Tour around Africa: Stage 20 - Tripoli (HLLT) to In Amenas (DAUZ)
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In this VFR - GPS Flight Plan we take off from the airport of Tripoli (HLLT) [Libya] and land in the Airport of In Amenas (DAUZ) [Algeria], flying first southwest to Ghadames and then south. This a long stage with hundreds of miles flying over a never-ending desert!

Find below a short extract and screenshots of the main points of the route. In this journey around Africa I have used the Cessna 172S (Skyhawk)

Take off from Tripoli airport in an clear day.

This was an international airport built to serve Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. The airport is located in the area of Qasr bin Ghashir, 24 kilometres (15 mi) from central Tripoli. It used to be the hub for Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways, and Buraq Air.

The airport has been closed intermittently since 2011 and as of early 2018, flights to and from Tripoli have been using Mitiga International Airport instead.

As part of the 2014 Libyan Civil War, the airport was heavily damaged in the Battle of Tripoli Airport.The airport reopened for limited commercial use in July 2017.In April 2019, however, it was reported that Mitiga had become the last functioning airport in Tripoli during the 2019–20 Western Libya campaign.It was soon acknowledged that the ruling Government of National Accord (GNA) had bombed the airport in order to recapture it from the Libyan National Army (LNA).Mitiga was soon shut down as well after being bombed by the LNA,thus making the Misrata Airport, located approximately 200 km (125 miles) to the east down the coast, the nearest airport for Tripoli residents. (*1)

Flying to the SW straight to Ghadames

Soon we enter the desert, that will be our companion for the rest of the flight.

Flying near Bir al-Ghanam

Bir al-Ghanam (Arabic: بئر الغنم‎) is a town in western Libya. It is located south of Zawiya. It was the site of several battles during the Libyan Civil War. It was occupied by anti-Gaddafi forces on 7 August, just a few weeks before they entered Tripoli. (*1)

Terrain raises when approaching Taredya

The flat desert stretches as far as the eye can see

More and more desert all around...

The flight path takes to briefly cross the Tunisian border.

And little after we enter back Libya while overflying the Hilalia salt lake.

Some civilization at last! Here overflying the town of Ghadames.  Notice the small aerodrome with dirt track at the bottom left of the photo.

Ghadames or Ghadamis (Arabic: غدامس‎, Libyan vernacular: ɣdāməs, Latin: Cidamus, Cydamus, Italian: Gadames) is an oasis Berber town in the Nalut District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya.

The indigenous language of Ghadames is Ghadamès, a Berber language.

Ghadamès, known as 'the pearl of the desert', stands in an oasis. It is one of the oldest pre-Saharan cities and an outstanding example of a traditional settlement. Its domestic architecture is characterized by a vertical division of functions: the ground floor used to store supplies; then another floor for the family, overhanging covered alleys that create what is almost an underground network of passageways; and, at the top, open-air terraces reserved for the women. (*1)

Now flying to the south here we enter Algeria over the omnipresent desert.

Sun is setting and it seems we won't reach the destination, that is still 80 NM away, before dark.

The last rays of sun

The lights of the airport and the town of In Amenas

In Amenas (Arabic: إن أمناس‎, ‘In ’Amanās) is a town and commune in eastern Algeria, bordering with Libya. The town is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) west of the border. There is no border crossing in the area. The municipality had 7,385 inhabitants in 2008, up from 5.302 in 1998, with an annual growth rate of 3.4%. According to the Algerian novelist Mouloud Mammeri the name is a Tuareg word which means "lieu des méharis" or "place of camel drivers."

The natural gas facility near the municipality was attacked by Islamist militants in January 2013. (*1)

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(*1) Credits: The descriptive texts are mainly an excerpt of those provided by Wikipedia. Visit Wikipedia to read the full descriptions.

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