Tour around Africa: Stage 21 - In Amenas (DAUZ) to Sabha (HLLS)
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In this VFR - GPS Flight Plan we take off from the airport of In Amenas (DAUZ) [Algeria] and flight direct to the airport of Sabha (HLLS) [Libya], flying over hundreds of miles of inhabited desert terrain.

Find below a short extract and screenshots of the main points of the route. In this journey around Africa I have used the Cessna 172S (Skyhawk)

Take off from runway 5 of the In Amenas airport in an clear afternoon.

In Amenas Airport, also called Zarzaitine Airport (IATA: IAM, ICAO: DAUZ), is an airport serving In Amenas, a town in the Illizi Province of southeastern Algeria. It is located 4.6 nautical miles (9 km) east of In Aménas.

In 2007, the airport handled 145,070 passengers and had 3,627 aircraft movements.  (*1)

After taking eastward we begin overflying the desert that will be the only landscape we'll see during the whole stage.

Flying over the sand dunes.

More desert about half the way to Sabha

Getting closer to our destination the dunes become reddish as the sun goes down.

Approaching the city of Sabha and its airport where we'll land in the runway 13.

Sabha, or Sebha /ˈsɛb.hɑː/ (Arabic: سبها‎ Sabhā), is an oasis city in southwestern Libya, approximately 640 kilometres (400 mi) south of Tripoli. It was historically the capital of the Fezzan region and the Military Territory of Fezzan-Ghadames and is now capital of the Sabha District. Sabha Air Base, south of the city, is a Libyan Air Force installation that is home to multiple MiG-25 aircraft.

Sabha was where the erstwhile ruler of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, grew up and received secondary education and where he also later became involved in political activism. After the Libyan Civil War and the resultant instability in the country, Sabha reportedly grew in importance as a slave auctioning town. However, an investigation by the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) revealed that while there was illegal slavery, reports were exaggerated, as slave auctions were rare and not made public. The city was later seized by forces loyal to the Libyan National Army (LNA) and its leader Khalifa Haftar in January 2019, but some politicians in the area switched their loyalty to the Government of National Accord (GNA) in May 2020.   (*1)

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(*1) Credits: The descriptive texts are mainly an excerpt of those provided by Wikipedia. Visit Wikipedia to read the full descriptions.

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