EA6VQ's shack and antennas in JM19MP

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AIS reception | Beverage  |  30m vertical

A general view of the antennas in 2014

My new 2m. EME antennas in 2004. 8x17 M2 (2M5WL) on a 15 m. high tower
 |  Pictures of the setup process  |  Panoramic view from top  |  Station diagram  |

Details of the elevation mechanism

The new EANTENNA 59+ (10,12,15,17&20m) and the M2 6M9KHW (50 MHz) antenna in 2014 (15m. long boom)
on a 12 m. high tower. (
Pictures of the setup process )


The 180 m long reversible Beverage for reception in the lower bands

The 30 m band 1/4 wave vertical antenna with elevated radials

The shack in 2017. TS-790+3CX1500A7 PA for 2m / IC-7000+SPE 2KFA PA for HF and 6m. (Station diagram)

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