Information about DXMAPS.COM Ads blocking warning
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DXMAPS is a free non-commercial site, funded through user donations and Google advertising. Without them the site would simply not exist.

If you are a regular user of DXMAPS you are kindly requested to become a supporter user or at least view the advertising.

If you have some kind of Ad blocker plugin / software that is preventing Google ads from being shown, then you will get a yellow warning message asking you to disable the Ad blocking for DXMAPS.COM service.

Some software that often cause the blocking of ads: AdBlock Plus, uBlock, MalwareBytes, AdBlock, etc.

If after enabling Ads for DXMAPS.COM in your Ad blocking software you still get the yellow warning message, that means without doubt that there is something else in your system that is also causing the blocking.  It can be another software, the antivirus program, a modified HOST file or some configuration of your Internet browser. You also have more information about Ad blocking at Wikipedia.

In Firefox, you must disable Enhanced Tracking Protection for

In older versions of Firefox, go to the configuration options (type about:preferences#privacy in the address bar) and then in "Privacy and Security - Tracking protection"  make sure that the "Use Tracking Protection to block know trackers" option is set to "Only in private windows" or "Never"


In Chrome, make sure that the the ad settings (type chrome://settings/content/ads in the address bar) are not preventing ads from being shown.  More information.

If you use Bitdefender Anti-Tracker, you should also add and to the exceptions.

If you use the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension in your browser, you should also add and to the exceptions or disable that extension.

Look at the browser's console window:  If after trying all the steps mentioned above you are still getting the yellow warning then it means that there is still some software or configuration option that is preventing Google ads from being viewed.  In order to possibly get more information about who is causing the blocking you can have a look at the browser's console window while loading the DXMAPS page and see if any warnings are shown there that could give you some clue.

For most browser follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. While viewing the DXMAPS page, press the Ctrl+Shift+i keys in order to start the Developer tools and then select the "Console" tab/option.
  3. Press the F5 key to force the reload of DXMAPS page
  4. The console window will be filled with information about the page load and hopefully it will show some indication that could be helpful to determine what is causing the blocking of ads.

The layout can be slightly different from one browser to another, but the concept is the same.


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