CAT Definition Files (CDF)

CAT stands for Computer Aided Transceiver and it's the way VQLog can synchronize automatically the frequency and mode with the rig. This means that when you change the frequency or mode in your rig, these changes are automatically shown in VQLog's QSO input fields. Also, when you change the frequency or mode in VQLog they can be updated automatically in the rig.

The implementation of CAT is different for each brand and model of rig. This is the reason of the CDF files, that contain indications and parameters specific of a certain rig and that allow VQLog to know how to communicate with it.

Important: Before trying to connect your rig with VQLog make sure you have read and understood how to configure CAT in VQLog.

Available CAT Definition Files, ONLY for VQLog 3.1 (build 58) or later:


FT-736R (see *1), FT-747GX , FT-991FT-3000

Available CAT Definition Files, ONLY for VQLog 3.1 (build 53) or later:

Yaesu: FT-450, FT-890, FT-900, FT-950, FT-1000 , FT-2000, FT-DX5000MP , FT-DX9000

Available CAT Definition Files for VQLog 3.0 and 3.1:

Kenwood: R-5000, TS-50 , TS-140S , TS-440, TS-450, TS-480, TS-570D, TS-570S, TS-590S, TS-590SG , TS-690, TS-711, TS-790, TS-811, TS-850, TS-870S, TS-940, TS-950, TS-950SDX, TS-990, TS-2000

Icom: IC-275, IC-575, IC-703, IC-706, IC-706MKII, IC-706MKIIG, IC-718, IC-725, IC-728, IC-729, IC-735, IC-736, IC-737, IC-738, IC-746, IC-746PRO, IC-751AIC-756, IC-756PRO, IC-756PROII, IC-756PROIII, IC-761, IC-775, IC-775DSP, IC-820, IC-821, IC-910H, IC-970 (A/E/H), IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7300 , IC-7400, IC-7410, IC-7600 , IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7850, IC-7851, IC-9100, IC-R10  

Yaesu: FT-817, FT-847, FT-857, FT-897, FT-920, FT-990, FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP Mark-V

Elecraft: K2, K3

FlexRadio: Any SDR FlexRadio rig using PowerSDR   (See the FAQ page for detailed information)

Ten Tec: Omni VI plus   (See the FAQ page for detailed information)

Copyright notice: These CDF files are intended to be used only with VQLog program. Their direct or indirect use in other programs or the extraction of their contents for other purposes is strictly forbidden and will be prosecuted

How to use these CDF?

  1. Download the file corresponding to your rig, by clicking on its link above.

  2. Unzip it and place the extracted .MDB file into the \CAT subfolder of VQLog in your hard disk.

  3. Run VQLog, go to "Configuration - Rig control (CAT)" and select it in the "Parameter file" list box.

  4. Make sure you have read and understood how to configure CAT in VQLog.

If you are a registered user and need a CDF for other rigs please contact VQLog's support and I will do my best to develop it in a short time, but please read the following considerations first:

Also, if you notice some wrong behaviour in the CDF of your rig then contact VQLog's support with detailed information on the problem.

(*1) The FT-736R does not allow bidirectional communications. Once the CAT system is enabled you can only control the rig from the computer. The tuning knob and other buttons of the rig are blocked. This is the way Yaesu implemented the CAT in this rig.

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