Configuring Internet Explorer / Browser for
automatic update of the maps

If the QSO real time maps don't refresh automatically in your Internet Explorer / WEB browser you should try forcing it to update the page elements each time the page is loaded.  Here you have how to it with MS Internet Explorer.


It could also happen that some images have been wrongly cached and then you will have to clear the local cache (temporary internet files) of your Internet Explorer / Browser.  You can find in the following links more information on how to clear the cache:

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6 user comments

#6 - DG9BEB - 07/Aug/2011 - 19:05
gut 73

#5 - LA7DFA - 09/May/2011 - 12:24
I dont know how to autorefresh the map in my Android pad.

At present I use "WEB reloader" to reload the page every 3 minutes. Hope this does not create too much load :}

#4 - bob/kd7yz - 03/May/2011 - 18:20
Firefox 4.01 does not Auto-Refresh. So exactly which "settings" do you suggest we change to make it refresh? I seem to have everything "allowed" on the map page.

#3 - Gabriel / EA6VQ - 12/Mar/2011 - 17:44
It refresh OK in Fireforx. If it does not refresh for you then it is a matter of your configuration. Check it.

#2 - Keith VE5HKC - 12/Mar/2011 - 01:51
Page will not refresh in Firefox

#1 - Ken/M1SLH - 21/Jul/2010 - 07:10
Hello, Any idea how to get automatic refresh working in Firefox 3.6 ?


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