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Language plug-ins

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VQLog's standard setup supports English, Spanish and Catalan languages, and starting at version 2.1c it can also accept additional language plugin files for changing the texts of the program.

These plugin files are not developed or maintained by me, but by volunteers who can take over the task of translating all the texts to their own languages. If you have any comments/corrections to the translation please contact directly its developer.

Available languages for VQLog 3.1:

Available languages for VQLog 3.0, 3.0A & 3.0B:

Available languages for VQLog 2.3, 2.3a and 2.3B :

Currently there are no more plugins available, but some of them are expected very soon. Subscribe to DXMAPS.COM / VQLOG.COM RSS Feeds if you want to be informed when they become available.

Please notice that these language files should be used only for their associated version of VQLog. If you try to use an older language file on a newer version of the program then new texts will appear in English and some other texts can be wrong.

Interested in translating VQLog to your own language ? Then read the instructions.

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