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XV9F 20/Ene-29/Feb 2020V/U  3W, XV - Vietnam26 OK41FV26/Ene/2020
XV9F QRV various locators Jan/Feb. Currently OK41fv. QRG 144.141. I will attempt to be on every day and in particular at EU MR. Remember this is a holiday operation. More info later. Occasionally QRV on HF, main activities are 6m, 2m and 70cm including EME. Keith G4FUF ... [Leer mas]
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VQ9RA 30/Ene/2020HF  VQ9 - Chagos Is. AF-006 - Diego Garcia Island39 25/Ene/2020
Randy, WW6RG, will once again be active as VQ9RA from Diego Garcia (AF-006) starting January 30th, for a very short visit (possibly one day). He suggests to look for him around 0430-0530z and 1000-1130z on 20 meters SSB with 5 watts. QSL via WW6RG. ... [Leer mas]
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VP2MKG 15-16/Feb 2020HF  VP2M - Montserrat NA-103 - Montserrat8 25/Ene/2020
A W1 U.S. team will be active as VP2MSS from Gingerbread Hill, Montserrat (NA-103) during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 15-16th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via LoTW. ... [Leer mas]
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V73/WW6RG 4/Feb/2020HF  V7 - Marshall Is. OC-028 - Ralik Chain31 25/Ene/2020
After passing through Chagos Islands [VQ9], Randy, WW6RG, will be active as V73/WW6RG from Kwajalein Atoll on February 4th. He hopes to be active from the KARC facility between 0400-0530z and 0630-0800z on 20 meters SSB with 100 watts. If not, his activity will be with his QRP radio. QSL via WW6R... [Leer mas]
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VY0ERC 1/Feb-28/Mar 2020HF  VE, VO, VY - Canada NA-008 - Nunavut(Ellesmere I) group2 25/Ene/2020
Alex, VE1RUS and Pierre, VE3TKB will be  active again from  VY0ERC, the Eureka Amateur Radio Club station located  on  Ellesmere Island (NA-008, CQ Zone 2)  between  1 February  and  28 March.  They will operate SSB, CW, FT8 and RTTY mostly... [Leer mas]
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RI0B 14-21/Mar 2020HF  UA-UI8,9,0,RA-RZ - Asiatic Russia AS-068 - Kara Coast(Tamyrskiy) Centre18 25/Ene/2020
The Artic Legends Expedition 2020 is set to start on  5 March  from Tazovsky. All of the team members [425DXN 1496] will gather at  the Sopochnaya Karga  weather station on  12-13 March.  From there they will reach Rastorguyev Island (AS-068)  and be... [Leer mas]
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KP3RE 21-23/Feb 2020HF  KP4 - Puerto Rico NA-249 - Puerto Rico's Coastal Islands8 25/Ene/2020
Update December 1: Operators mentioned are Rafael/KP4RV, Felix/KP4RD, Daniel/KP3H, Carlos/WP4U, Carlos/WP4N, Jose/KP4VP, Luis/NP3V, Jose/WP4PBS, Rafael/KP3S, Jose/NP3OT and Emmanuel/NP4D. QSL via EA5GL.
KP3RE Team will be returning to Culebra Island IOTA NA-249 durin... [Leer mas]
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DU1S 25/Ene-4/Feb 2020H/V  DU-DZ - Philippines OC-120 - Cuyo Islands27 25/Ene/2020
JA1PBV, Sadao, will be active from Cuyo Island OC-120 as DU1S from January 25th until early February. QRV on 40-6m, CW & FT8. QSL via H/c. ... [Leer mas]
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XR7FPC 15-16/Feb 2020HF  CA-CE - Chile SA-018 - Los Lagos Province South gr12 25/Ene/2020
The Radio Club Melipulli (CE7RCM) will be active as XR7FPC from the lighthouse  at  Punta Corona  on  Chiloe Island (SA-018)  on  15-16 February.  Look for activity on the HF bands SSB and digital modes. QSL direct to CE7RCM. ... [Leer mas]
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5H4WZ 6-18/Feb 2020HF  5H-5I - Tanzania AF-063 - Pemba Island37 25/Ene/2020
Update January 25:  Announced frequencies for the  6-18 February  5H4WZ  DXpedition  to Pemba Island (AF-063) [425DXN 1493] are:          CW   1825.5  3505  7005  10105  14005  18075  210... [Leer mas]
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5I5TT 4-18/Feb 2020HF  5H-5I - Tanzania AF-032 - Zanzibar Island37 25/Ene/2020
Update January 25: Announced frequencies for the 4-18 February DXpedition to  Zanzibar  Island (AF-032) [425DXN 1477] are:          CW   1826  3527  7025  10115  14030  18068  21030  24890  28030  ... [Leer mas]
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6O1OO 24/Ene-5/Feb 2020H/V  T5 - Somalia37 25/Ene/2020
Ali EP3CQ is again active from Somalia as 6O1OO until February 5, 2020. QRV mainly on FT8. 6O1OO is the only active and licensed amateur radio station in Somalia. ... [Leer mas]
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P40AA 24-26/Ene 2020HF  P4 - Aruba SA-036 - Aruba Island9 23/Ene/2020
DL4MM, Mathias, will be again QRV during the CQWW 160m CW contest as P40AA. Outside of contest QRV in CW, SSB and FT8 as P4/DL4MM with focus on low bands and special attention for EU, AS and JA. QSL via DL4MM, direct and Buro/LoTW after 6 months. ... [Leer mas]
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FJ/N2IEN 15-22/Feb 2020H/V/U  FJ - St Barthelemy NA-146 - St.-Barthelemy Island8 23/Ene/2020
Look for N2IEN, WW2DX, W2RE and WW1X to be active from St Barts during February 15-22, 2020. Callign in use will probably be FJ/N2IEN. QRV holiday-style on HF; Digi, 2m EME and possibly SATs. ... [Leer mas]
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ZF1A 15-16/Feb 2020HF  ZF - Cayman Is. NA-016 - Cayman Islands8 23/Ene/2020
During the ARRL DX CW contest (February 15-16), K6AM, N6MJ, N6WIN & W9KKN will be active as ZF1A from Grand Cayman. Operation as M/S. QSL via K6AM. ... [Leer mas]