First ever QSO from EA8 on the VHF-UHF bands
Last update on 24/02/2020
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This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked from EA8 (Canary Islands). I know the list may be is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSO not listed here or any additional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your collaboration !

Important: Only legal QSO between stations properly authorized by the government of their respective countries will be listed here. Also, due to the bizarre situation of the SHF bands (23 cm. and up) in Spain (No licenses were given by the administration for many years) and in order to avoid conflicts, I will not list QSO made on these bands for know.

50 MHz QSO: Some people is claiming QSO on 6 meters with stations portable in EA before July-1992. Please notice that all these QSO are not valid, as those stations didn't have permission to operate in Spain on 50 MHz. The first licenses to operate on this band were given to a bunch of EA's around 10/11 July 1992, using the special prefix EH. After mid June-2006 the use of this band was open to all stations (including foreign CEPT2 licenses), no longer being required to request a special license or use the EH prefix.

50 MHz Firsts
70 MHz Firsts
144 MHz Firsts
432 MHz Firsts

Other firsts from EA, EA6 & EA9

I need more infos from other EA8's....can someone help me?

50 MHz. Firsts from EA8 (Canary Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA8-Callsign Date UTC Source
1A0 S.O.of Malta 1A0KM EH8BYR 30-Jul-2000 13:24 IK0FTA
3B8 Mauritius 3B8MM EA8DBM 3-Apr-2014 19:20 EA8DBM
3B9 Rodriguez Is. 3B9FR EA8DBM 16-Apr-2015 15:56 EA8DBM
3X Guinea 3XY5M EA8DBM 26-Mar-2015 20:43 EA8DBM
4L Georgia 4L1AN EA8DBM 1-Jun-2015 16:09 EA8DBM
4O Montenegro 4O3A EA8DBM 18-Jul-2013 08:55 EA8DBM
4U1ITU ITU 4U1ITU EA8DBM 25-May-2014 16:00 EA8DBM
5A Lybia 5A1AL EA8DBM 26-Jun-2016 12:08 EA8DBM
5H Tanzania 5H3EE EA8DBM 20-Mar-2015 18:01 EA8DBM
5R Madagascar 5R8M EA8DBM 25-Oct-2014 16:49 EA8DBM
5V Togo 5V7DV EA8DBM 9-Mar-2014 21:42 EA8DBM
5Z Kenya 5Z0L EA8DBM 26-May-2015 19:14 EA8DBM
6W Senegal 6W7JX EA8DBM 12-Nov-2013 21:08 EA8DBM
6Y Jamaica 6Y6M EA8DBM 29-Jun-2016 19:04 EA8DBM
7X Algeria 7X2GK EA8DBM 18-Jul-2013 10:26 EA8DBM
8P Barbados 8P6SH EA8DBM 23-Jun-2013 19:13 EA8DBM
8R Guyana 8R1WD EA8DBM 2-Nov-2013 23:41 EA8DBM
9G Ghana 9G5AG EA8DBM 3-Mar-2015 22:19 EA8DBM
9H Malta 9H5EE EH8ACW  13-Aug-1992 18:47 9H5EE
9J Zambia 9J2T EA8DBM 2-Mar-2014 19:49 EA8DBM
9K Kuwait 9K2GS EA8DBM 21-Jun-2014 09:22 EA8DBM
9L Sierra Leone 9L1A EA8DBM 27-Feb-2014 23:09 EA8DBM
9M2 West Malaysia 9M2TO EA8DBM 2-Jun-2015 09:01 EA8DBM
9Q Dem.Rep.of Congo 9Q0HQ EA8DBM 10-Mar-2015 20:34 EA8DBM
9X Rwanda 9X0ZM EA8PAM     9X0ZM
9Y Trinidad & Tobago 9Y4D EA8DBM 22-May-2013 19:25 EA8DBM
A4 Oman A45XR EA8DBM 18.Jul-2013 11:34 EA8DBM
A9 Bahrain A92IO EA8DBM 22-Jul-2013 15:34 EA8DBM
BV Taiwan BV2DQ EA8DBM 25-Feb-2014 02:11 EA8DBM
BY China BA4SI EA8DBM 26-Feb-2014 02:24 EA8DBM
C3 Andorra C31CT EA8DBM 22-Jul-2013 18:47 EA8DBM
C5 The Gambia C5YK EA8DBM 15-Oct-2013 21:06 EA8DBM
CE Chile CE3SAD EH8BPX 19-Feb-2000 ? CE3SAD
CE0Y Easter Isl. XR0YY EA8DBM 2-Nov-2013 23:49 EA8DBM
CE0Z Juan Fernandez Isl. XR0ZR EA8DBM 10-Nov-2013 22:43 EA8DBM
CN Morocco CN8KD EA8DBM 25-Jun-2013 15:26 EA8DBM
CO Cuba CO8LY EA8DBM 17-Jun-2014 18:22 EA8DBM
CP Bolivia CP4BT EA8DBM 22-Oct-2013 00:24 EA8DBM
CX Uruguay CX1FK EA8DBM 10-Oct-2013 21:46 EA8DBM
D2 Angola D2EB EA8DBM 23-Mar-2014 20:10 EA8DBM
DL Germany DL7QY EH8ACW 31-May-1993 17:43
DU Philippines DU7/PA0HIP EA8DBM 28-Jul-2014 08:17 EA8DBM
E4 Palestina E4X EA8BED 29-May-2010 09:13 EA7KW
E7 Bosnia-Herzegovina E74Y EA8DBM 18-Jul-2013 11:03 EA8DBM
EA Spain EH1DVY EH8ACW 19-Jul-1992 19:17  
EA6 Balearic Isl. EH6VQ EH8ACW 12-Aug-1992 20:38 EH6VQ
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EH9IB EH8ACW 19-Aug-1992 20:44 EH9IB
EI Ireland EI7GL EH8ACW 8-Jun-1994 ?  
ER Moldova ER3MM EA8DBM 22-Jul-2013 19:02 EA8DBM
EX Kyrgystan EX9T EA8DBM 03-Jul-2014 10:00 EA8DBM
EX Kyrgystan EX9T EA8DBM 03-Jul-2014 10:00 EA8DBM
FG Guadalupe FG5GP EA8DBM 22-May-2013 19:02 EA8DBM
FJ St.Barthelemy FJ/W9DR EA8DBM 22-Jun-2016 15:50 EA8DBM
FK New Caledonia FK8CP EA8DBM 10-Nov-2013 00:48 EA8DBM
FM Martinique FM5WD EA8DBM 17-Jun-2013 18:31 EA8DBM
FP St.Pierre & Miquelon FP/KV1J EA8DBM 5-Jul-2014 13:52 EA8DBM
FR Reunion FR5DN EA8DBM 18-Mar-2014 19:07 EA8DBM
FR/T Tromelin FT4TA EA8JK 1-Nov-2014 17:19 F4BKV
FS Saint Martin FJ5DX EH8BPX 18-Feb-2002 00:20 FJ5DX
FW Willis FW5JJ EA8DBM 1-Apr-2015 04:02 EA8DBM
FY French Guyana FY5FY EA8DBM 22-Oct-2013 22:54 EA8DBM
G England G4FUF EH8ACW 1-Jun-1993 08:56 G4FUF
GI N.Ireland GI8FLQ EH8ACW 8-Jun-1994 18:45  
GJ Jersey GJ4ICD EH8ACW 31-May-1993 17:19  
GW Wales GW4LXO EH8ACW 9-Jul-1993 17:40  
HB0 Liechtenstein HB0/OH8CA EA8DBM 10-Jun-2014 15:41 EA8DBM
HC Ecuador HC5CR EA8DBM 28-Sep-2013 23:58 EA8DBM
HH Haiti HH4/W3CMP EA8/G8BCG 26-Jun-2006 13:44 G8BCG
HI Dominican Republic HI3TEJ EA8/G8BCG 26-Jun-2006 13:50 G8BCG
HK Colombia HK3DES EA8/G8BCG 13-Nov-2011 00:33 G8BCG
HL South Korea HL2IFR EA8DBM 1-Mar-2014 00:59 EA8DBM
HP Panama HP2AT EA8DBM 8-Mar-2014 01:46 EA8DBM
HV Vatican HV0A EA8DBM 3-Jul-2014 12:44 EA8DBM
IS0 Sardinia IS0AGY EH8ACW 24-Jun-1994 09:25 IS0AGY
J2 Djibouti J28NH EH5CPU/8 20-Apr-2001 15:12 F5NHJ
J3 Grenada J38DR EA8DBM 26-Jun-2014 17:39 EA8DBM
J6 St.Lucia J69MV EA8DBM 22-May-2013 18:53 EA8DBM
J8 St.Vincent J88HL EA8DBM 15-Nov-2013 23:01 EA8DBM
JA Japan 7J6CCU EH8BYR 28-Feb-2000 00:35 JI1CQA
JT Mongolia JT1CO EA8DBM 2-Jun-2016 14:13 EA8DBM
JW Svalbard JW7QIA EA8DBM 30-Jun-2016 18:49 EA8DBM
JX Jan Mayen I. JX7DFA EH8BPX 26-Feb-2002 11:00 LA7DFA
JY Jordan JY9FC EA8DBM 1-Jun-2014 15:57 EA8DBM
K U.S.A. W3EP EH8BPX 17-Jun-1995 12:24  
KH2 Guam KG6DX EA8DBM 4-Apr-2015 12:54 EA8DBM
KH6 Hawai KH6/KF6GYM EH8BPX 18-Mar-2002 09:56 NH7RO
KH8 American Samoa KH8/W7GJ EA8DBM 19-Jun-2014 12:10 EA8DBM
KL7 Alaska KL7KY EA8DBM 27-Jul-2014 15:29 EA8DBM
KP2 Virgin Is. KV4FZ EA8DBM 24-Jun-2013 21:41 EA8DBM
KP4 Puerto Rico WP4G EA8BPX 24.May-2000 1436 WP4G
LU Argentina LU1FP EA8DBM 28-Sep-2013 23:14 EA8DBM
LX Luxembourg LX1JX EA8DBM 23-Jun-2014 19:21 EA8DBM
LY Lithuania LY2BA EH8BPX 27-May-2000 ? LY2IC
LZ Bulgaria LZ1DP EH8BYR 5-Jun-1998 09:34
OA Peru OA4TT EA8/G8BCG 6-May-2011 19:22 EA8/G8BCG
OD Lebanon OD5/OK1MU EH8BPX 23-Sep-2000 ? OK1MU
OH0 Aland Is. OH0RJ EA8DBM 11-Jul-2013 11:52 EA8DBM
OK Czech republic OK1DDO EH8ACW 9-Jun-1993 19:58 OK1KT
OX Greenland OX3SA EH8BPX 23-Dec-2002 12:25 OX FIRST
OY Faroe Is. OY9JD EA8DBM 3-Jul-2014 10:22 EA8DBM
OZ Denmark OZ4VV EH8ACW 31-May-1993 16:56 OZ4VV
P4 Aruba P43A EA8DBM 23-Jun-2013 18:39 EA8DBM
PA Netherlands PA2VST EH8ACW 12-Aug-1992 19:50 PA2CHR
PJ2 Curacao PJ2LS EA8DBM 23-Jun-2013 18:29 EA8DBM
PJ5 St.Maarten & Saba PJ7TM EA8/G8BCG 26-Jun-2006 14:37 G8BCG
PJ7 Sint Maarten PJ7C EA8DBM 4-Mar-2015 00:32 EA8DBM
PY Brasil PT7NK EH8ACW 10-Aug-1992 21:19  
PY0 St.Peter & St.Paul PW0S EH8BPX 15-Feb-2001 22:30  
PY0 Trinidade & Martin PW0T EH8BPX 18-Feb-2002 22:50  
PY0F Fndo. de Noronha PY0FF EH8ACW 5-Mar-1993 20:01  
PZ Suriname PZ5RA EA8DBM 31-Oct-2013 00:02 EA8DBM
S0 RASD S01WS EA8DBM 13-Jun-2014 16:18 EA8DBM
S5 Slovenia YU3ZV EH8ACW 12-Aug-1992 ?  
SM Sweden SM7AED EH8ACW 31-May-1993 19:36 SM7AED
SP Poland SP4TKK EH8ACW 16-Jul-1993 ? SP6GWB
ST0 South Sudan ST0R EA8DN 2-Aug-2011 16:52 EA7KW
SV/A Moun Athos SV2ASP/A EA8DBM 12-Jun-2016 18:37 EA8DBM
SV5 Dodecanese SV5BYR EA8DBM 19-Jul-2013 18:13 EA8DBM
SV9 Crete SV9GPJ EA8DBM 15-Jun-2014 10:38 EA8DBM
T7 San Marino T77C EA8DBM 2-Jun-2015 15:35 EA8DBM
TA Turkey TA2ZAF EA8BXE 12-Jun-2007 17:09 TA2ZAF
TF Iceland TF3ML/P EA8DBM 13-Aug-2014 18:07 EA8DBM
TJ Cameroon TJ3SN EA8DBM 2-Oct-2013 20:11 EA8DBM
TN Congo TN2MS EA8DBM 20-Oct-2013 20:11 EA8DBM
TR Gabon TR8CA EA8DBM 7-Mar-2014 20:53 EA8DBM
TY Benin TY2BP EA8DBM 3-Apr-2014 20:50 EA8DBM
UA Russia UB7K EA8DBM 6-May-2016 17:33 EA8DBM
UK Uzbekistan UK8OM EA8DBM 16-Jun-2014 11:10 EA8DBM
UN Kazakhstan UN3GX EA8DBM 16-Jun-2014 12:33 EA8DBM
UR Ukraine UT8AL EH8BYR 15-Aug-1998 (*3) 17:12 UT5JCW
V2 Antigua V25XX EH8BPX 12-Jun-2003 21:43 V25XX
V4 St. Kitts & Nevis V47KV EA8/G8BCG 26-Jun-2006 14:18 G8BCG
V5 Namibia V51YJ EA8DBM 17-Nov-2013 20:00 EA8DBM
VE Canada VE9AA EH8BPX 31-May-1995 22:44 VE9AA
VK Australia VK4MA EA8DBM 29-Mar-2014 22:31 EA8DBM
VP2E Anguilla VP2ETE EA8DBM 3-Jul-2013 19:59 EA8DBM
VP2V British Virgin Is. VP2V/W7XU EA8/G8BCG 26-Jun-2006 13:25 G8BCG
VP6 Pitcairn Is. VP6BR EH8BPX 10-Feb-2000 ? VP6BR
VP8 Falkland Is. VP8LP EA8DBM 3-Apr--2015 16:16 EA8DBM
VP9 Bermuda VP9GE EA8DBM 16-Jun-2013 21:50 EA8DBM
XE Mexico XE1AY EA8DBM 9-Nov-2013 15:54 EA8DBM
XT Burkina Faso XT2AEF EA8DBM 22-Mar-2014 21:05 EA8DBM
YA Afghanistan T6DD EA8DBM 16-Jun-2014 09:44 EA8DBM
YS El Salvador YS1/NP3J EA8DBM 8-Mar-2014 03:02 EA8DBM
YV Venezuela YV1DIG EA8DBM 23-Jun-2013 19:07 EA8DBM
Z2 Zimbabwe Z21NK EA8DBM 2-Nov-2014 19:15 EA8DBM
Z3 Macedonia Z32ZM EA8DBM 8-Jul-2013 09:47 EA8DBM
Z6 Kosovo Z68M EA8DBM 4-Jul-2018 09:30 Z68M
ZA Albania ZA/ON4CAU EA8DBM 8-Jun-2014 16:46 EA8DBM
ZD7 St. Helena ZD7VC EA8DBM 28-Mar-2014 20:35 EA8DBM
ZD8 Ascension Is. ZD8JR EA8DBM 29-Oct-2013 21:33 EA8DBM
ZF Cayman Isl. ZF1DC EH8BYR 7-Jul-1999 20:35 ZF1DC
ZL New Zealand ZL1RS EA8DBM 1-Dec-2013 23:13 EA8DBM
ZP Paraguay ZP5SNA EA8DBM 28-Sep-2013 23:21 EA8DBM
ZS South Africa ZS6WB EH8BPX 16-Oct-1998 1921 ZS6EZ

(*3) The state committee of communication of Ukraine by the letter ? 7-16/770-192 from 1998,February 19 permitted to regional inspections of electric communication independently to give out the licenses on 50 MHz if channel 1 TV is not present. Operations prior to that date were pirate.

(*6) First legal transmissions from HA were made between 1 and 30 August-2005 by a reduced number of stations (HA0DU, HA0HO, HA0HW, HA0LC, HA1AG/p, HA1FV,HA1RS, HA1UF/p, HA1WD, HA1XY, HA1YA, HG1Z, HA2RD, HA2SX, HA2VR, HG2ECZ, HA3MQ, HA3MY, HA3UU, HA4DX, HA4XG, HA4YF, HA5AK, HA5CBA, HA5DI, HA5HK, HA5HRK, HA5JI, HA5KDQ, HA5KHC, HA5LN, HA5LV, HA5MA, HA5MS, HA5OV, HA5PT, HA5RSB, HA5TMK, HA5UK, HA5VW, HA5VZ/7, HA5WH, HA5XXA, HA5XYZ, HA6KNB, HA6NL, HA6NN, HA6OI, HA6ZB, HA7CR, HA7EG, HA7MB, HA7P, HA7PB, HA7TM, HA7UG, HA7VC, HG7NS, HG7WFM, HA8BE, HA8BI, HA8BS, HA8IB, HA8MV, HA9OZD). Later, on 29-March-2006 the use of the band was open to all stations..

I need more info from other EA8's....can someone help me?

70 MHz. Firsts from EA8 (Canary Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA8-Callsign Date UTC Source
A9 Bahrain A92HK EA8DBM 14-Jul-2018 12:04 A92HK
CT Portugal CT1HZE EA8/EA4SV 17-Apr-2009 19:41 EA8/EA4SV
D4 Cape Verde D44TD EA8/EA4SV 27-Mar-2010 19:04 EA8/EA4SV
DL Germany DL8PM EA8/DL3GCS 12-Jun-2010 17:08 DL8PM
EA Spain EA4WT EA8/EA4SV 1-Jul-2009 14:08 EA8/EA4SV
EA6 Balearic Isl. EA6SX EA8/EA4SV 1-Jul-2009 13:56 EA8/EA4SV
LX Luxemburg LX/ON5QRP EA8/EA4SV 1-Jul-2009 14:10 EA8/EA4SV
PA Netherlands PA2M EA8YT 26-May-2012 09:16 Veron
SV Greece SV2DCD EA8YT 3-Jun-2011 18:38 RAAG


144 MHz. Firsts from EA8 (Canary Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA8-Callsign Date UTC Source
5T Mauritania 5T6M EA8FF 2-Jul-2003 15:55 EA8FF
6Y Jamaica 6Y5AZ EA8TJ 28-Jun-2016 11:15 6Y5AZ
9H Malta 9H1PA EB8ANY 8-Dec-2004 08:00 EA8FF
DL Germany DD1DA EA8AK 13-Jul-1980 12:13 DD1DA (now DL8DAU)
E4 Palestine E44CM EA8DBM 15-Nov-2016   E44CM
EA Spain EA1YV EA8PQ 15-May-1979 20:45 EA1YV
EI Ireland EI3VFF/P EA8XS 4-Sep-1981 21:30 G4PCI
ES Estonia ES6RQ EB8ANY 5-Dec-2004 07:26 EA8FF
F France F1JG EA8XS 25-Jul-1980 09:15 EA1BLA
FR Reunion FR5DN EA8/ON5FF 5-Dec-1993 03:30 EA8FF
G England G3CHN EA8XS 6-Ago-1980 22:24 EA1BLA & Radcom
GD Isle of Man GD8EXI EA8XS 4-Sep-1981 22:10 Radcom
GI Norhtern Ireland GI4KIS EA8BEX 15-Jul-1988 ? Radcom
GJ Jersey GJ4ICD EA8AOM 26-Jul-1987 16:00  
GM Scotland GM0BWU EA8BML 9-Sep-1988 14:01 GM0CLN
GW Wales GW8VHI EA8XS 5-Jul-1984 21:47  
HA Hungary HG0HO EA8XS 16-Jul-1983 ?  
HB9 Switzerland HB9CRQ EA8/ON5FF 6-Nov-1993 06:24 EA8FF
I Italy I3LGP EA8XS 19-Jul-1981 17:25 I5WBE
IS0 Sardinia IS0DKU/IM0 EA8EY 17-Aug-1985 ? I5WBE
JA Japan JH2COZ EA8/G4RGK 21-Apr-2010 15:05 EA8/G4RGK
K U.S.A. WB5LBT EA8/ON5FF 13-Oct-1993 10:30 EA8FF
KP4 Puerto Rico WP4G EA8DBM 14-Jul-2018 19:21 WP4G
LA Norway LA1YCA EA8BEX 31-Jul-1988 18:44 LA1YCA
LZ Bulgaria LZ1DP EA8/G4RGK 31-Oct-2010 02:43 EA8/G4RGK
OE Austria OE2CAL EA8XS 16-Jul-1983 17:11 OE2CAL
OH Finland OH7PI EA8/ON5FF 5-Dec-1993 03:00 EA8FF
OK Czech Republic OK1MS EA8/ON5FF 7-Nov-1993 07:30 EA8FF
OK Czechoslovakia OK1AHI EA8XS 15-Jul-1983   OK2KKW
OM Slovak Republic OM3BC EA8/G4RGK 12-May-2008 17:16 EA8/G4RGK
ON Belgium ON7EH EA8BEX 12-Jul-1986 08:15  
OZ Denmark OZ1ELF EA8BEX 12-Jul-1986 08:44  
PA Netherlands PE1AGJ EA8AK 13-Jul-1980 18:44 PE1LCH
S5 Slovenia S52LM EB8ANY 5-Dec-2004 05:10 EA8FF
S9 Sao Tome & Principe S9YY EA8DBM 9-Oct-2016 22:15 S9YY
SM Sweden SM5FRH EA8/ON5FF 11-Oct-1993 03:41 EA8FF
SP Poland SP2OFW EB8ANY 8-Dec-2004 09:40 EA8FF
SV Greece SV1EN EA8EP 3-Aug-1984 14:07 RAAG
UA European Russia RA6AQ EB8ANY 5-Dec-2004 07:02 EA8FF
UA9 Asiatic Russia UA9YLU EA8/G4RGK 13-May-2008 17:28 EA8/G4RGK
UR Ukraine UT6UG EA8/G4RGK 12-Oct-2009 08:55 EA8/G4RGK
V6 Micronesia V6EME EA8DBM 15-Nov-2016   V6EME
VE Canada VE7BHQ EA8/ON5FF 30-Oct-1993 05:00 EA8FF
XT Burkina Faso XT2AFT EA8DBM 23-Oct-2016 03:16 XT2AFT
YO Romania YO4FNG EA8AVI 25-Jun-2006 12:30 YO5PLD (more info)
YU Yugoslavia YU3ULM EA8XS 19-Jul-1981 17:33  
ZS South Africa ZS6OB EA8TJ 15-Jun-2013 18:36 ZS6EZ

(Deleted entities in brown)

432 MHz. Firsts from EA8 (Canary Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA8-Callsign Date UTC Source
CT Portugal CT1DMK EA8/DJ3OS 9-Jul-1994 14:30 CT1DMK
D4 Cape Verde D44TD EA8FF 25-Jul-2002 19:45 EA8FF
DL Germany DL9KR EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 02:15 EA8FF
EA Spain EA1BLA EA8XS 4-Jul-1984 18:53 EA1BLA
ES Estonia ES6RQ EA8/G4RGK 30-Oct-2010 03:16 EA8/G4RGK
F France F1FEN EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 02:44 EA8FF
G England G8ZDS EA8XS 4-Jul-1984 ? Radcom
GW Wales GW8ELR EA8XS 5-Jul-1984 20:13  
HA Hungary HA1YA EA8/ON5FF 24-Nov-1996 02:20 EA8FF
HB9 Switzerland HB9SV EA8/ON5FF 18-Jan-1997 16:55 EA8FF
I Italy I2COR EA8/ON5FF 24-Nov-1996 01:02 EA8FF
JA Japan JA5OVU EA8/ON5FF 23-Nov-1996 18:56 EA8FF
K U.S.A. NC1I EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 06:09 EA8FF
LZ Bulgaria LZ1DX EA8/G4RGK 26-Aug-2012 18:55 EA8/G4RGK
OE Austria OE5JFL EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 02:59 EA8FF
OH Finland OH2PO EA8/ON5FF 30-Oct-1994 07:45 EA8FF
OK Czech Republic OK1CA EA8/ON5FF 30-Oct-1994 10:20 EA8FF
ON Belgium ON4KNG EA8/ON5FF 23-Nov-1996 02:43 EA8FF
OZ Denmark OZ4MM EA8/ON5FF 23-Nov-1996 22:48 EA8FF
PA Netherlands PA3CSG EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 03:45 EA8FF
S5 Slovenia S52CW EA8FF 3-Apr-2001 ? S52CW
SM Sweden SM4IVE EA8/ON5FF 29-Oct-1994 02:50 EA8FF
UA European Russia RA3LE EA8FF 18-Oct-1997 04:10 EA8FF
UR Ukraine UT5DL EA8/ON5FF 6-Nov-1994 11:00 EA8FF
VE Canada VE1ALQ EA8/ON5FF 23-Nov-1996 21:50 EA8FF
VK Australia VK3UM EA8FF 8-Dec-2001 01:55 EA8FF
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