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Creating language plug-ins

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VQLog can accept foreign language plug-in files for changing the texts of the program.

If you wish to create a plug-in for your own language then follow these steps:

  1. Check that the plug-in has not been already developed by someone else ! (click here)

  2. Be sure you can take over the task of translating the more than 2000 texts used by the program in a reasonable time.

  3. Be sure you are skilled enough with computers to update an MS-Access database.

  4. Contact VQLog's support and let me know your interest. 

  5. I will E-Mail you a "base" plug-in file with the texts in English, that you will have to translate.

  6. After completing the translation you will have to E-Mail me the file so that I can verify it.

  7. Then I will put it in the plug-in download area with a clear mention to you as the author of the plug-in. (Or you can place it at your web-site and I will link to it)

  8. At this point your plug-in file will be available for downloading by users of VQLog.

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