Send formatted DX-Spots

Now you can also send DX-Spots directly from the Real-Time QSO maps page !!

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Why sending formatted spots?

DX-spots are an excellent tool, not only for being aware of propagation openings while connected to the DX-Cluster but also for being used by on-line processing tools such as DXMAPS, allowing the generation of real-time propagation maps and in later processing jobs (sporadic-E evolution maps, etc.)

All these programs make a great job trying to guess the propagation mode and grid squares/locators from the text of the spot but this not always can be achieved because they don't have an specific format.

DX-Spots sent from this page will always contain both grid squares/locators and the propagation mode so that they can be easily identified both when someone watch the spot in the DX-Cluster and when analyzing the spots by other software tools.

Also notice that you are only allowed to send one spot per minute. This restriction is in order to avoid abuses of the DX-cluster and possible collapses.

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