Summary of activity for year 2016

All these summaries have been generated based on information provided by the VQLog program.


After a full change in my job situation in February I have been quite active in 2016, specially in the HF bands, although I have continued the activity on the 2m band and specially in EME (Moonbounce), 4m and 6m. The old 8x17 2M5WL array is still working nicely and providing new DXCC. Main achivements have been getting the 5Band DXCC (actually 10 band, 2m to 80m) and the IOTA-100 VHF award.

Squares worked on 144 MHz

Squares worked on 144 MHz via Sporadic-E

Squares worked on 50 MHz

Squares worked on 70 MHz

Summaries of other years
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