Frequently asked questions about DXMAPS.COM 3.0 propagation maps
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Q) Maps are not shown / Maps are not updating automatically. What can I do?

A) First of all, make sure that Javascript is enabled for DXMAPS.COM in your browser.  Second, check the configuration of your Internet explorer and clear the cache (Internet temporary files). Sometimes can also help pressing the keys Ctrl+F5 (Shift+Command+R in MAC) to force a full reload.

Q) Why some callsigns are shown in different colours (blue, green, black....)?

A) The colour of the callsigns indicates the source of the information for a given report:

Additionally you will see some callsigns remarked on a yellow background (like XX0XX).  These are the DXMAPS supporter users. This is, users who are contributing to keep the server running.

Q) I'm not interested in WSPR, RB and APRS spots. How to do it to view only human made reports?
Q) I'm not interested in FM-SWL spots. How to do it to view only amateur radio reports?

A) Simply tick the "Only DX-Cluster" option.

Q) Can I see a listing of the contacts, instead of a map?

A) Yes. Simply select the "List" tab at the top-left corner of the maps.  You can also select "Graph" to get a band-scope view.

Q) Why the DX-spots I sent from DXMAPS are not shown?

A) That could be done for a good number of reasons. First of all you have to understand that when you send a DX-Spot from DXMAPS pages, it is not directly incorporated to the database, but sent to the DX-Cluster network.  When that spot is received back from DX-Cluster, as all spots from other stations, is analyzed by a sophisticated routine that filters out spots that apparently are not real spots.  You would be amazed to know that more than 25% of spots flowing thought the DX-Cluster are not reporting a QSO, but are the result of misusing the network to cheer each other, ask questions, complain about something, etc.   There are also many spots which frequency is clearly wrong, or that the spotted grid square is outside the boundaries of the country of the reported station, etc.

Reports below a certain distance threshold are also discarded, as they are not considered DX.  The minimum distance depends on the band.

Some basic rules to make sure your spots are not filtered out:

  1. Don't write useless comments.  Texts like "Hello" or "Please" for instance will possibly lead your spot to be filtered out as it will not be considered the report of a QSO.
  2. Make sure that your grid square/locator is correct in the callbook
  3. Make sure that the reported data (callsign, frequency, grid square, etc.) are all correct.

Q) Is there an historical record of the maps and QSO?

A) Yes. You can query the database and and also look at former 2m animated sporadic-E maps.

Q) When I put a comment it shows both locators then my comment. How do I eliminate the locators from my comments?

A) Locators are the most important information you can add when sending a spot, as it shows the exact location of the stations, and allow DXMAPS to make the calculations. I don't understand any reason why you would like to eliminate the locators, but if that is really so important for you and you want to take the risk that your spot could be filtered out you can always send an unformatted spot.

Q) The service is free, but how is it funded?  Can I make a donation to contribute keeping the service up and being improved in the future?

A) Yes, the service is free and it will continue being free. However it requires hiring a powerful dedicated server and high speed Internet connection, with an approximate cost of US $250 per month.  This cost is covered thanks to the donations of supporter users and to the advertising.  If you like the service please consider some kind of donation.

Q)  What are the little red dots that I sometimes see on the lines?

A) They mark the estimated ground reflection points in multi-hop sporadic-E paths. They are only an estimate based on the geometry and as such should be interpreted.

Q)  What are the blue lines that appears across the world maps?

A) They are the geomagnetic equator and tropics. An interesting reference for north-south and TEP propagation. If you don't want to see it you can disable it in the Layer options.

Q) How can I post FM DX spots?

A) Please use FMLIST to report the received FM station on-line. As soon as you spot it there it will be also shown in DXMAPS maps.

Alternatively you can also use DXMAPS form to spot FM stations, but in that case you will have to indicate the Locator of the spotted station, so that the system can locate it.

Q)  Can I post VOR spots?

A) Yes, simply use the format VOR/xxx (being xxx the callsign of the VOR).  If you don't know the Locator of the VOR leave that box blank and the system will try to take it from the VOR database. This is an example of how to spot VOR CDP (Capdepera) on 112.900 MHz.

Q)  I have an AIS receiving station. Can I post AIS spots?

A) Yes, simply download the AIS DX Aggregator program that will automatically upload AIS DX spots to DXMAPS.

Q)  I have an APRS station. Can I report the DX reception of APRS stations?

A) Yes, simply download the APRS DX Aggregator program that will automatically upload APRS DX spots to DXMAPS.

Q)  I use WSJT-X for JT65 and JT9 modes. Can I automatically send DX-Spots to DXMAPS?

A) Yes, simply download the WSJT DX Aggregator program that will automatically upload DX spots to DXMAPS.

Q)  Sometimes the maps cover the last hour, but sometimes only the last minutes. Why does this happen? Can I configure it?

A) In order to keep the maps readable the number of QSO lines visible at a certain time on a certain map has to be restricted to 300.  Showing more QSO lines would end up in an unreadable and useless map.  If the number of visible contacts/reports is 300 or less then the map will cover the last hour. Otherwise the time span shown will correspond with the most recent 300 contacts/reports.

Take into account that, specially in the most popular HF bands, it is not unusual to have more than 100 QSO reported per minute, specially through the Reverse Beacon network, so it could happen that if you don't apply some kind of filtering you only see the contacts/reports of the last 2 or 3 minutes.  In those cases you should consider filtering by "DX-Cluster only", or by some mode, or restrict the map to a regional area.

Q)  When a click on the tab of a regional map (Europe, North America, etc) it does not show that region. Why?
Q)  When a click on the tab of a regional map (Europe, North America, etc) it does not show the same area that in older versions. Why?

A) When you first select a regional map it will show the default area coverage and zoom level for that area, but if you drag or zoom the map (even outside the original region) those settings will be preserved and the next time you click on that regional map tab you will see the latest coverage and zoom level you had selected.  This is done on purpose so that every user can choose the exact boundaries and zoom level he wants for a each region.

You can right click on the map a select the "Restore default map/zoom" option to restore that map to its original view.

Q)  When a select some of the show/hide options in the right-click menu, the option is not preserved and when I change of map I have to select it again. Is this a bug?

A) The show/hide options in the menu that appear when you right-click on the map are only for temporary use.  You have to select it in the corresponding option lists on top of the maps so that it is preserved.

Q)  Options are lost.  When I access the site I have to configure the options I like every time.  Why does this happen?

A) Please notice that if you are normally accessing DXMAPS using a favourite/maker/bookmark in your Internet Browser you MUST updated it.

Some of the parameters passed in the URL for accessing version 2.8 will force the default values of the configuration options of version 3.0.  This happens because version 3.0 has much more configuration options.

In version 3.0 click the "heart" icon at the right of the title to create the correct link to the corresponding new page,  Then update you bookmarks or create new ones.

If you access DXMAPS using the new URL format and your internet browser preserves cookies between navigation sessions then ALL configured option will be kept.

It is IMPORTANT to take into account that simply navigating always to (without any parameter after that) you will get exactly to the map/band/options you had in the previous navigation session, so saving a long URL with all those parameters it is no longer required for 99% of us, and in fact it can be counterproductive.

Q)  Is there some tutorial on how to use DXMAPS?

A) You can read the user manual.



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8 user comments

#8 - nd6m - 29/Apr/2016 - 14:47
Same here, I can not log in using CHROME.

I can login using a different browser

#7 - N0SAP - 24/Apr/2016 - 23:50
I can log in however when I return to the maps it says I need to log in. When I return to the log in procedure I still see my call as logged in. Is this do to Internet Explorer or FireFox upgrades are not compatiable? Tnks, SAP

#6 - wb7uzo - 12/Sep/2015 - 20:34
I have no luck posting spots under 100 miles. Is that part of the program for dx.

Thank You

#5 - WF7BSR - 18/Jun/2015 - 01:47
I posted a spot, and your map shows me being in the very NE part of the USA and I am in DM43...and yes everything was enetered correctly for the spot, and my account indicates my correct grid, etc. -- why is it putting me in the wrong spot on the map, and listed wrong grid indicators when I enter a spot?

#4 - KC3DWC - 27/Nov/2014 - 16:05
Every time I login, I see everyone else call sign but I don't see mine. Is there something else I need to do?

#3 - KC3DWC - 21/Nov/2014 - 23:10
I have been trying to join the group, but it asks for a 4 letter locator. I live in Silver Spring Maryland right outside of Washington DC. What letters or numbers do I need to enter.


#2 - jim - 05/Aug/2013 - 14:41
I run DXMAPS on two seperate computers. on one , if I click on a fillin space (like "Freq", it will show a popup with previous freqs for me to select by clicking on it.
on the other computer this auto fill doesn't happen and I have to manually insert any info into the box. is this normal? both are running Ver 2.4 ND6M

#1 - jim - 05/Aug/2013 - 14:40
I run DXMAPS on two seperate computers. on one , if I click on a fillin space (like "Freq", it will show a popup with previous freqs for me to select by clicking on it.
on the other computer this auto fill doesn't happen and I have to manually insert any info into the box. is this normal? both are running Ver 2.4 ND6M

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