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Dear VQLog user,

File WORK.MDB is used by the program as a temporary work file for generating summaries, etc.  The version of this file must match exactly the version of the program, and if for whatever reason you have a wrong version of the work file an error message will be shown indicating that fact.

If you are getting that message you simply have to download from the below links the right version of the WORK.MDB file and place it in VQLog's folder (the same folder that holds the vqlog20.exe program).  Please notice that the downloaded file is a compressed ZIP file.  You will have to extract the WORK.MDB from it. Copying the ZIP file in VQLog's folder is not enough.

First of all you must find out which exact version of VQLog you have installed right now. In order to do so run your copy of VQLog and go to "Help - About"....here you will read the version number in the logo window.  Alternatively, you can also right-click on the vqlog20.exe file and look at the version number which is shown in the properties of the file.

Click on the download link corresponding to the exact version of VQLog you have:

IMPORTANT: If you consider that the WORK.MDB is correctly copied to VQLog's folder but the program still complains that you are using a wrong file it can only be for two reasons:


If you have an older version of VQLog:

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