First ever QSO from EA6 on the VHF-UHF bands
Last update on 08/06/2024
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This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked EA6 (Balearic Islands). I know the list may be is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSO not listed here or any additional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your collaboration !

Important: Only legal QSO between stations properly authorized by the government of their respective countries will be listed here. Also, due to the bizarre situation of the SHF bands (23 cm. and up) in Spain (No licenses were given by the administration for many years) and in order to avoid conflicts, I will not list QSO made on these bands for know.

50 MHz QSO: Some people is claiming QSO on 6 meters with stations portable in EA before July-1992. Please notice that all these QSO are not valid, as those stations didn't have permission to operate in Spain on 50 MHz. The first licenses to operate on this band were given to a bunch of EA's around 10/11 July 1992, using the special prefix EH. After mid June-2006 the use of this band was open to all stations (including foreign CEPT2 licenses), no longer being required to request a special license or use the EH prefix..

50 MHz Firsts
70 MHz Firsts
144 MHz Firsts
432 MHz Firsts

Other firsts from EA, EA8 & EA9

I need more infos from other EA6's....can someone help me?

50 MHz. Firsts from EA6 (Balearic Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA6-Callsign Date UTC Source
1A0 SMO Malta 1A0KM EH6NB 30-Jul-1998 10:29 IK0FTA
3A Monaco 3A2LF EA6SX 15-Jul-2006 12:24 EA6SX
3B6 Agalega&St.Brandon 3B6RF EH6NB 11-May-2001 17:31 EH6NB
3B8 Mauritius 3B8/DL6UAA EH6NB 13-Apr-2002 18:20 EH6NB
3B9 Rodriguez 3B9R EH6NB 7-Apr-1999 13:01 EH6NB
3DA Swaziland 3DA0RF EH6NB 14-Sep-2001 18:36 EH6NB
3C Equatorial Guinea 3C5I EH6VQ 21-Feb-1998 11:55 EH6VQ
3V Tunisia TS7N EH6NB 16-Nov-2000 11:53 EH6NB
3W Vietnam XV3AA EH6NB 24-Feb-2002 08:27 EH6NB
3X Guinea 3X0HNU EH6VQ 19-Sep-1992 16:48 EH6VQ
4K Azerbaijan 4K6D EH6VQ 4-Jun-1995 06:44 EH6VQ
4L Georgia 4L0DXP EH6NB 23-Jul-2000 19:09 EH6NB
4O Montenegro YU6DZ EA6SX 16-Jul-2006 16:20 EA6SX
4S Sri Lanka 4S7AB EA6VQ 19-Jun-2019 10:44 EA6VQ
4U/ITU ITU 4U1ITU EA6SX 29-May-2013 18:30 EA6SX
4X Israel 4X1IF EH6VQ 16-Jun-1993 16:40 EH6VQ
5A Libya 5A1A EH6NB 20-Jun-1999 17:30 EH6NB
5B Cyprus 5B4JE EH6VQ 16-Jun-1993 16:41 EH6VQ
5H Tanzania 5H3US EH6NB 21-Mar-1999 18:01 EH6NB
5N Nigeria 5N9RGP EH6VQ 17-Jan-1999 14:25 EH6VQ
5R Madagascar 5R8GJ EH6NB 13-Nov-1999 18:04 EH6NB
5T Mauritania 5T5SN EA6NB 4-Abr-2003 17:53 EA6NB
5U Niger 5U2K EH6NB 28-Feb-2001 15:12 EH6NB
5V Togo 5V7VJ EH6NB 8-Oct-2000 15:09 EH6NB
5X Uganda 5X1GS EH6NB 10-Sep-2000 20:50 EH6NB
5Z Kenya 5Z0L EA6DX 23-May-2015 15:32 EA6DX
6W Senegal 6W1QV EH6NB 15-Nov-1998 17:18 EH6NB
6Y Jamaica K2KW/6Y5 EH6NB 24-Nov-2001 17:28 EH6NB
7O Yemen 7O/DL7ZM EA6VQ 23-Jun-2022 15:37 EA6VQ
7P Lesotho 7P8Z EH6NB 16-Mar-2002 13:19 EH6NB
7Q Malawi 7Q7RM EH6VQ 18-Sep-1992 17:02 EH6VQ
7X Algeria 7X0AD EA6SA 23-Jun-2004 12:13 EA7KW
8P Barbados 8P9TS EA6SX 29-May-2008 16:09 EA6SX
8R Guyana 8R1DB EA6SX 19-Jun-2009 17:48 EA6SX
9A Croatia 9A2EY EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 10:27 EH6VQ
9G Ghana 9G5DX EH6VQ 12-Dec-1999 12:14 EH6VQ
9H Malta 9H5EE EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 15:15 EH6VQ
9J Zambia 9J2HN EH6VQ 18-Sep-1992 17:38 EH6VQ
9K Kuwait 9K2YM EA6SX 4-Jul-2010 09:27 EA6SX
9L Sierra Leona 9L1BTB EH6VQ 2-Mar-2003 21:12 EH6VQ
9N Nepal 9N7AA EA6VQ 11-Jun-2022 07:07 EA6VQ
9Q Zaire 9Q1A/2 EH6VQ 9-Mar-2003 20:00 EH6VQ
9U Burundi 9U5D EH6NB 4-Nov-1999 18:51 EH6NB
9X Rwanda 9X0ZM EA6VQ 16-Mar-2013 19:40 EA6VQ
9Y Trinidad & T 9Z4BM EH6NB 3-Jan-2002 12:15 EH6NB
A2 Botswana A22BW EH6VQ 19-Sep-1992 17:39 EH6VQ
A4 Oman A45XR EH6NB 20-May-2001 15:49 EH6NB
A6 United Arab Emirates A61Q EA6NB 28-Jun-2003 15:40 EA6NB
A7 Qatar A71EM EA6SX 22-May-2007 15:37 EA6SX
A9 Bahrain A92IO EA6SX 14-May-2010 14:28 EA6SX
AP Pakistan AP2AM EA6VQ 16-Jun-2017 10:03 EA6VQ
BV Taiwan BV2DQ EA6DX 21-Jun-2013 09:59 EA6DX
BY China BA8AG EA6SX 20-Jun-2010 10:06 EA6SX
C3 Andorra C31CT EA6SX 1-Jul-2006 18:18 EA6SX
C5 Gambia C56A EH6NB 22-Oct-1998 16:56 EH6NB
C6 Bahamas C6A/W6JKV EA6NB 29-Jun-2003 15:23 EA6NB
C9 Mozambique C91RF EH6NB 26-Sep-2001 17:00 EH6NB
CE Chile CE8SFG EH6NB 17-Mar-2000 17:44 EH6NB
CE0X San Felix XR0X EH6NB 18-Mar-2002 22:56 EH6NB
CE0Z Juan Fernan. CE0ZIS EH6NB 26-Mar-2002 22:40 EH6NB
CE9/KC4 Antarctica LU1ZV EA6SA 21-Feb-2023 17:27 EA6SA
CN Morocco CN8ST EH6VQ 26-Jul-1992 17:30 EH6VQ
CO Cuba CO8LY EA6SX 8-Jul-2006 13:51 EA6SX
CP Bolivia CP6/N6XQ EH6NB 27-Mar-2002 18:28 EH6NB
CT Portugal CT/G3SDL (*2)
EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992
CT3 Madeira CT3FT EH6VQ 22-May-1993 08:44 EH6VQ
CU Azores CU1EZ EH6VQ 27-Jun-1993 14:24 EH6VQ
CX Uruguay CX9AF EH6VQ 14-Apr-1999 17:54 EH6VQ
CY0 Sable Isl. CY0X EA6SX 27-Jun-2008 16:27 EA6SX
D2 Angola D3SAF EH6NB 1-Mar-2000 21:34 EH6NB
D4 Cape Verde D44AC EH6NB 3-Nov-2000 20:18 EH6NB
D6 Comoros D69BC EH6NB 11-Feb-2001 19:33 EH6NB
DL Germany DJ9KG EH6VQ 12-Jul-1992 16:34 EH6VQ
DU Philippines DU1/GM4COK EH6NB 24-Feb-2002 09:53 EH6NB
E3 Eritrea E30TA EH6NB 21-Oct-2000 13:18 EH6NB
E4 Palestine E4X EA6NB 28-May-2010 08:23 EA7KW
E5 North Cook E51WL EA6SX 13-Mar.2023 23:16 EA6SX
EA Spain EH3ADW EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 15:20 EH6VQ
EA6 Balearic Isl. EH3CCK/6 EH6VQ 31-Jul-1992 19:58 EH6VQ
EA8 Canary Isl. EH8ACW EH6VQ 12-Ago-1992 20:38 EH6VQ
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EH9IB EH3CBH/6 19-Ago-1992 20:11 EH9IB
EI Ireland EI2EFB EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 09:18 EH6VQ
EK Armenia EK6AD EH6NB 28-Oct-2001 08:55 EH6NB
EL Liberia EL2VO EH6NB 3-Mar-1999 15:25 EH6NB
ER Moldovia ER6A/P EH6NB 8-Jul-2001 08:49 EH6NB
ES Estonia ES6QB EH6VQ 31-May-1994 16:23 EH6VQ
ET Ethiopia ET3VSC EH6NB 7-Oct-2000 12:52 EH6NB
EU Belarus EV5M EH6VQ 27-Jun-1993 16:38 EH6VQ
EX Kyrgyzstan EX9T EA6SX 30-Jun-2012 17:38 EA6SX
EY Tajikistan EY8MM EH6VQ 28-May-2000 11:50 EH6VQ
F France FC1EBO EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:21 EH6VQ
FG Guadeloupe FG5FR EH6VQ 3-Jul-2003 18:20 EH6VQ
FJ Saint Barthelemy FJ5DX EA6SX 30-May-2008 16:35 EA6SX
FK New Caledonia FK8CP EA6VQ 1-Feb-2018 18:42 EA6VQ
FM Martinique FM5WE EA6NB 11-Mar-2003 17:26 EA6NB
FP Saint Pierre & Miquelon FP/VE3DZ EA6SX 28-Jul-2012 20:49 EA6SX
FR Reunion FR5DN EH6NB 3-Mar-2000 18:49 EH6NB
FR/G Glorioso FT4GL EA6ET 6-Jun-2024 17:50 EA6VQ
FR/J Juan de Nova FT4JA EA6NB 2-Apr-2016 16:55 F4BKV
FR/T Tromelin Is. FT4TA EA6SX 2-Nov-2014 18:38 EA6SX
FS Saint Martin FS/W6JKV EA6NB 2-Jul-2002 17:34 EA6NB
FY French Guiana FY/W7XU EH6NB 30-Oct-2000 11:28 EH6NB
G England G0OYQ EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:08 EH6VQ
GD Isle of Man GD3AHV EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:27 EH6VQ
GI Northern Ireland GI0OTC EH6VQ 12-Jul-1992 16:34 EH6VQ
GJ Jersey GJ4ICD EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 09:20 EH6VQ
GM Scotland GM3WOJ EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 09:11 EH6VQ
GU Guernsey GU1HTY EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:34 EH6VQ
GW Wales GW3LDH EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:29 EH6VQ
HA Hungary HA5XXA (*6) EA6NB 1-Aug-2005 07:22 EA6NB
HB Switzerland HB9MFP EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 17:52 EH6VQ
HB0 Lietchstenstein HB0/PI4TUE EH6VQ 4-Aug-1999 18:20 EH6VQ
HC Ecuador HC2FG EH6NB 7-Nov-2000 13:01 EH6NB
HH Haiti HH4/W3CMP EA6SX 20-Jun-2007 16:42 EA6SX
HI Dominican Rep. HI3TEJ EH6VQ 21-May-2006 15:09 EH6VQ
HK Colombia HK4SAN EA6SX 2-Aug-2009 19:01 EA6SX
HK0 S.Andres Isl. 5J0BV EA6SX 17-Jun-2010 13:35 EA6SX
HL Korea HL5BMNX EA6DX 2-Jul-2014 11:41 EA6DX
HP Panama HP2AT EA6SX 16-Jul-2006 13:37 EA6SX
HS Thailand HS5YLK EA6VQ 22-Jul-2018 07:46 EA6VQ
HV Vatican HV0A EH6NB 4-Jul-2001 18:58 EH6NB
HZ Saudi Arabia HZ1MD EH6NB 2-Jul-2001 14:53 EH6NB
I Italy I2ADN/IH9 EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 17:43 EH6VQ
IS0 Sardinia IS0AGY EH6IF 25-Jun-1993 10:00 IS0AGY
J2 Djibouti J28NH EH6NB 13-Oct-2000 15:11 EH6NB
J5 Guinea-Bissau J5X EA6NB 29-Abr-2001 16:49 EA6NB
J6 Saint Lucia J6/G0VJG EA6SX 12-Jun-2014 18:40 EA6SX
J7 Dominica J79KV EA6NB 1-Jul-2004 18:38 EA6NB
J8 St.Vincent J87AB EH6NB 18-Jun-2000 19:20 EH6NB
JA Japan JR6EZE EH6NB 27-Oct-2001 08:41 EH6NB
JD1 Ogasawara JD1BLY EA6VQ 11-Jun-2022 10:10 EA6VQ
JT Mongolia JT0YAB EA6VQ 7-Jun-2010 1:28 EA6VQ
JW Svalbard JW7QIA EA6SX 25-Jun-2010 19:29 EA6SX
JX Jan Mayen JX/G7VJR EA6SX 30-Jun-2008 16:27 EA6SX
JY Jordan JY9NX EH6NB 13-May-2000 16:23 EH6NB
K U.S.A. WA1OUB EH6FB 12-Jun-1993 09:59  
KH2 Guam KG6DX EA6VQ 8-Jun-2017 07:58 EA6VQ
KH6 Hawai KH6SX EH6NB 17-Mar-2002 09:46 EH6NB
KP2 Virgin Is. KP2A EA6NB 3-Jul-2003 14:45 EA6NB
KP4 Puerto Rico KP4EIT EH6VQ 27-Oct-1999 17:22 EH6VQ
LA Norway LA9ZV EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 08:24 EH6VQ
LU Argentina LU3DCA EH6VQ 17-Oct-1999 18:33 EH6VQ
LX Luxemburg LX1JX EH6VQ 3-Jan-1993 13:15 EH6VQ
LY Lithuania LY2MW EH6AAC 20-Jun-1999 ? LY2IC
LZ Bulgaria LZ1KDP EH6VQ 16-May-1993 17:40 EH6VQ
OA Peru OA4TT EA6SX 6-May-2012 18:30 EA6SX
OD Lebanon OD5RAK EH6VQ 21-Jul-1998 16:50 EH6VQ
OE Austria OE2ENO EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 17:51 EH6VQ
OH Finland OH1LEU EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 09:34 EH6VQ
OH0 Aland Isl- OH0JFP EH6VQ 25-Jul-2000 17:58 EH6VQ
OJ0 Market Reef OJ0VR EH6NB 8-Jun-2002 18:16 EH6NB
OK Czechoslovakia OK1MAC EH6VQ 12-Jul-1992 17:01 EH6VQ
OK Czech republic OK2ZW EH6FB 12-May-1993 12:50 OK1KT
OM Slovak republic OM3ID EH6VQ 16-May-1993 07:27 EH6VQ
ON Belgium ON4ANT EH6VQ 12-Jul-1992 16:08 EH6VQ
OX Greenland OX3KQ EA6SX 30-Jun-2008 21:58 EA6SX
OY Faroe Islands OY6A EH6VQ 4-Jun-1995 10:43 EH6VQ
OZ Denmark OZ5GF EH6VQ 17-Jul-1992 19:52 EH6VQ
P4 Aruba P43JB EH6NB 7-Nov-2000 12:52 EH6NB
PA Netherlands PE1MJV EH6VQ 12-Jul-1992 16:28 EH6VQ
PJ2 Curacao PJ2/DJ9ON EA6SX 30-Jun-3011 14:38 EA6SX
PJ4 Netherland Antilles PJ2BVU EA6NB 26-Jun-2006 18:33 EA6NB
PJ4 Bonaire PJ4E EA6SX 9-Jun-2011 19:41 EA6SX
PJ5 St. Eustatius & Saba PJ6D EA6SX 29-Jun-3011 14:20 EA6SX
PJ7 St.Maarten PJ7M EA6NB 5-Jul-2004 13:16 EA6NB
PJ7 Sint Maarten PJ76 EA6SX 30-Jun-2011 12:33 EA6SX
PY Brasil PY5CC EH6VQ 15-Ago-1992 20:12 EH6VQ
PY0F Fernando Noroa PY0FM EH6NB 21-Oct-1999 14:53 EH6NB
PY0S St. Peter&St. Paul Rocks PT0S EA6SX 13-Nov-2012 20:42 EA6SX
PY0T Trindade & Ma PW0T EH6NB 19-Feb-2002 20:53 EH6NB
PZ Suriname PZ5RA EA6SX 22-Jun-2007 17:02 EA6SX
S0 Western Sahara S0WS EA6SX 23-May-2014 15:50 EA6SX
S5 Slovenia YU3ZV EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 09:37 EH6VQ
S7 Seychelles S79MX EH6NB 10-Mar-2000 17:59 EH6NB
S9 Sao Tome S92DX EH6NB 25-Nov-2000 09:12 EH6NB
SM Sweden SM7CMV EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 17:53 EH6VQ
SP Poland SN5PAR EH6VQ 31-Jul-1992 18:00 EH6VQ
ST Sudan ST2SA EH6VQ 7-Oct-1998 15:17 EH6VQ
SU Egypt SU9ZZ EH6NB 21-May-2001 17:00 EH6NB
SV/A Mt.Athos SV2ASP/A EA6NB 26-Jun-2004 18:16 EA6NB
SV Greece SV1AHX EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 08:02 EH6VQ
SV5 Dodecanese SV5TS EH6VQ 16-Jun-1993 17:27 EH6VQ
SV9 Crete SV9/G4VXE EH6VQ 2-Jul-1999 16:02 EH6VQ
T5 Somalia 6O3A EA6SX 3-Jun-2012 15:07 EA6SX
T7 San Marino T72EB/A EH6VQ 9-Aug-1998 07:56 EH6VQ
T9 Bosnia-Herzegovina T97V EH6VQ 1-Aug-1999 17:08 EH6VQ
TA Turkey YM7PA EH6FB 4-Jul-1997 08:48  
TF Iceland TF8GX EH6VQ 29-Jun-2003 19:14 EH6VQ
TI Costa Rica TI5KD EH6NB 7-Nov-2000 13:10 EH6NB
TJ Cameroon TJ3AY EA6SX 2-Apr-2011 16:05 EA6SX
TK Corsica TK5JJ/P
30-Jun-2012 (50 MHz allowed in TK?)
TL Central Africa Rep. TL0A EA6SX 24-May-2010 15:19 EA6SX
TN Congo TN3B EH6NB 24-May-2002 21:15 EH6NB
TR Gabon TR8CA EH6VQ 17-Oct-1992 16:22 EH6VQ
TT Chad TT8JE EH6NB 30-Mar-1998 15:20 EH6NB
TU Cote d'Ivoire TU2EW EH6VQ 18-Sep-1992 17:33 EH6VQ
TY Benin TY68F EH6NB 18-Aug-2001 10:44 EH6NB
TZ Mali TZ6VV EH6NB 2-Sep-1998 18:21 EH6NB
UA European Russia R3VHF EH6VQ 16-Jun-1994 16:39 EH6VQ
UA9 Asiatic Russia RD9D EA6VQ 27-May-2019 17:26 EA6VQ
UK Uzbekistan UK9AA EH6NB 30-Oct-2001 09:05 EH6NB
UN Kazakhstan UN5PR EH6NB 30-Oct-2001 11:11 EH6NB
UR Ukraine US5CCO EH6ADW 4-Aug-1998 (*3) 17:14 UT5JCW
HH Haiti HH4/W3CMP EA6SX 20-Jun-2007 16:42 EA6SX
V2 Antigua V26HS EA6SX 17-Jun-2007 13:23 EA6SX
V3 Belize V31MA EA6VQ 4-Jul-2022 15:07 EA6VQ
V5 Namibia V51E EH6VQ 18-Sep-1992 18:06 EH6VQ
V7 Marshall Isl. V73AT EH6VQ 17-Mar-2002 12:28 EH6VQ
VE Canada


EH4BG/6 (*1)




VK Australia VK8MS EH6NB 31-Oct-2000 11:49 EH6NB
VK9C Cocos-Keelin VK9CK EH6NB 31-Oct-2000 13:45 EH6NB
VP2E Anguilla VP2ETE EA6SX 18-Jun-2013 15:22 EA6SX
VP2M Monserrat VP2MJD EA6NB 5-Nov-2002 17:21 EA6NB
VP2V British Virgin Isl. VP2V/W7XU EA6SX 25-Jun-2006 10:16 EA6SX
VP5 Turks & Caicos Isl. VP5/W5SJ EA6SX 8-Jul-2006 13:42 EA6SX
VP8 Falkland VP8CMT EH6VQ 16-Apr-2000 19:01 EH6VQ
VP9 Bermuda VP9NM EA6VQ 27-jun-2017 2249 EA6VQ
VQ9 Chagos VQ9IO EH6NB 18-May-2001 16:06 EH6NB
VR2 Hong Kong VR2XMT EH6NB 7-Nov-2001 10:09 EH6NB
VU India VU2ZAP EH6NB 7-Nov-2001 11:41 EH6NB
XT Burkina Faso XT2OW EH6NB 11-Oct-2000 20:50 EH6NB
XE Mexico XE2WWW EA6SX 16-Jun-2008 16:35 EA6SX
XW Laos XW0X EH6NB 24-Feb-2002 10:26 EH6NB
YA Afghanistan YA4F EA6NB 12-Jun-2008 14:53 EA6NB
YI Iraq YI9OM EH6NB 6-May-2002 19:51 EH6NB
YL Latvia YL2JN EH6VQ 1-Aug-1999 18:30 EH6VQ
YO Romania YO2IS EH6VQ 31-Jul-1992 19:57 EH6VQ
YU Yugoslavia YU1EU EH6VQ 18-Jul-1992 11:16 EH6VQ
YV Venezuela YV1DIG EH6NB 1-Oct-2000 17:28 EH6NB
Z2 Zimbabwe Z23JO EH6VQ 19-Sep-1992 17:34 EH6VQ
Z3 Macedonia Z32BU EH6VQ 9-Jun-1994 14:12 EH6VQ
Z6 Kosovo Z68M EA6VQ 8-Jul-2018 12:26 Z68M
Z8 Rep. of South Sudan ST0R EA6SX 26-Jul-2011 16:14 EA7KW
ZA Albania ZA/N7BHC EH6VQ 7-May-2000 18:34 EH6VQ
ZB Gibraltar ZB0T EH6VQ 11-Jul-1992 17:47 EH6VQ
ZC4 UK Cyprus ZC4AKR EH6NB 14-Jun-2000 18:31 EH6NB
ZD7 St.Helena ZD7VC EH6NB 2-Apr-1999 18:49 EH6NB
ZD8 Ascension ZD8PC EH6NB 21-Mar-1999 21:02 EH6NB
ZD9 Tristan da Cunha ZD9BV EH6NB 13-Nov-2000 16:06 EH6NB
ZF Cayman Isl. ZF2BI EA6SX 27-Jun-2008 13:29 EA6SX
ZL New Zealand ZL3TY EA6VQ 19-Aug-2009 04:02 EA6VQ
ZP Paraguay ZP5PT EH6VQ 5-Mar-2000 23:28 EH6VQ
ZS South Africa ZS6WB EH6ET 28-Aug-1992 17:07 ZS6EZ
ZS9 Walvis Bay ZS9A EH6VQ 18-Sep-1992 17:40 EA6VQ

(*1) The operation of EH4BG/6 in 1993 was carried out by Dave Court  (EI3IO). Although six meter permissions are personal and only allow to operate to the owner of the license (Antonio Muñoz, EA4BG, in this case),  it's true that he had a written permission from the authorities allowing him to use EH4BG/6 for his operation.  As I don't want to get into legal affairs I will list these QSOs and will leave open the discussion of whether or not this operation can be considered legal.

(*2) It's uncertain that CT/G3SDL operated legally from Portugal. 

(*3) The state committee of communication of Ukraine by the letter  7-16/770-192 from 1998,February 19 permitted to regional inspections of electric communication independently to give out the licenses on 50 MHz if channel 1 TV is not present. Operations prior to that date were pirate.

(*6) First legal transmissions from HA were made between 1 and 30 August-2005 by a reduced number of stations (HA0DU, HA0HO, HA0HW, HA0LC, HA1AG/p, HA1FV,HA1RS, HA1UF/p, HA1WD, HA1XY, HA1YA, HG1Z, HA2RD, HA2SX, HA2VR, HG2ECZ, HA3MQ, HA3MY, HA3UU, HA4DX, HA4XG, HA4YF, HA5AK, HA5CBA, HA5DI, HA5HK, HA5HRK, HA5JI, HA5KDQ, HA5KHC, HA5LN, HA5LV, HA5MA, HA5MS, HA5OV, HA5PT, HA5RSB, HA5TMK, HA5UK, HA5VW, HA5VZ/7, HA5WH, HA5XXA, HA5XYZ, HA6KNB, HA6NL, HA6NN, HA6OI, HA6ZB, HA7CR, HA7EG, HA7MB, HA7P, HA7PB, HA7TM, HA7UG, HA7VC, HG7NS, HG7WFM, HA8BE, HA8BI, HA8BS, HA8IB, HA8MV, HA9OZD). Later, on 29-March-2006 the use of the band was open to all stations.

I need more info from other EA6's....can someone help me?

70 MHz. Firsts from EA6 (Balearic Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA6-Callsign Date UTC Source
3A Monaco 3A/ON7EQ EA6VQ 12-Ago-2014 13:53 EA6VQ
4O Montenegro 4O/PA2CHR EA6SX 18-May-2014 07:24 EA6SX
4X Israel 4X1TI EA6VQ 9-Jun-2019 12:43 EA6VQ
5B Cyprus 5B4AAB EA6VQ 8-Jun-2021 18:14 EA6VQ
9A Croatia 9A1Z EA6SX 8-Dec-2008 22:42 EA6SX
9H Malta 9H1BT EA6SX 22-Feb-2015 12:33 EA6SX
A9 Bahrain A92HK EA6VQ 14-Jul-2018 10:48 A92HK
C3 Andorra C37MS EA6FB 12-Aug-2016 05:19 ON7EQ
CT Portugal CT1FFU EA6SX 9-Dec-2008 00:18 EA6SX
CT3 Madeira CT3HF EA6SX 4-Jul-2009 15:19 EA6SX
CU Azores CU4/DL3GCS EA6SX 4-Jul-2010 19:49 EA6SX
D4 Cape Verde D44TD EA6SX 14-May-2010 14:45 EA6SX
DL Germany DL8HCZ EA6SX 12-Mar-2009 08:27 EA6SX
EA Spain EA3GLJ EA6CA 6-Dec-2008 10:30 EA6CA
EA6 Balearic Isl. EA6SX EA6CA 6-Dec-2008 10:25 EA6CA
EA8 Canary Isl. EA8/EA4SV EA6SX 1-Jul-2009 13:56 EA8/EA4SV
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EA9IB EA6SX 02-Jul-2020 18:50 EA9IB
EI Ireland EI3IO EA6SX 13-Dec-2008 18:51 EA6SX
ES Estonia ES2JL EA6SX 20-Jun-2010 11:35 EA6SX
G England G0CHE EA6SX 9-Dec-2008 02:07 EA6SX
GD Isle of Man GD0TEP EA6SX 10-Dec-2008 19:26 EA6SX
GI N.Ireland GI0GDP EA6SX 3-Jul-2009 16:04 EA6SX
GJ Jersey Is. GJ4ISM/P EA6SX 12-Aug-2009 08:14 EA6SX
GM Scotland GM4ISM EA6SX 13-Dec-2008 22:17 EA6SX
GU Guernsey GU6EFB EA6SX 4-Jul-2009 18:39 EA6SX
GW Wales GW8ASD EA6SX 10-Dec-2008 23:15 EA6SX
HA Hungary HA5PP EA6SX 15-May-2013 14:56 EA6SX
HV Vatican City HV0A EA6SX 9-Jun-2013 17:26 EA6SX
I Italy IK1EGC EA6SX 9-Dec-2008 23:49 EA6SX
IS0 Sardinia Isl IS0AWZ EA6SX 8-Dec-2008 17:43 EA6SX
LA Norway LA4LN EA6SX 24-May-2010 12:31 EA6SX
LX Luxemburg LX1FX EA6SX 8-Dec-2008 20:50 EA6SX
LZ Bulgaria LZ2HV EA6SX 24-May-2014 16:55 EA6SX
OH Finland OH2BGN EA6SX 7-Jun-2010 15:49 EA6SX
OK Czech Rep. OK1KT EA6SX 9-Dec-2008 01:27 EA6SX
OM Slovakia OM5KM EA6VQ 30-Jun-2009 17:18 EA6VQ
ON Belgium ON4IMM EA6SX 21-Nov-2009 11:11 EA6SX
OY Faroe Isl. OY3JE EA6SX 26-May-2010 14:58 EA6SX
OZ Denmark OZ3ZW EA6SX 14-Dec-2008 08:30 EA6SX
PA Netherlands PA2CHR EA6VQ 22-Jan-2012 07:30 EA6VQ
S5 Slovenia S51DI EA6SX 10-Dec-2008 18:42 EA6SX
SM Sweden SK3JR EA6SX 12-Jun-2013 17:33 EA6SX
SP Poland SP5CCC EA6SX 8-Jun-2012 16:56 EA6SX
SV Greece SV2DCD EA6SX 10-Dec-2008 20:47 SV2DCD
SV5 Dodecanese SV5BYR EA6SX 26-May-2010 16:08 EA6SX
SV9 Crete SV9GPV EA6SX 30-Jun-2009 14:26 EA6SX
T7 San Marino T70A EA6SX 19-Jun-2010 19:00 EA6SX
TF Iceland TF3ML EA6SX 8-Jun-2012 18:31 EA6SX
UN Kazakhstan UN3M EA6VQ 26-Jun-2022 07:45 EA6VQ
YL Latvia YL2CP EA6VQ 1-Jun-2018 18:13 EA6VQ
YO Romania YO4FYQ EA6SX 14-May-2010 16:57 EA6SX
Z3 Macedonia Z31MA EA6SX 24-May-2014 19:07 EA6SX
ZB2 Gibraltar ZB2GI EA6VQ 10-Jun-2021 17:51 EA6VQ
ZS South Africa ZS6WAB EA6SX 22-Sep-2012 18:12 EA6SX


144 MHz. Firsts from EA6 (Balearic Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA6-Callsign Date UTC Source
1A SMO Malta 1A0KM EA6VQ 21-Jul-2007 20:22 EA6VQ
1S Spratly Is. DX0JP EA6VQ 5-Feb-2007 22:35 EA6VQ
3B8 Mauritius 3B8EME EA6VQ 16-May-2010 07:48 EA6VQ
3B9 Rodriguez Is. 3B9EME EA6VQ 8-Sep-2013 08:47 EA6VQ
3D2 Fiji 3D2RS EA6VQ 27-Sep-2010 19:34 EA6VQ
3DA Swaziland 3DA0HL EA6VQ 17-Mar-2007 08:51 EA6VQ
3V Tunisia TS7N EA6VQ 19-Nov-2000 09:00 EA6VQ
3X Guinea 3X5A EA6VQ 29-Nov-2007 07:07 EA6VQ
3Y Peter I 3Y0X EA6VQ 14-Feb-2006 0559 EA6VQ
4L Georgia 4L1FP EA6VQ 29-Jan-2010 17:19 EA6VQ
4S Sri Lanka 4S7CCG EA6VQ 28-May-2006 11:39 EA6VQ
4W6 Timor-Leste 4W8X EA6VQ 22-Nov-2023 14:32 EA6VQ
4X Israel 4X1IF EA6VQ 18-Jun-2006 05:40 EA6VQ
5A Lybia 5A7A EA6VQ 19-Nov-2006 07:16 EA6VQ
5B Cyprus 5B8AD EA6VQ 2-Jan-2005 08:30 EA6VQ
5H Tanzania 5H1HP EA6VQ 23-May-2009 07:51 EA6VQ
5N Nigeria 5N0EME EA6VQ 29-Mar-2009 10:49 EA6VQ
5R Madagascar 5R8EM EA6VQ 24-Sep-2008 04:27 EA6VQ
5V Togo 5V7CC EA6VQ 24-Apr-2011 06:49 EA6VQ
5X Uganda 5X1EME EA6VQ 27-May-2012 11:11 EA6VQ
5Z Kenya 5Z4EME EA6VQ 5-Apr-2009 15:13 EA6VQ
6V Senegal 6V7A EA6VQ 10-May-2005 20:00 EA6VQ
6Y Jamaica 6Y5AZ EA6VQ 29-June-2016 06:58 EA6VQ
7P Lesotho 7P8EME EA6VQ 25-Sep-2011 05:43 EA6VQ
7Q Malawi 7Q7JE EA6VQ 4-Jul-2006 20:38 EA6VQ
8P Barbados 8P9MS EA6VQ 12-Nov-2011 23:07 EA6VQ
8Q Maldives 8Q7QQ EA6VQ 24-Mar-2010 15:19 EA6VQ
9G Ghana 9G5EME EA6VQ 14-Apr-2013 17:23 EA6VQ
9H Malta 9H1CD EA6BK 19-Aug-1973 ? 9H1CD
9J Zambia 9J2JD EA6VQ 25-May-2006 1303 EA6VQ
9K Kuwait 9K2YM EA6VQ 8-Jul-2007 0645 EA6VQ
9M Malaysia 9M6YBG EA6VQ 12-Oct-2008 1820 EA6VQ
9N Nepal 9N7WL EA6VQ 2-Apr-2011 07:38 EA6VQ
9Y Trinidad & Tobago 9Y4TBG EA6VQ 12-Apr-2014 21:11 EA6VQ
A2 Botswana A25OB EA6VQ 8-Jul-2007 0545 EA6VQ
A4 Oman A43DLH EA6VQ 8-Nov-2008 14:22 EA6VQ
A6 United Arab Emirates A6/RV6LNA EA6VQ 7-Aug-2005 13:14 EA6VQ
BV Taiwan BX1AD EA6VQ 07-Jun-2008 08:46 EA6VQ
BY China BY7PP EA6VQ 23-Jan-2008 19:15 EA6VQ
C2 Nauru C21MB EA6VQ 7-Feb-2020 15:29 EA6VQ
C5 The Gambia C56EME EA6VQ 13-Feb-2011 15:21 EA6VQ
C6 Bahamas C6ANS EA6VQ 13-Jun-2015 08:39 EA6VQ
C9 Mozambique C91JE EA6VQ 29-July-2002 1608 EA6VQ
CE Chile CE/DK2ZF EA6VQ 30-Oct-2010 06:06 EA6VQ
CE0Y Easter Is. CE0Y/DK2ZF EA6VQ 3-Oct-2010 12:44 EA6VQ
CE9/KC4 Antarctica 8J1RL EA6VQ 27-Dic-1999 02:54 EA6VQ
CN Morocco CN2DX EA6VQ 5-June-2002 19:08 EA6VQ
CT Portugal CT1LN EA6VQ 5-Jul-1987 08:02 EA6VQ
CT3 Madeira CT3/DL5MAE EA6VQ 6-May-1995 19:35 EA6VQ
CU Azores CR2EME EA6VQ 3-Jul-2011 09:50 EA6VQ
CX Uruguay CX5IC AO6VQ 29-Jun-2008 13:03 EA6VQ
CY0 Sable Isl. CY0S EA6VQ 22-Mar-2023 18:27 EA6VQ
CY9 St.Paul Isl. CY9C EA6VQ 22-Aug-2016 04:25 EA6VQ
D4 Cape Verde D44TD EA6VQ 4-Aug-2007 06:03 EA6VQ
DL Germany DC7HM ? 15-Dec-1977 ?
DU Philippines DZ1JP EA6VQ 11-Mar-2006 15:59 EA6VQ
E4 Palestine E44CM EA6VQ 16-Nov-2016 19:00 E44CM
E5 S.Cook Is. E51EME EA6VQ 29-Mar-2009 20:55 EA6VQ
EA Spain EA1YV EA6FB 17-Jun-1986 03:04 EA1YV
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EB9EF EA6VQ 14-Jun-1985 19:36 EA6VQ
EI Ireland EI7DG EA6FB 11-Jul-1980 18:49 EA1BLA
ER Moldovia ER5AA EA6VQ 25-Jun-1995 16:34 EA6VQ
ES Estonia ES6RQ EA6VQ 20-Nov-2004 20:30 EA6VQ
ET Ethiopia ET3AA EA6VQ 12-Apr-2008 18:24 EA6VQ
EU Belarus EV5M EA6VQ 13-Aug-2006 04:59 EA6VQ
FG Guadalupe FG4KH EA6VQ 9-Jan-2011 14:45 EA6VQ
FH Mayotte FH/DL1RPL EA6VQ 21-Nov-2015 14:12 EA6VQ
FJ St.Barthelemy FJ/WW2DX EA6VQ 20-Feb-2020 10:16 EA6VQ
FK New Caledonia FK8CP EA6VQ 20-Mar-2016 15:41 EA6VQ
FM Martinique FM5CS EA6VQ 19-Feb-2006 06:00 EA6VQ
FO French Polynesia TX7EME EA6VQ 5-Sep-2015 11:56 EA6VQ
FP St. Pierre & Miquelon FP/DJ4TC EA6VQ 14-Sep-2013 22:50 EA6VQ
FR Reunion FR5DN EA6VQ 29-Oct-1994 08:13 EA6VQ
FS Saint Martin TO2EME EA6VQ 24-Oct-2015 21:03 EA6VQ
FW Wallis & Futuna Is. FW5JJ EA6VQ 6-Dec-2014 17:16 EA6VQ
FY French Guyana FY/DL2NUD EA6VQ 13-Feb-2010 11:11 EA6VQ
GD Isle of Man GD4IOM EA6VQ 30-Oct-1994 05:02 EA6VQ
GI Northern Ireland GI4KSO or
EA6FB 10-Jul-1981 ? Radcom
GJ Jersey GJ4ICD EA6FB 8-Jun-1982 12:00  
GM Scotland GM4IHJ EA6AU 10-Jul-1981 ? Radcom
GU Guernsey GU8FBO EA6VQ 28-May-2006 06:51 EA6VQ
GW Wales GW4CQT EA6FB 11-Jul-1980 18:25 EA1BLA
H4 Solomon Isl. H44HP EA6VQ 15-Mar-2008 12:12 EA6VQ
HA Hungary HG2SU/P EA6AU 31-Jul-1980 18:00 EA1BLA
HB0 Liechtenstein HB0/PI4TUE EA6VQ 4-Jul-1998 07:00 EA6VQ
HI Dominican Rep. HI3TEJ EA6VQ 26-Jun-2005 04:56 EA6VQ
HK Colombia HK1DX EA6VQ 26-Nov-2006 1746 EA6VQ
HL South Korea HL9UH EA6VQ 12-Jun-1994 10:00 EA6VQ
HR Honduras HR9BFS EA6VQ 19-Jul-2009 09:11 EA6VQ
HS Thailand HS0ZIL EA6VQ 17-Oct-2009 07:32 EA6VQ
HV Vatican HV0A EA6VQ 24-Jun-2002 16:39 EA6VQ
HZ Saudi Arabia 7Z1SJ EA6VQ 15-Oct-2006 01:41 EA6VQ
I Italy I5CZE EA3BB/6 10-Aug-1962 ? I5WBE
IS0 Sardinia IS0AGY EA6BE 5-Jun-1983 13:!4 IS0AGY
J2 Djibouti J28MD EA6VQ 31-Oct-2022 13:30 EA6VQ
J3 Grenada J3/K5AND EA6VQ 26-Jun-2005 03:28 EA6VQ
J5 Guinea-Bissau J52EME EA6VQ 1-Apr-2012 17:22 EA6VQ
J6 St. Lucia J6/K6MYC EA6VQ 01-Nov-1999 08:00 EA6VQ
J7 Dominica J79MY EA6VQ 27-Jun-1998 15:00 EA6VQ
J8 St.Vincent J8/WW2DX EA6VQ 21-Mar-2016 23:59 EA6VQ
JA Japan JA4BLC EA6VQ 6-Feb-1993 19:26 EA6VQ
JD1 Ogasawara JD1BMP EA6VQ 21-Feb-2008 19:46 EA6VQ
JT Mongolia JT0YTX EA6VQ 22-Jul-2016 23:08 EA6VQ
JW Svalbard JW0BY EA6VQ 27-Nov-1994 06:14 EA6VQ
JX Jan Mayen JX7DFA EA6VQ 10-Dec-1994 22:30 EA6VQ
K U.S.A. W5UN ? ? ? EA6VQ
KH0 Mariana Is. KH0/W2AZ EA6VQ 7-May-2019 07:17 EA6VQ
KH2 Guam KG6DX EA6VQ 5-Dec-2004 00:30 EA6VQ
KH6 Hawai KV6J/KH6 EA6VQ 27-Jun-1998 20:00 EA6VQ
KH8 American Samoa KH8/ZL1RS EA6VQ 20-Jul-2014 13:16 EA6VQ
KL7 Alaska KL7FB EA6VQ 30-Oct-1994 13:32 EA6VQ
KP2 Virgin Islands N4M EA6VQ 24-May-2014 07:49 EA6VQ
KP4 Puerto Rico WP4G EA6VQ 18-Feb-1995 03:00 EA6VQ
LU Argentina LU7DZ EA6VQ 4-Feb-1995 16:00 EA6VQ
LY Lithuania UP1BWR EA6IF 17-Jun-1988 ? LY2IC
LZ Bulgaria LZ1ZG EA6AU 1-Jun-1980 14:10 EA1BLA
OA Peru OA4CVT EA6VQ 22-Apr-2006 08:20 EA6VQ
OE Austria OE6AP EA6BK 19-Oct-1972 ? OE6IWG
OH Finland OH7PI EA6VQ 13-Dec-1992 03:50 EA6VQ
OH0 Aland Isl. OH8K/0 EA6VQ 15-Dec-2007 12:31 EA6VQ
OJ0 Market Reef OJ0LA EA6VQ 14-Sep-2006 12:35 EA6VQ
OK Czechoslovakia OK2BFH EA6AU 4-Jun-1978   OK2KKW
OK Czech republic OK1MS EA6VQ 3-Apr-1993 16:20 EA6VQ
OM Slovak republic OM3LQ EA6VQ 17-Jun-1994 18:28 EA6VQ
OX Greenland OX2K EA6VQ 3-Jun-2000 09:00 EA6VQ
OY Faroe Isl. OY4TN EA6VQ 13-Jan-2008 11:16 EA6VQ
OZ Denmark OZ8SL EA6BK 4-Jun-1978 19:09  
P4 Aruba P40MB EA6VQ 3-May-2016 07:45 EA6VQ
PA Netherlands PA0RDY EA6BW 12-Aug-1978 22:00 Veron
PJ2 Curaçao PJ2/PE1L EA6VQ 15-Apr-2011 21:51 EA6VQ
PJ4 Bonaire PJ4X EA6VQ 9-Apr-2011 14:59 EA6VQ
PJ7 Sint Maarten PJ7EME EA6VQ 26-Jun-2011 08:39 EA6VQ
PJ Bonaire PJ4EME EA6VQ 9-Jun-2007 07:13 EA6VQ
PY Brazil PY2DP EA6VQ 27-Mar-1999 22:30 EA6VQ
R1MV Malyj Vysotskij I. R1MVZ EA6VQ 31-Oct-1999 02:18 EA6VQ
S5 Slovenia S57TW EA6VQ 5-Mar-1993 22:18 EA6VQ
S7 Seychelles S79HP EA6VQ 15-Jan-2006 18:51 EA6VQ
S9 Sao Tome & Principe S9YY EA6VQ 10-Oct-2016 14:49 S9YY
SP Poland SP2BMX EA6AU 14-Dec-1979 ? SP6GWB
ST Sudan ST2RS EA6VQ 29-Jan-2005 22:04 EA6VQ
SV Greece SV1AB EA6BK 9-Jul-1978 17:30 RAAG
SV5 Docecanese J45M EA6VQ 27-May-2001 11:40 EA6VQ
T6 Afghanistan T61AA EA6VQ 12-Apr-2008 19:45 EA6VQ
T8 Palau T8EM EA6VQ 12-Oct-2017 23:27 EA6VQ
T9 Bosnia-Herzegovina T98CHR EA6VQ 24-Apr-1999 05:00 EA6VQ
TA Turkey ? EA6MR ? ? EA6VQ
TF Iceland TF/LA6HL EA6VQ 23-Jul-2001 17:00 EA6VQ
TI Costa Rica TI2SW EA6VQ 27-Aug-2011 15:23 EA6VQ
TJ Cameroon TJ9MD EA6VQ 6-Nov.2023 06:55 EA6VQ
TZ Mali TZ6NS EA6VQ 27-Nov-2006 1601 EA6VQ
YL Latvia YL3AG EA6VQ 14-Jul-2001 18:10 EA6VQ
YU Yugoslavia YT3LM EA6IF 16-Aug-1986 20:47  
UA European Russia UA4NM EA6VQ 15-May-1994 17:00 EA6VQ
UA2 Kaliningrad UZ2FWA EA6VQ 31-Jul-1992 16:50 EA6VQ
UA9 Asiatic Russia UA9FAD EA6VQ 3-Apr-1993 16:00 EA6VQ
UB5 Ukraine UB5DAR EA6AU 31-Jul-1980 18:15 EA1BLA
UK Uzbekistan UK/DL9LBH EA6VQ 29-Jun-2008 06:10 EA6VQ
UN Kazakhstan UN6PD AO6VQ 18-Nov-2007 16:57 EA6VQ
V5 Namibia V5/KT6Q EA6VQ 9-Jan-2009 19:12 EA6VQ
V6 Micronesia V6EME EA6VQ 13-Nov-2016 16:39 EA6VQ
VE Canada VE7BQH EA6VQ 10-Apr-1992 22:30 EA6VQ
VK Australia VK2FLR EA6VQ 30-Jan-1999 16:30 EA6VQ
VK9C Cocos Keeling VK9CMO EA6VQ 20-Aug-2005 21:37 EA6VQ
VK9N Norfolk Isl. VK9NA EA6VQ 16-Jan-2011 13:41 EA6VQ
VK9X Christmas Isl. VK9XMO EA6VQ 6-Sep-2005 10:08 EA6VQ
VP2M Montserrat Isl. VP2MIS EA6VQ 17-Nov-2000 04:00 EA6VQ
VP8 Falkland Isl. VP8DQE EA6VQ 21-Mar-2015 12:17 EA6VQ
VP9 Bermuda VP9I EA6VQ 15-Jul-2012 08:37 EA6VQ
VR Hong Kong VR2KW EA6VQ 15-Dec-2007 11:30 EA6VQ
VU India VU2BMS EA6VQ 16-Feb-2008 21:30 EA6VQ
VU Andaman & Nicobar VU4AN EA6VQ 22-Apr-2006 05:20 EA6VQ
XE Mexico XE1/SM0KAK EA6VQ 5-Sep-1999 10:00 EA6VQ
XT Burkina Faso XT2AFT EA6VQ 23-Oct-2016 05:23 EA6VQ
XV Vietnam XV4HP EA6VQ 5-Apr-2012 18:03 EA6VQ
YB Indonesia YB2MDU EA6VQ 7-Feb-2020 16:30 EA6VQ
YO Romania YO2IS EA6AU 31-Jul-1980 18:50 EA1BLA
YU Yugoslavia YU1KQR EA6AU 13-Jul-1980 17:55 EA1BLA
Z2 Zimbabwe Z21EME EA6VQ 3-Nov-2014 17:16 EA6VQ
ZC4 UK Sov. Base Areas ZC4RH EA6VQ 11-Nov-2022 20:03 EA6VQ
ZD8 Ascension Isl. ZD8B EA6VQ 8-Nov-2008 21:03 EA6VQ
ZF Cayman Isl. ZF2OC EA6VQ 10-Jun-1995 22:32 EA6VQ
ZL New Zealand ZL3TY EA6VQ 18-Dec-2004 12:15 EA6VQ
ZS South Africa ZS6ALE EA6VQ 5-Feb-1993 23:30 EA6VQ

(Deleted entities in brown)

432 MHz. Firsts from EA6 (Balearic Islands)

DXCC Country Callsign EA6-Callsign Date UTC Source
9H Malta 9H1E/A EA6VQ 15-Aug-1986 16:06 EA6VQ
C3 Andorra C37RC/P EA6VQ 1-Jul-2006 16:05 EA6VQ
CT Portugal CS1EME EA6/DF5JJ 22-Aug-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
DL Germay DL9EBL EA6/DF5JJ 7-Jun-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
G England G4FUF EA6/DF5JJ 6-Jun-1996 01:42 EA6/DF5JJ
GW Wales GW3XYW EA6/DF5JJ 25-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
HB9 Switzerland HB9SV EA6ADW 28-Sep-1996 ? EA6ADW
I Italy I0HOC EA6AU 20-Jul-1980 ? I5WBE
IS0 Sardinia IS0/IW1AJS EA6RB 3-Jul-1983 ? I5WBE
JA Japan JA6AHB EA6/DF5JJ 25-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
K U.S.A. K1FO EA6/DF5JJ 4-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
LX Luxemburg LX1DB EA6ADW 28-Mar1999 20:00 EA6ADW
OE Austria OE5JFL EA6/DF5JJ 5-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
OH Finland OH2PO EA6/DF5JJ 17-Oct-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
OK Czechoslovakia OK1KIR EA6/DF5JJ 25-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
ON Belgium ON4KNG EA6/DF5JJ 31-Aug-1006 ? EA6/DF5JJ
OZ Denmark OZ4MM EA6/DF5JJ 25-May-1996 13:50 EA6/DF5JJ
PA Netherlands PA3CSG EA6/DF5JJ 4-Jul-1992 17:12 Veron
PY Brasil PY5ZBU EA6ADW 28-Sep-1996 ? EA6ADW
SM Sweden SM4IVE EA6/DF5JJ 7-Jun-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
SV Greece SV1BTR EA6ADW 28-Mar-1999 21:00 EA6ADW
UA European Russia RA3YCR EA6/DF5JJ 5-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
UB5 Ukraine RB5LGX EA6/DF5JJ 4-Jul-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ
VE Canada VE6TA EA6ADW 28-Sep-1996 ? EA6/DF5JJ
YU Yugoslavia YT3WW EA6VQ 23-Jul-1989 10:35 EA6VQ
ZS South Africa ZS6AXT EA6/DF5JJ 22-Aug-1992 ? EA6/DF5JJ

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