Tour around Africa: Stage 29 - St.Catherine (HESC) - Cairo (HECA)
MS Flight Simulator VFR Flight Plan
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In this VFR - GPS Flight Plan we take off from the airport of St.Catherine (HESC) [Egypt], then fly to the west crossing the Red sea and then to the northwest until the Cairo International Airport (HECA) [Egypt] where we will land.

Find below a short extract and screenshots of the main points of the route. In this journey around Africa I have used the Cessna 172S (Skyhawk)

Taking off from the airport of St. Catherine.

St. Catherine International Airport (IATA: SKV, ICAO: HESC) is an airport serving St. Catherine (or St. Katherine) city in the South Sinai Governorate of Egypt. It is located about 20 km (12 mi.) northeast of the city, which is near Mount Sinai.

There are currently no scheduled services to and from the airport. In 2011, the airport served 247 passengers (-72.6% vs. 2010).  (*1)

We bid farewell to Mount Sinai, Mount Catherine and this massif with the highest mountains in Egypt.


Flying to west we pass by the village of Firan.


Leaving the mountains, the Red sea can already be guessed on the horizon.


Getting to the Asian coast of the Red sea. The African coast can already be seen at an altitude of 5000 feet.

After crossing the Red sea we get to the African coast and turn to the north-northwest, to Cairo.


Some 1100 m high mountains in our way.


A little later the terrain raises to this plateu.


Getting closer to the Cairo International Airport we fly over the farmlands.


Final approach to runway 23C with a strong side wind.  This time the ILS approach in FS2020 worked perfect.


Taxi to the General Aviation parking in the Cairo International Airport.


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(*1) Credits: The descriptive texts are mainly an excerpt of those provided by Wikipedia. Visit Wikipedia to read the full descriptions.

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Disclaimer: These instructions and flight plan are intended to be used only for MS Flight Simulator and should not be used for real flights.

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