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10 reasons to choose VQLog

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  1. You can import QSO from almost any other logbook or contest program, either using the build-in utilities for direct importation or using a simple two-step procedure. You can even import your own MS-Access, dBase, etc. files. Changing to a new logbook has never been so easy ! (See the FAQ for more information on importation)
  2. VQLog is the cheapest commercial logbook program currently available. Nearly 8,000 hours of work time has been spent to develop the program, and you can get it for a little money !!
  3. With most other programs you have to pay for every new update. When you register VQLog you get the right to download from Internet ALL new versions for a period of two years !! (Usually 2 updates per year) 
  4. Another distinctive feature is the customer technical support. When you become a registered user you get the right to receive personal technical support by E-Mail directly from the author and for lifetime. My compromise is that all inquiries will be answered usually in less than 24 h, and never in more than 48 h !!  Which other program can offer this support ? Simply NONE !!
  5. VQLog is made based on the suggestions of users. If you miss something please let me know and I will be glad to take it into account for future versions.
  6. Complete integration with Windows. VQLog is a true 32 bit Windows program with an extremely user-friendly and easy to use interface. This means that if you know how to use a Windows application you already know how to use VQLog. Don't waste your time learning how to use a new program, use your time on radio !

  7. The powerful and configurable summaries and graphical statistics are one of the key features of the program. Run them on the set of records you wish and get the results on the screen, a WEB page, a map, in a file or send them to the printer.
  8. Use the external program interface to make VQLog work together with other programs and process DX-spots, turn the antenna automatically, access the Callbook CD, control your rigs, etc.
  9. If you are a DX'er active on 50 MHz and up bands you will not find any other program with so many features VHF specific (tracking of grid squares, modes of propagation, VHF awards?.).  Anyway, these features are optional and can be disabled if you plan to use it only for HF logging.

  10. And finally, if someday in the future you decide to change to another logbook program you will not have any trouble to move your QSO to it. VQLog has been designed from the beginning with an open architecture in mind. The use of standard MS-Access format databases and its multiple options of exporting the data in ADIF format (Amateur Data Interchange Format) guarantee that you will be able to smoothly move your data to almost any other logbook whenever you want.
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