1993's VHF national contest
EA3CBH/6 operation from my QTH

See also other multi-op activities from my QTH

My antennas in 1993. 4x17 tonna for 2 m., 4x28 el for 70 cm., 55 elem for 23 cms.,. 6 el. for 6 m + 6 el. for HF 

A general view of the shack during the multi-operation in the contest

EA3CCK fighting against the bad electric noise on 144 MHz (Rig: TS-790E + FT-102(rx) and 3CX800A7 amplifier (on the left-bottom corner)

And handling the pile up.....

EA3CBH at the UHF/SHF station (Note the PA's..4CX250R for 70 Cms and 2x2C39 for 23 cms)

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