First ever QSO from EA9 via satellite
Last update on 10/07/2016
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This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked from EA9 (Ceuta & Melilla). I know the list may be is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSO not listed here or any additional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your collaboration !

Important: Only legal QSO between stations properly authorized by the government of their respective countries will be listed here. 

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I have just started collecting data. Please send me your infos of first QSO

Satellite Firsts from EA9 (Ceuta & Melilla)

DXCC Country Callsign EA9-Callsign Date UTC Satellite Source
DL Germany DJ1QT EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 11:23 RS-10/11 EA9IB
EA Spain EA4CMV EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 20:38 RS-10/11 EA9IB
EA8 Canary Is. EB8BTV EA9IB 12-Oct-1995 13:08 RS-10/11 EA9IB
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EB9KE EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 22:16 RS-10/11 EA9IB
EI Ireland EI7GL EA9AI 12-Mar-1995 23:16 RS-10 EI7GL
F France FF1NZH EA9IB 13-Jun-1991 11:48 RS-10/11 EA9IB
G England G8ATE EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 20:34 RS-10/11 EA9IB
GM Scotland GM1POA EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 22:24 RS-10/11 EA9IB
GW Wales GW7LDI EA9IB 19-Oct-1995 21:03 RS-10/11 EA9IB
HA Hungary HA1SE EA9AI 1-Oct-1995 22:35 RS-10/11 HA1SE
HB9 Switzerland HB9DFP EA9IB 12-Nov-1995 09:17 RS-10/11 EA9IB
I Italy IK2GWH EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 22:14 RS-10/11 EA9IB
K USA WK3I EA9IB 16-Dic-1995 18:35 RS-10/11 EA9IB
OE Austria OE6XHF EA9IB 18-Aug-1995 13:30 RS-10/11 EA9IB
OM Slovakia OM7AQ EA9IB 15-Dec-1995 12:46 RS-10/11 EA9IB
ON Belgium ON1LKF EA9IB 8-Jan-1996 22:47 RS-10/11 EA9IB
OZ Denmark OZ4NEW EA9IB 17-Dic-1995 22:48 RS-10/11 EA9IB
PA Nederland PA0FM EA9IB 12-Jun-1991 13:07 RS-10/11 EA9IB
SM Sweeden SM6DJE EA9IB 22-Oct-1995 13:00 RS-10/11 EA9IB
SP Poland SP7TEC EA9IB 12-Apr-2001 18:59 RS-10/11 EA9IB
SV Greece SV1OH EA9PB 1-Sep-1997 16:24 RS-12 SV1OH
VE Canada VE9AA EA9IB 16-Dec-1995 18:36 RS-10/11 EA9IB
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