6 el. Yagi DJ9BV for 6 meters (by EA4BAS)

This antenna was manufactured by Miguel, EA4BAS for his operation as EH4BAS/5 from IM98TL in August 2000

Design details

   Gain: 11,61 dBi
     F/B: 15,61 dB
(using the program QUICK YAGUI v. 4.0 by WA7RAI)

Modification to the antenna based on the BV6 by DJ9BV

(Changing the boom to 7,32 meters, the length of the elements and the spacing)


With the same program the gain now is 12,43 dBi and the Front to Back (F/B) 35,19 dB

So, it's worth the hassle.........

The antenna on the air at IM98TL !!

Some pictures of EA4BAS/EH4BAS and his shack at IN80HL

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