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EA6VQ - portable operations

  • EA3CBH/6 (August's V-U-SHF contest from JM19QS in 2004)
  • EA3CBH/6 (May's V-U-SHF contest from JM19GQ in 2004)
  • EA3CBH/6 (April's VHF contest from JM19GQ in 2004)
  • EA3CBH/6 (March's V-UHF contest from JM19GQ in 2004)
  • EA6VQ/P (IARU reg.1 VHF contest from JM19NW in 2003)
  • EA6VQ/P (National V-UHF contest from JM19QS in 2003)
  • EA6VQ/7 (from IM87HC in 2002 using the VIPS)
  • EA6RCM (portable in JM19QS in 1993)
  • IM87 / IM88 (Andalucia 1990)
  • JM19QS (Puig Tudosa 1985-1993)
  • JM19NW (Atalaya d'Albercutx 1985-1993)
  • JM19FP (Puig Galatzo 1984)
  • EA6RCM (portable in JM19GQ in 1983/1984)

(You can also look at the VIPS. VHF Integrated Portable Station)

EA6NP and myself (in the picture) doing some mountain toping at Galatzo mountain (1026 m. ASL) in 1988 (Loc. JM19FP). Rig was IC-202 (battery powered) & 11 elem. Cushcraft.

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