First ever QSOs from EA, EA6, EA8 & EA9
on the VHF-UHF bands & via satellite
You could also be interested in the DXCC standings from EA, EA6, EA8 & EA9

This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked from each of the 4 DXCC entities of Spain. I know the list may be is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSOs not listed here or any aditional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your colaboration !

Important: Only legal QSOs between stations properly authorized by the goverment of their respective countries will be listed here. 

50 MHz QSO: Some people is claiming QSO on 6 meters with stations portable in EA before July-1992. Please notice that all these QSO are not valid, as those stations didn't have permission to operate in Spain on 50 MHz. The first licenses to operate on this band were given to a bunch of EA's around 10/11 July 1992, using the special prefix EH. After mid June-2006 the use of this band was open to all stations (including foreign CEPT2 licenses), no longer being required to request a special license or use the EH prefix.

EA (Spain) Firsts on VHF-UHF
EA6 (Balearic Isl) Firsts on VHF-UHF
EA8 (Canary Isl) Firsts on VHF-UHF
EA9 (Ceuta & Melilla) Firsts on VHF-UHF

EA (Spain) Firsts via satellite
EA6 (Balearic Isl) Firsts via satellite
EA8 (Canary Isl) Firsts via satellite
EA9 (Ceuta & Melilla) Firsts via satellite

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