DUBUS articles online

At UK DUBUS Archive and at F6HYE DUBUS Archive you can find many articles of the DUBUS magazine in PDF format (Acrobat Reader). This is the list of articles available on 20-November-2004.

Dubus   Title                                                                     Author  
8203-1  13 cm transverter                                                         DF5QZ
8203-2  13 cm power amplifier                                                     DC8UG
8301-1  6 cm linear amplifier                                                     DF5QZ
8301-2  Comments to a 70cm long yagi array                                        SP1DSU
8301-3  IC402 modifications                                                       DC0HW
8301-4  Reflectometer with coaxial coupler                                        DF3CX
8302-1  Log periodic antenna 1.0-3.5GHz                                           DC8CE
8302-2  Reflectometer with coaxial coupler (part II)                              DF3CX
8302-3  ETM 8c for MS                                                             OE3CEW
8302-4  Comparison of different feed horns for dish antennas                      DL7YC
8302-5  Correction to Dubus 4/82                                                  LA8AK
8302-6  Application of microwave GaAs-Fets                                        
8304-1  Application of microwave GaAs-Fets (part II)                              
8304-2  Broadband amplifier for 13 and 9 cm                                       DL7QY
8401-1  24 GHz baugruppen                                                         DK2RV
8401-2  7W 2320 MHz Linear verstarker                                             DL7QY
8401-3  Up converter for MS use                                                   LA8AK
8401-4  Two stage 5760 MHz GaAs Fet amplifier                                     DL7QY
8402-1  Frequency doubler from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz with GaAs FET                     DC0DA
8402-2  Three band GaAs FET amplifier 1000 - 4000 MHz                             DL7QY
8402-3  Modular 10GHz SSB transverter                                             DL8RAH
8402-4  10GHz GaAsFET amplifier using Nec70083 and microstrip filter              DL7QY
8403-1  430 - 10GHz multiplier using S3015A                                       JA1EPK
8403-2  A simple power supply for TWT amplifiers                                  DL7QY
8403-3  Frequency prescalers for microwave bands                                  HB9MIN
8403-4  750W 432MHz linear power amplifier with RS1064                            DB6NT
8403-5  The experiments of injection locking                                      JA1DGF
8403-6  Transistorized 23cm linear amps 6, 16 and 30W output                      DL7QY
8404-1  GaAs FET preamplifier for the 3cm band                                    I1MMS
8404-2  2m & 70cm low cost GaAS MES FET amplifiers                                DL7QY
8404-3  23cm PA with TH316                                                        DK2GR
8404-4  Thermal power meter 10MHz - 14GHz                                         DB9SB
8501-1  Low cost 23 cm linear transverter                                         PA0LPE
8502-1  High performance SSB/CW duoband transceiver SSCW702                       DL7QY
8502-2  Two stage amplifier for 23cm band                                         F6DZK
8502-3  Mechanical indicator of doppler shift for EME                             OK1KIR
8503-1  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part II)                   DL7QY
8503-2  144 MHz high power amplifier                                              ON5FF
8503-3  Coupling line for 8x23 el 1296 MHz                                        F6DZK
8503-4  1.3 GHz GaAsFET transverter module                                        OE9PMJ
8504-1  3cm pillbox antenna                                                       DK2RV
8504-2  Resonator filter for the 3cm band                                         DK2UO
8504-3  Control circuits for an EME station                                       SO1MN
8504-4  Using TBA120 for MS reception                                             LA8AK
8504-5  1296 MHz Power amplifier                                                  OE9PMJ
8504-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part III)                  DL7QY
8601-1  CW sidetone for IC202                                                     DL9SBS
8601-2  Resonator filter for the 9, 6 and 3cm bands                               DK2AB
8601-3  GaAs FET 13cm transverter                                                 DC8UG
8601-4  3cm circular waveguide from copper pipe                                   DK2UO
8601-5  Feeding parabolic dishes with horn antennas                               DK2RV
8601-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part IV)                   DL7QY
8602-1  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part V)                    DL7QY
8602-2  Inexpensive and accurate RF mV meter                                      LA8AK
8602-3  Printed 2el antennas for 23 an 13 cm bands                                OE9PMJ
8602-4  Wideband horn 1.2-2.4 GHz                                                 OE9PMJ
8602-5  1m40 parabolic dish f/d = 0.5                                             OE9PMJ
8602-6  10GHz Transverter in microstrip technique                                 DL1RQ
8602-7  13cm preamplifier and 13 power amplifier                                  DC8UG
8602-8  Deterioration of EME S/N by polarisation rotation                         DF5AI
8603-1  PLL SSB notes for 10 GHz                                                  LA8AK
8603-2  GaAs FET doubler with mixer for 24 GHz                                    DB6NT
8603-3  3.8 GHz divider by 4                                                      HB9MIN
8603-4  Feeding parabolic dishes with horn antennas (part II)                     DK2RV
8603-5  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part VI)                   DL7QY
8604-1  Improvement of weak signal detection with binaural reception              DF1DM
8604-2  Tripler from 3456 to 10368                                                PA0EHG
8604-3  Transistorized 23cm power amplifier for the 23cm band                     F6DZK
8604-4  Two PCB transverter for the 9cm band                                      DD2EK
8604-5  Redesigned 10GHz SSB transverter                                          DL1RQ
8604-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part VII)                  DL7QY
8604-7  SSB-Signalaufbereitung fuer die microwellenbander                         DK2RV
8701-1  Oscillator for SHF transverter in SMD technic                             DC0DA
8701-2  Relay control for power amplifiers                                        DL6NCI
8701-3  GaAs FET quadrupler 3->2 GHz for DB6NT portable 24 GHz transverter        DC0DA
8701-4  Low cost high performance mixer up to 2500MHz                             OE9PMJ
8702-1  LO for 10 GHz transverter                                                 DJ6JJ
8702-2  Complementation od cylindrical resonator cavities                         DK2AB
8702-3  Experiences with matched microwaves striplines                            DK2AB
8702-4  Sideband noise of amateur stations                                        DL7QY
8703-1  Tuning aid for valve power amplifiers                                     OE9PMJ
8703-2  3.7 GHz divider by 1000                                                   DB9SB
8703-3  Sideband noise of amateur stations                                        DL7QY
8703-4  Single board 10GHz transverter                                            DJ6JJ
8703-5  Precision Wattmeter with automatic VSWR indication                        DJ9BV
8703-6  Non reciprocal wave propagation with faraday rotation                     DF1DM
8704-1  Effective noise temperature of 4 yagi arrays for 432 EME                  DJ9BV
8704-2  Circular waveguide rearfeed for parabolic dishes                          DK2RV
8704-3  Modification of the LA8AK MS timer for 1, 2.5 and 5 mn                    LA8AK
8801-1  Simple TWT power supply                                                   LA6LCA
8801-2  Transistorized 24GHz transverter                                          DB6NT
8801-3  Transistorized 1W amplifier simulation for the 3cm band                   F6DZK
8802-1  2304 power amplifier                                                      VE4MA
8802-2  Measurements on a 24GHz DB6NT transverter                                 DC0DA
8802-3  Active frequency quadrupler                                               DC0DA
8802-4  3cm band GaAsFET power amplifier                                          DC0DA
8803-1  Gain and performance data of 144 MHz antennas                             DJ9BV
8804-1  Noise figure measurements results 3rd int. EME conference                 DJ9BV
8804-2  Low noise GaAsFets preamps for EME Construction and measurements problem  DJ9BV
8804-3  Two stage preamp for 432 EME                                              DL9KR
8901-1  Waveguide filter for 24GHz                                                DC0DA
8901-2  Improving S-meter for IC202                                               LA8AK
8902-1  70cm EME PA with 1K+ output (part1)                                       OZ9ZI
8902-2  Gain and performance data of 432 MHz antennas                             DJ9BV
8902-3  Hints on DB6NT's 24GHz transverter                                        DB6NT
8903-1  70cm EME PA with 1K+ output (part2)                                       OZ9ZI
8903-2  5.7GHz Amplifiers                                                         JE1AAH
8903-3  High performance 432MHz preamp                                            F1EHN
8903-4  47GHz Station                                                             OE9PMJ
8904-1  Ultra stable microwave LO                                                 F1GAS
8904-2  10 GHz Amplifiers                                                         JE1AAH
8904-3  Deep dish feed horns revisited                                            VE4MA
8904-4  DL6WU Yagi for 2320 MHz                                                   DC3XY
8904-5  76 GHz Station                                                            OE9PMJ
9001-1  50 MHz Transverter                                                        OE9PMJ
9001-2  SSB components for millimetric waves (24 & 47GHz)                         HB9MIN
9001-3  5.76 GHz Up converter                                                     LA6LCA
9001-4  Yagi antennas for 144 MHz                                                 DJ9BV
9002-1  Novel approach to automatic noise figure measurement                      DJ9BV
9002-2  Construction of a precision noise figure measurement system               DJ9BV
9002-3  The FAI beacon DB0FAI                                                     DL4MEA
9002-4  Triplate directional couplers                                             F1GAS
9002-5  Low noise no tune preamp for 23/24cm                                      FD1FLN
9002-6  10GHz T/R Module                                                          JE1AAH
9002-7  Flash-over protection for PA's                                            OE5JFL
9003-1  1 W power amplifier for 10 GHz                                            JE1AAH
9003-2  Coax relay with RF vox                                                    DL4MEA
9003-3  Construction of a precision noise figure measurement system (part2)       DJ9BV
9003-4  Three tubes amplifier for 144 MHz                                         OE3JPC
9003-5  Regulated screen supplies and protection for tetrode amplifiers           G3SEK
9003-6  50 MHz linear amplifier                                                   PE1DAB
9004-1  12 GHz LO for 24 & 47 GHz                                                 DB6NT
9004-2  How to use a Noise-Figure Meter                                           DJ9BV
9004-3  Construction of folded dipoles for 2m yagis                               PE1DAB
9004-4  Details on 10 Ghz T/R Module                                              JE1AAH
9004-5  Hints for PANFI Construction                                              DJ9BV DF7VX
9004-6  2m EME Antenna with open-wire feed system                                 DL1GBF
9004-7  Optimum Bias Circuit for Linear Power Transistors                         DF4LY
9101-1  A Simple 10GHz Transverter                                                DB6NT DC0DA
9101-2  200mW Two Stage Amplifier for 10GHz                                       DB6NT
9101-3  How to use Open Wire Feedlines                                            PA3AEF
9101-4  A simple solution for a PANFI                                             PA0EZ
9102-1  Triband Microwave Dishfeed                                                DK8SG
9102-2  High Power GaAs-FET Amplifiers for 9cm                                    DB6NT
9102-3  Modifications for 10 Ghz Transverter                                      DB6NT
9102-4  High Gain Yagis for 432 MHz                                               DJ9BV
9102-5  24 Ghz Transverter with HEMT's (Part I)                                   JE1AAH
9103-1  Just another 50 MHz Transverter                                           DF9CY
9103-2  Transverter for 5.7GHz                                                    DB6NT
9103-3  24 Ghz Transverter with HEMT's (Part II)                                  JE1AAH
9103-4  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part I)     DJ9BV DL6WU
9104-1  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part II)    DJ9BV DL6WU
9104-2  5.7 Ghz Transverter: LO                                                   DB6NT
9104-3  Transverter for 3.4 Ghz                                                   DB6NT
9104-4  3.4 Ghz Transverter: LO                                                   DB6NT
9104-5  Low Noise Preamp for 1.3 Ghz                                              DJ9BV
9104-6  4W GaAs-FET Amplifier for 10 Ghz                                          DB6NT
9201-1  Transverter for 47 Ghz                                                    DB6NT
9201-2  Antenna Control System for EME                                            F1EHN
9201-3  High performance RF Switch for 10 Ghz                                     I3OPW IV3FDO
9201-4  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part III)   DJ9BV DL6WU
9201-5  Accurate Digital Display for Antenna Rotators                             OE3JPC
9201-6  Simple dB-linear S-meter for microwave converter                          HB9MIN
9202-1  Transverter for 76 Ghz                                                    DB6NT
9202-2  Measuring on 76 Ghz SHF-mixer for spectrum analyser                       DB6NT
9202-3  High IP-LNA for 432 MHz                                                   DJ9BV
9202-4  Improvement of Yagis through suppressors                                  DL1KBN
9202-5  High Power TWT's                                                          HB9SLV
9203-1  Computer simulation of Parabolic Dishes                                   OE5JFL
9203-2  8W GaAs-FET Amplifier for 6 cm                                            DB6NT
9203-3  Performance Evaluation for EME-Systems                                    DJ9BV F6HYE
9203-4  HEMT LNA for 13 cm                                                        DJ9BV
9203-5  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part IV)    DJ9BV DL6WU
9204-1  23 cm Linear Transverter                                                  DB6NT DF9LN
9204-2  Combining of TWT's on 10 GHz                                              HB9AGE
9204-3  GaAs FET Power Amplifier for 13 cm                                        JE1AAH

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