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One of the key features that distinguish VQLog from any other logbook is that when you register the program you also get the right to have, at no extra charge, technical support by E-Mail that will solve all your doubts and help you fix any problems you could have with the program. 

PLEASE, before requesting support read carefully the FAQs and FAQs on importation pages. There you will find the answer to the most common questions/problems asked by users.

ALSO, if it's a generic question that can be of interest for other users and if you are a registered user you could try posting your question to the community of users of VQLog (mailing list).

FINALLY, if you can't find the right answer then fill the form below explaining your question/problem with as much details as possible. As clearer you explain the affair as easier it would be to give you the right answer. (IMPORTANT: Support is only available to registered users so don't forget to state your name, callsign and registration number together with your request)

PLEASE NOTICE that it's your responsibility to keep a copy of your registration number and key file (vqlog.key) in a safe place (CD, Diskette, etc.) If you have lost them or they have been damaged I'm not able to provide them again to you. You have to register (pay) the program again in order to receive a new registration number and key file.

Your callsign: (*1) (The callsign with which you registered VQLog)
Your name:
Your E-Mail: (*1) (Make sure you enter it right. This will be the E-Mail address the answer will be sent to)
Registration number: (*1) (You can read it with function "Help - About VQLog")
Version of VQLog  Build: (*1) (You can read it with function "Help - About VQLog")
Subject of request:
Description of the problem/question (as much detailed as possible):
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#1 - 9k2ym - 11/Jun/2016 - 01:02
I would like to use the VQlog for ARRL June VHF Contest
How to use the VQlog if possible

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