(FSK441) QSOs

I am QRV using WSJT program (FSK441 mode) for weak-signal meteor-scatter communications. This program encodes (with four tones) and decodes the texts to be exchanged, and using a procedure similar to the classic HSCW MS QSOs allows to achieve two-way digital communications using the meteors in the VHF bands, without the need to read CW by ear.  I am not going to say that it will substitute HSCW, but I am sure we'll hear a lot about this new mode. You can get more information and download the program at https://wsjt.sourceforge.io/wsjtx.html   

I you are interested in running a sked with me please E-Mail me or look for me in the 144 MHz chat page when I am QRV (normally every Saturday and Sunday before 08:00 utc)...and of course I am also available for HSCW up to 3000 lpm.

If you are a newcomer to meteor scatter MAKE SURE  you read and understand the European MS procedure before attempting any QSO !. Also a lot of interesting stuff regarding MS is available at www.meteorscatter.net

These are the logs of some of the contacts I have made so far using FSK441 on 144 MHz from JM19HN


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