Camino de Santiago (French Way)
FSX Flight Plan and Scenery

At the bottom of this page you will find the download links of this Flight Plan (.PLN file) and Scenery with the milestones following the French Way of the Camino de Santiago.

The French Way begins at  Saint Jean Pied de Port (France) and it is 770 km (416 nm) long.

In this VFR - GPS Flight Plan we'll take off from Bayonne-Anglet airport  (LFBZ), take a direct route to Saint Jean Pied de Port and from there overfly the whole French Way to Santiago de Compostela where we'll land in the Santiago airport (LEST).  Recommended minimum cruise level is 6000 feet in order no to crash with any of the many mountains in the way, but of course that is up to you.

Find below a short extract and screenshots of the main points of the route. In this sample flight I have used the Bombardier Learjet 45 with which the complete flight took 1 hour and 25 minutes. No ATC was used.

Ready to take off at runway 27 of the Bayonne-Anglet airport. Right after takeoff we should turn round to intercept the GPS route and start GPS navigation from there.


After a few minutes we overfly Saint Jean Pied de Port where the way begins.  If the recommended scenery is being used we'll already see the first milestones.


Soon we'll be crossing the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, then Roncesvalles.


The way through the city of Pamplona, with its airport (LEPP) on the left


Now overflying LogroƱo (La Rioja). LERJ airport is not far away to the left.


And now leaving behind the city of Burgos and its airport (LEBG)


Overflying the city of Leon and its airport (LEON)


Getting closer to Ponferrada


The way goes by O Cebreiro, the gate to Galicia.


The Camino de Santiago curiously crosses very close to the beginning of runway 17 of Santiago airport, that is some km away from the the city.


And finally we have got to Santiago de Compostela.  Now we only have to proceed to the approach to the airport.  The Flight Plan will take us to align with runway 35. If you want to make an ILS approach its frequency is 111.500 and a good level for intercepting the ILS glide slope is 2800 feet. Of course you can also find and set the frequency using the GPS.


Alignment with the runway and final approach.


Landed in LEST and now it's time to visit Santiago de Compostela.

You can download for free this Flight Plan and the scenery (if you want to see the milestones) but only for your own private use. It is strictly forbidden to share them or publish them in other sites, forums, newsgroups or in any other way .   You are encouraged to share and publish links to this page (HTTP:// only , but not links to the files themselves.

For a more realistic flight experience in Spain you might also want to use the Spain Photoscenary and the AirHispania SCX sceneries.


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Disclaimer: These instructions are intended to be used only for MS Flight Simulator X and should not be used for real flights.

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