Tour around Africa: Stage 44 - Gereida (HSNY) to Wau (HSWW)
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In this VFR - GPS Flight Plan we take off from the airport of Gereida (HSNY) [Sudan], fly to the southeast entering the territory of South Sudan and land in the airport of Wau (HSWW) [South Sudan]

Find below a short extract and screenshots of the main points of the route. In this journey around Africa I have used the Cessna 172S (Skyhawk)

Take off from the dirt runway 17 of the airport of Gereida, right before turning to the southeast.


Overflying the rural community of Sunta.


Landscape is still very dry but it shows more vegetation than in former stages.


The Bahr al-Arab river.

Bahr al-Arab (Arabic: بحر العرب‎; also called the Kiir River) is a river which flows approximately 800 kilometres (500 mi) through the southwest of Sudan and marks part of its international border with South Sudan. It is part of the Nile river system, being a tributary of Bahr el Ghazal, which is a tributary of the White Nile.

The river flows through Sudan's Kurdufan and Darfur regions and forms part of the border between Darfur and the region of Bahr el Ghazal in northwestern South Sudan. For centuries the Bahr al-Arab has marked the boundary between the Dinka and Baggara ethnic groups. The river has served as a frontier and zone of conflict between the Baggara and Dinka peoples since their oral traditions began. (*1)

Entering the South Sudan territory.


A big storm in our route.


Taxing in the Wau "airport" after a crazy descend and a miraculous landing in the dark and in the middle of a bad thunderstorm. The airport is not illuminated and the dirt runway was barely visible.

Wau (Arabic: واو Wāw; also known as Wow, Waw, or Wau Town) is a city in northwestern South Sudan, on the western bank of the Jur River, that serves as capital for Western Bahr el Ghazal (and formerly Wau State). It lies approximately 650 kilometres (400 mi) northwest of the capital Juba. A culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse urban center and trading hub, Wau is also the former headquarters of Western Bahr el Ghazal.

Wau was initially established by the French as Fort Desaix and later was established as a zariba (fortified base) by slave-traders in the 19th century. During the time of condominium rule, the city became an administrative center.

During the Second Sudanese Civil War, it was a garrison town of the Khartoum-based Sudanese Armed Forces, and was the scene of extensive fighting in the spring of 1998. Battles erupted again in the town in the spring of 1980s, killing several hundred people. This forced the Dinka in Wau to sought safety in the eastern side of Wau. The Dinka were said to have migrated to the state today known as Warrap.

In 2010, the Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment proposed to reshape the city as a giraffe. (*1)

Huts outside Wau, 2008
Bertramz - CC BY-SA 3.0
The refugee camp at Wau town's Catholic cathedral
Jill Craig (VOA)
Wau cattle market, 2008
Bertramz - CC BY-SA 3.0

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(*1) Credits: The descriptive texts are mainly an excerpt of those provided by Wikipedia. Visit Wikipedia to read the full descriptions.

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