounce (EME)  Listen to some recorded Ham-Radio sounds  
EA6VQ EME calendar  144 MHz activity DX contest rules  
Moon bounce (EME) information and links

EA6VQ radio activity

Moon-Net discussions
Pictures of my shack and antennas  |  Setup of the new EME array 
Panoramic view from my tower
Shareware and Freeware programs I have developed My activity as a Radio Amateur


EA6VQ's Reverse Beacon and AIS Reception
QSOs by reflection on the Mediterranean coasts Visit my on-line logbook / See my 144 MHz EME log
Long tropospheric paths over the Mediterranean Summaries of activity (Countries, locators, initial QSO's)
Real-time propagation maps and Tropo forecast for Europe Graphical statistics/summaries of activity (QSO's per band, etc.)
Historical database of propagation indexes VHF & UHF beacons often heard from EA6 - Balearic Isl. 
Summary of 144 MHz in Europe, year by year Pictures of EA3CBH/6 operation from my QTH in 1993


ED6EIG - 1999's expedition to Na Galera Isl.
My used equipment and parts for sale    
New VQLog 3.1 available !!!  
New version 2.1 of the DXCC spreadsheet   
QTH locator map of Mallorca (JM19)    
Links to RadioClubs and Amateur-Radio related sites in Spain  
My bookmarks and other HAM radio links    
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