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SV9/DD1GG 15-24/May 2021HF  SV9 - Crete EU-015 - Crete Island (Main Island)20 15/May/2021
Peter, DD1GG will be active holiday style as  SV9/DD1GG from  Crete (EU-015) on 15-24 May. He will operate SSB and FT8 on 40-10 metres.  [TNX DX World] ... [Leer mas]
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SM7/OZ3ACB 15/May-31/Ago 2021HF  SA-SM - Sweden EU-137 - Skane County groupe14 15/May/2021
Anders, OZ3ACB will be QRV as  SM7/OZ3ACB from  Ven Island (EU-137) at various times  during the summer,  especially during  the  weekends,starting around mid-May. QSL via LoTW, eQSL or direct to home call; logsearch on Club Log. ... [Leer mas]
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JH7IPR/6 21/May-1/Jun 2021H/V  JA-JS - Japan AS-032 - Osumi Islands25 15/May/2021
If the Covid  situation  allows,  Ichy, JH7IPR  will  be active  as JH7IPR/p (FT8, FT4)  and  JH7IPR/6 (other modes)  from Yakushima on 21-25 May, and from Tanegashima between 25 May and 1 June. Both of the islands count for IOTA group AS-0... [Leer mas]
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JO1CRA/7 22-24/May 2021H/V  JA-JS - Japan AS-206 - Honshu's Coastal Islands East25 15/May/2021
Hide announces that he will be QRV again from Oshima Island (AS-206) on May 22-24. QRV on 6m to 40m in CW and FT8. CW : 7.025/10.125/14.045/21.045 FT8: 7.074/10.136/14.074/21.074/50.303 6m : 50.303 FT8 as a beacon. QSO on 50.303 or 50.280. SSB on 50.260 for JAs QSL via homecall, Clublog ... [Leer mas]
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3A/IW1RBI 27-30/May 2021H/V  3A - Monaco14 14/May/2021
Update May 14: Dates of operation have been set to May 27-30
Ennio, IW1RBI, is planning to be QRV as 3A/IW1RBI from Monaco during a weekend sometime either in late May, mid-June or early July. This all depends on the Covid-19 restrictions. Activity will be on 3... [Leer mas]
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TY5AB 15/Feb-30/Jun 2021HF  TY - Benin35 14/May/2021
Update May 14: Ian, who has been operating as ZS6JSI/TY has now got the callsign TY5AB. QRV when time permits on 80,40 and 20m
Update February 28: QSL via EC6DX / LoTW
Ian, ZS6JSI, has been operating mobile from time to time... [Leer mas]
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DG5LAC/P 23-27/Jul 2021HF  DA-DL - Fed. Rep. of Germany EU-042 - Schleswig-Holstein St. NW gr14 13/May/2021
Mike, DG5LAC will be active as DG5LAC/p from  Hooge Island (EU-042) on  July 23-27.  He will paticipate in the IOTA contest (July 24-25) and outside the contest he will operate mainly in FT8 and FT4.  QSL via Homecall Club Log and LoTW. ... [Leer mas]
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VK6SJ/4 3-7/May 2021HF  VK - Australia OC-138 - QLD (Torres Strait) group30 13/May/2021
Update May 13: Steve made about 400 contacts from OC-138 between May 3 and May 9, using several callsigns (VK6SJ/VK4, VK4/VK6SJ and VK6SJ), but QSO have been logged as VK6SJ/4.
Update May 4: Steve announces that finally he will be able to be QRV... [Leer mas]
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JD1BQA 23-30/Abr 2021H/V/U  JD1 - Ogasawara AS-031 - Chichijima/Mukojima/Hahaj. Is27 13/May/2021
Update May 13: Video available
Update April 5: Takio informs that he could be QRV in earlier dates than expected, from April 23-30.
Takio, JH3QFL has a expedition plan in Ogasawara(AS-031) from May 1st to 7th of 2021.The band... [Leer mas]
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C5C DesconocidasHF  C5 - The Gambia35 12/May/2021
Update May 12: His license to operate from Gambia includes the 60m band.
F5RAV informs at DX-World that the C5C license has been renewed and that maybe Gerard, F5NVF and Abdel, M0NPT will be QRV from The Gambia in October or November, depending on Covid-19 ... [Leer mas]
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PJ2ND 15/Abr-3/May 2021HF  PJ2 - Curacao SA-099 - Curacao Island9 12/May/2021
Update May 12: Jeff, K8ND, confirms that he returned to the USA on May 5 and that the station using the PJ2ND call on May 8 on 60m was a pirate.
Jeff, K8ND will be active again as  PJ2ND from  Curacao (SA-099) from  April 15 to May 5 using the PJ2T station.... [Leer mas]
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60M_ZL DesconocidasHF  ZL-ZM - New Zealand32 12/May/2021
Update May 12, 2021: New 60 m/5 MHz WRC-15 Sub-License Now Available for New Zealand following the end of the two channel 60 m NZ trial in 2020, as previously mentioned in Southgate ARC News, Bob Vernall, ZL2CA has been successful in obtaining clearance of the new WRC-15 A... [Leer mas]
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ZC4A 25-31/Ene 2018HF  ZC4 - UK Sov. Base Areas on Cypru AS-004 - Cyprus Island (Main I)20 12/May/2021
Update May 12: A pirate was using the ZC4A call on May 7. ZC4A has not been active since January 2020.
Antenna erection progress was slow yesterday due to high winds and heavy rain. Remaining antennas are going up this morning. We operated 160/80/40 metres overnight ... [Leer mas]
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5R8RP DesconocidasHF  5R-5S - Madagascar AF-013 - Madagascar (Mainland)39 10/May/2021
After 21 years of presence in Senegal under the call 6W7RP, now I am on the north of the island of Nosy Be, in Madagascar. Very small radio station compared to that of Senegal, I am currently working with an FT1000MP and a vertical R8 antenna, which allows me to find my old friends in France and ... [Leer mas]
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JI3DST/5 19-28/May 2021H/V  JA-JS - Japan AS-200 - Shikoku's Coastal Islands25 10/May/2021
Update May 10: They will be QRV again from Shodo Island on May 19-21 and May 26-28. JI3DST/5 mainly for DX stations and JR8YLY/5 for JA.
JI3DST/5 and JR8YLY/5 will be active from Shodo Island, IOTA AS - 200, 29 April - 5 May 2021. They will opera... [Leer mas]