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> TEP opening on 10m. Most recent QSO at 03:06z (map)
> F2 opening on 10m. Most recent QSO at 03:07z (map)
> Sporadic-E opening on 10m. Best estimated MUF=39 MHz above FN13 at 02:54z. Most recent QSO at 03:04z (map)
> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=201  SFI90=168 A=9(Unsettled) K=1(Quiet) Aurora=22GW SWX=Minor storm
            Minor radio blackouts (R1 level) occurred in the past 24h.

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Make More Miles on VHF latest news
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> KA6U 70cm 903Mhz 23cm EME
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> 4O PE2M (or 4O call) and 4O PG5V 6m DXP to rare Adriatic square
> 9A PE2M and 9A PG5V 6m DXP to rare Adriatic square

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