Summary of activity in 2019

All these summaries have been generated based on information provided by the VQLog program.


I have been quite active in 2019, specially in the HF, 4m and 6m bands, mainly in CW and FT8 modes. i have not been very much active on 2m EME (Moonbounce) , because of the malfunctioning azimuth rotator, together with some health trouble both of my wife and of myself. I have also setup a station for the QO-100 satellite where I have been occasionally QRV. Additionally I made 4507 QSO using the special call AM70URE/6 and 2272 QSO using the special call AM670VQ.
Main achievements have been getting the IOTA-500 award, and the 1st world place in the IOTA contest (SO CW HP)

Squares worked on 144 MHz

Squares worked on 144 MHz via Sporadic-E

Squares worked on 50 MHz

Squares worked on 70 MHz

Squares worked on HF (10m-160m)

Summaries of other years
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