First ever QSO from EA6 via Satellite
Last update on 08/03/2020
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This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked from EA6 (Balearic Isl.). I know the list may be is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSO not listed here or any additional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your collaboration !

Important: Only legal QSO between stations properly authorized by the government of their respective countries will be listed here. 

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I have just started collecting data and this table is still mainly based on my own log. 
Please send me your infos of former QSO

Satellite Firsts from EA6 (Balearic Isl.)

DXCC Country Callsign EA6-Callsign Date UTC Satellite Source
3B8 Mauritius 3B8FA EA6VQ 5-May-2019 15:52 QO-100 EA6VQ
4J Azerbaijan UD6DE EA6VQ 12-Oct-1985 12:42 RS-7 EA6VQ
9J Zambia 9J2LA EA6VQ 8-Mar-2020 15:55 QO-100 EA6VQ
9M2 West Malaysia 9M2CQC EA6VQ 5-May-2019 16:02 QO-100 EA6VQ
9Q Zaire 9Q5EE EA6VQ 6-Jan-1990 11:20 AO-13 EA6VQ
A7 Qatar A75GR EA6VQ 12-May-2019 15:15 QO-100 EA6VQ
A9 Bahrain A92GR EA6VQ 15-May-2019 18:51 QO-100 EA6VQ
DL Germany DB2FB EA6BW 17-Sep-1976 19:15 AO-7 DM2FB
E7 Bosnia-Herzegovina E71DX EA6VQ 19-May-2019 21:16 QO-100 EA6VQ
EA Spain EA1NU EA6VQ 1-May-1985 18:05 RS-8 EA6VQ
EA6 Balearic Isl. EA6QJ EA6VQ 14-Dec-1989 ? AO-13 EA6VQ
EA8 Canary Isl. EB8AYA EA6VQ 15-Apr-2001 16:25 AO-10 EA6VQ
EI Ireland EI6GF EA6VQ 4-Sep-1986 18:13 RS-7 EA6VQ
F France FC1ERG EA6SX 21-Feb.1988 04:21 RS-11 EA6SX
G England G6MKY EA6VQ 4-Sep-1986 16:06 RS-7 EA6VQ
GM Scotland GM6RGN EA6VQ 4-Sep-1986 16:00 RS-7 EA6VQ
GW Wales GW1MNC AM6VQ 16-Aug-1992 10:18 AO-13 EA6VQ
HA Hungary HG2RI EA6VQ 14-Jan-1990 09:34 AO-10 EA6VQ
HB9 Switzerland HB9SBP EA6VQ 5-Jan-1986 19:23 RS-7 EA6VQ
HS Thailand HS0AJ EA6VQ 13-May-2019 15:54 QO-100 EA6VQ
HZ Saudi Arabia HZ1FI EA6VQ 14-Jun-2019 17:00 QO-100 EA6VQ
I Italy I2SRR EA6VQ 1-May-1985 19:55 RS-7 EA6VQ
JA Japan JA0BBW EA6VQ 6-Dec-1989 20:44 AO-13 EA6VQ
K U.S.A. K9IFO EA6VQ 29-Nov-1989 ? AO-13 EA6VQ
KP4 Puerto Rico KP4EKG EA6VQ 6-Apr-1990 22:35 AO-13 EA6VQ
LA Norway LA6QBA/P EA6SX 21-Feb-1988 06:15 RS-11 EA6SX
LX Luxembourg LX2LA AM6VQ 16-Aug-1992 09:42 AO-13 EA6VQ
OE Austria OE3WQB EA6VQ 2-May-1985 18:55 RS-8 EA6VQ
OH Finland OH3OZ EA6VQ 1-Dec-1989 17:20 AO-13 EA6VQ
OK Czechoslovakia OK1ZDM EA6VQ 29-Nov-1989 19:47 AO-13 EA6VQ
OM Slovak Rep OM7AQ EA6SA 8-Feb-1997 22:50 RS-10 OM7AQ
ON Belgium ON1ACN EA6VQ 3-Dec-1989 15:20 AO-10 EA6VQ
OZ Denmark OZ1BUR EA6VQ 25-Dec-1986 18:20 RS-5 EA6VQ
PA Netherlands PE1ISP EA6VQ 25-Dec-1986 19:09 RS-7 EA6VQ
PY Brazil PR8KW EA6VQ 5-May-2019 1515 QO-100 EA6VQ
PY0 St.Peter&St.Paul ZY0SAT EA6VQ 12-Abr-2001 18:59 AO-10 EA6VQ
S5 Slovenia S53J EA6VQ 13-Abr-2001 17:29 AO-10 EA6VQ
S7 Seychelles S79RN EA6VQ 14-Abr-2001 17:22 AO-10 EA6VQ
SM Sweden SM7BYU EA6VQ 17-Aug-1986 08:40 RS-7 EA6VQ
SP Poland SP6ASD EA6VQ 28-Nov-1989 18:57 AO-10 EA6VQ
ST Sudan ST2NH EA6VQ 19-Oct-2006 1521 FO-29 EA6VQ
SV Greece SV1OH EA6TQ 28-Mar-1993 14:41 AO-13 SV1OH
TK Corsica TK5JJ/P EA6VQ 12-May-2019 15:27 QO-100 EA6VQ
UA European Russia UW6MA EA6VQ 5-Jan-1986 17:25 RS-7 EA6VQ
UA2 Kaliningrad UA2F/DK2ZF AM6VQ 9-Jul-1992 17:23 AO-13 EA6VQ
UA9 Assiatic Russia RW9UR  EA6SX 21-Feb-1988 04:22 RS-11 EA6SX
UR Ukraine RB5TW EA6SX 21-Feb-1988 06:02 RS-11 EA6SX
VE Canada VE3EOG EA6VQ 6-Apr-1990 22:54 AO-13 EA6VQ
VK Australia VK3XDQ EA6SA 15-Mar-1995 05:37 AO-10 VK3XDQ
VU India VU2PEP EA6VQ 9-Jun-2019 16:55 QO-100 EA6VQ
YI Iraq YI3WHR EA6VQ 21-Jun.2019 18:34 QO-100 EA6VQ
YO Romania YO2IS EA6AU 17-Nov-1977 09:25 AO-7 YO2IS
XE Mexico XE1GRR EA6/DK2ZF 9-Oct-2003 07:58 AO-40 XE1GRR
ZS South Africa ZS6GS EA6VQ 13-Jan-1990 10:04 AO-10 EA6VQ

(Deleted entities in brown)

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