Some words about myself

My name is Gabriel Sampol and I was born in the city of Palma de Mallorca in 1962. I attended to primary and secondary school in  La Salle. On 1997 I married Trini (sister or EA3CBH and EA6CC (ex EA3CCK)

In 1983 I begun working for the Savings Bank of Balearic Islands "Sa Nostra" , first as computer  programmer, then as applications annalist and finally as systems annalist. I have experience with many banking systems, programming languages and operating systems, from the old fashioned DIPOS of the Nixdorf 886x (in the 80's) until the latest versions of Windows. In 2011, due the integration of the Savings Bank in BMN, I moved to Madrid to become the responsible of Workstation Management (Personal computers, peripherals, cash dispensers, POS.....). In 2016, due to a new movement of my workplace to the south of the Spanish mainland I decided to quit the company and currently I work as freelance. You can see my professional profile and follow me in Linkedin.

My main hobbies are Amateur Radio, travelling, photography, hiking, geology and in general enjoying the nature. I also like to spend some of my time developing computer programs.

I am also the vice-president of the Radio Club Cultural Mallorca (EA6RCM). The most important independent radio club of the Balearic Islands, established in 1979.

Hobbies apart, I am a proud supporter of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, devoted to the eradication of poverty in India.


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