TEP (Transequatorial propagation) on 144 MHz.
Openings between Europe and Africa

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Stations in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Nabia, etc. areas, remember that the call frequency in Europe is 144.300 MHz, and that there is where everyone is listening most of the time. You could use 144.300 when calling for TEP to Europe, however bear in mind that most stations in southern Europe have the antenna beaming northwards and that 144.300 is very busy there, so it's not meaningful just to start calling CQ and hoping someone will listen to you. The best is to run scheduled attempts of QSO at arranged times and on a certain clear frequency. You can get in touch with other stations interested to run those skeds with you at the TEP on 144 MHz mailing list.

Remember that in general SSB is no usable in this mode of propagation due to the wide spreading of the signal, so please use CW. Also remember that the best times for TEP at our longitude are beetwen 17:00 and 19:00 UTC. 

(Geomagnetic latitudes are aproximated)

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