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This is just an small extract of user's opinions about VQLog I have received by E-Mail. If you are one of these users and don't want your comment to be placed here just send me an E-Mail and I will remove it at once. 

(You can also visit two independent reviews sites: eHam.net and eQSL.cc)

Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your software. I'm using it for my 432 and 1296 EME contacts. You did a super job. Thanks. Les, KU4F

I would like to tell you that you have a really great log. I looked for a long time until I found your version. Really having a great time with it. Can't wait to use it on field day!
Joe, W0IXE

It is with utmost pleasure that I have to tell you I enjoy the 2.2 version fantastically. Not that I have much experience, but especially because of it, I find it so user friendly and complete that I felt my pleasant duty to thank you once more for this piece of software.
Alex, 4Z5KS

Just wanted to let you know that I have and use many logging programs, but VQ Log is by far my favorite. Thanks and keep up the good work. Jere Houser, W4MOW

Thanks to your support I solved the problem and I am back in business without any loss of information.
This is the fastest and best tech assistance I have ever received from anyone.
73 es DX de Gene KO7T.

 I have just downloaded the patch and have installed it.  This is excellent Gabriel, thanks for your time to sort this problem out. I use VQLog every day and keep finding new parts to the program, I have not come across any other problems.  Thanks again for the new patch and all works 100%.
Regards. John GM7PBB

For logging contacts I am now using the VQLog 2.1c which I would like to recommend to the Amateur Radio World, It's the best I have tried in years ( And believe me I've tried loads) I wish I'd come across it sooner! Gabriel EA6VQ is very helpful, I have been in contact with him on two occasions.

Thank for your help, and I want to say that I am very happy with your program. For me is the best I have used and I am sure that with all these improvements you have made it will be the best for us the VHF DXr's. Regards.
EB5EEO. IM98pg .Vicente

Many thanks for the support. QSL printing is working ok now.
73 gl de George, DF7RG

FANTASTIC , many thanks for help for label print. This log is really super.
73's Berti - HB9SLO

Thank you for fast reply and info. I was very impressed by your service.
tnx es vy 73. Peter OE1AZU

I restored the database like you advised and everything is working fine Thanks for pointing me in the right direction so quickly. The program is a good one and i have told many to buy it from you. Im sure you will see many hams from the Long Island area making the purchase from you soon. 
73 OM , Pete KC2HLI

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